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  • Guys, please accept apologies for the thinness of posts last week—I’ve been having another bout of pretty serious insomnia lately, and then there’s been some (actually pretty great) stuff going on too that I’ll tell you when the time is right. Meanwhile, check out this awesome 3-D printed home. (Colossal)
  • And here’s the Ted Lasso season 2 trailer.
  • This is cute: all of the Paris tourist cliches in one retro cartoon. (Messy Nessy Chic)
  • 11 great NYC sandwiches (Eater)
  • Inside Jay Z’s weed laboratory. (GQ)
  • The great Frances McDormand’s ten best roles. (Vogue)
  • Good lord, is this dark. (Vulture)
  • The Oscars were last night, unbelievably—here’s how to stream all the major nominees right now. (Town & Country)
  • This is fascinating: The glam lady gang that ruled London during the turn of the last century. (Bitch)
  • Is languishing the dominant emotion of 2021? (NY Times)


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5 Thoughts on Monday links
    Stephanie T
    26 Apr 2021

    Kim, think about asking your physician for oral progesterone for sleep, anywhere from 100 mg to 300mg. It really can help GOACA’s with menopausal insomnia……and Mind Body Green’s Sleep support. Both things have heled me after not sleeping for years.


    26 Apr 2021

    I couldn’t even finish reading the piece about Scott Rudin. I don’t understand our culture of allowing (mostly) male bosses to behave in this manner. What is wrong with us? I wonder what would happen if all his assistants just walked out. Just up and left.


      26 Apr 2021

      There are Scott Rudin’s in most industries. I’m in tech and have worked for a few Scotts. One of them was female but I agree that most are male. I think they stay in place because they are immensely talented, the entrenched power structure benefits from them (profit, awards, power, prestige), abuse is just accepted in the workplace (in the US at least) and everyone who could do something about it (the talent) looks the other way. Nothing will change until the lawsuits are constant and pernicious. It’s disgusting


    26 Apr 2021

    I LOVED Ted Lasso – such a smart, sweet show! And I’m excited to watch the second season. But one thing that drives me crazy: how much we have normalized fathers moving away from their children, post divorce. WTF is up with that?! We would NEVER see a mom move halfway across the world from her children after a divorce. We’re supposed to see Ted Lasso as a generous man for finally letting his wife move on, but how about the fact that, in order to get her freedom, she has to become a single mother? While Ted is over there making all new friends and living footloose and fancy free? Drives me fucking crazy!


    K C
    27 Apr 2021

    I work in the industry and I vividly remember the momment a highly respected writer/director got off the phone with Scott Rudin, turned to us all and said, “Life is too short for Scott Rudin.” That comment has been a great North Star for my life.



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