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jaws poster

  • Cool movie posters  by graphic designer Laurent Durieux. (Collector’s Weekly)
  • Some of these weather photos taken by an airline pilot from the cockpit are rather spectacular. (My Modern Met)
  • An oral history of the glory days and eventual decline of Time Inc. I get so damned sad about the slow, lingering death of the magazine industry sometimes. (NY Times)
  • The late street style photographer Bill Cunningham is getting a museum retrospective. (Artnet)
  • Every episode of Sex and The City, ranked. (Elle)
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Kim France

I was born in Houston, Texas in 1964 and have lived in New York City since 1988. I had a long career in magazines, working at Sassy, Elle, New York, and Spin, and in 2000, I founded Lucky magazine, which I edited for ten years.

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6 Thoughts on Monday links
    21 May 2018

    Stunning photos from the pilot! (but also made me glad I’m safely on the ground)

    I was just thinking about SATC yesterday. Had no idea it was 20 yrs old!!! I’m ready for a new version with women of a certain age in the staring roles. Give me a show about some feisty middle-aged women who dress beautifully and rule their worlds. Why not?

    I still miss Bill Cunningham’s street photogs. He was unique.


    Hick from Styx
    21 May 2018

    I missed that whole SATC thing, due to a baby. By the time I got around to watching some epidodes a couple of years ago, it just seemed stale. Meh.


    Ann Marie
    21 May 2018

    Thank you for not posting royal wedding links this morning. I love the royals, and I watched, but I’m all done now. I need shopping to take center stage in my life again, restoring the natural order of my universe and not flooding my daily surf with photos of skinny, beaming beautiful Meghan. You know? She gets to go to the Tower and lick all the diamonds any time she wants. That was supposed to be my job.


      21 May 2018

      Thanks for the hilarious imagery!


    21 May 2018

    These are some of my favourite posts that you do, I love them! It is so fun to find new things to explore – especially love the film posters, they are so fabulously designed. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo


    22 May 2018

    I’m very sad about the demise of magazines, as well, Kim. I used to subscribe to ALL of the fashion and beauty greats & even knew the publishing schedules so I could run to the mailbox as soon as my new monthly’s arrived. And even some of the experiments (Mirabella) that seemed to be ripped from my grasp as soon as I fell in love. I have great hopes that they’ll make a turn around someday, just as I see independent bookstores coming back to a certain extent.



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