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Kim France

I was born in Houston, Texas in 1964 and have lived in New York City since 1988. I had a long career in magazines, working at Sassy, Elle, New York, and Spin, and in 2000, I founded Lucky magazine, which I edited for ten years.

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2 Thoughts on Friday links
    3 Aug 2018

    Kim: Thank you so much for the Crazy Rich Asians clip. Growing up, Asians were not represented in media (except for Connie Chung). Not just underrepresented…there weren’t ANY. The icebreaker question of “who would play you in a movie” was always an awkward one because well…there wasn’t anyone to choose from that looked like me let alone represented me. I’m thrilled for the release of this film and underestimated just how much I would be.


    4 Aug 2018

    Any list of top TV episodes that doesn’t include WKRP Cincinnati’s Thanksgiving episode (Turkeys Away) is invalid.



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