Tuesday links

security poster

  • Check out these recently declassified NSA security posters. (Kottke)
  • The origins of elevator music. (Atlas Obscura)
  • Here’s your rabbit hole of the day: the 100 best TV comedies of all time. (Vulture)
  • There might be a Legally Blonde 3, and I can’t say that idea doesn’t excite me. (Elle)
  • Some absolutely gorgeous, colorful tattoos by Seoul-based inker Zihee Tattoo. (My Modern Met)
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4 Thoughts on Tuesday links
    5 Jun 2018

    those NSA posters are bonkers!

    & i’m not a tattoo person – but those could change a girl’s mind.


    5 Jun 2018

    You’re not alone, Kim. I’ve been obsessed with “The Americans” too. We binge watched Season 6 after all the episodes were safely in my DVR. Finally saw the last two episodes Saturday evening. Whew! Then I had to go back and read all the commentary and listen to the podcasts I’d been avoiding while ducking spoilers. What a brilliant series.


    Amy in StL
    5 Jun 2018

    I always wonder when I see tattoos like this how they will age. I have a butterfly from 15 years ago and its lines are no longer sharp and the colors are a little faded and run together a bit. These are so crisp with such small areas of coloration, I wouldn’t think they’ll look good in a few years.


    5 Jun 2018

    Those tattoos are beautiful––her color combos are wonderful. However, like Amy in StL, I wonder how they will age.



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