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    27 May 2022

    Re: Hacks, I loved the cheap sunglasses-shopping scene. At the far opposite end of this hell week in this NRA-controlled Congress, it reminds me of all the joy I’ve had trying on sunglasses at road stops on childhood road trips and then later trying on vintage sunglasses for the hell of it with my sister too in stores in random cities. Loved Deborah’s perfect advice re: which shapes for which face shapes.


    27 May 2022

    Kim…I hate to be that person, especially since I rarely comment anymore, but is it really just gonna be business as usual around here? With maybe two relevant links thrown in like it’s not a big thing? The GOP gets a lot of shit for these shootings, as it should, but to the extent we allow ourselves to be distracted – or actively seek distraction, because we “can’t take” any more bad news (as if we were the ones having to select coffins for our nine-year-old or our grandmother who was shot at Tops) – we’re not helping things. Republicans and their gun industry donors are waiting for us to move on so they can go about their business getting rich off of the deaths of innocent people, and the more often these incidents happen, the shorter the waiting time gets. The only way we’re gonna get any kind of meaningful change is by going after these people ACT UP style. Hundreds of people holding crosses with the names and ages of the victims on them following these assholes EVERYWHERE. Disrupting press conferences and public hearings. We need to be shutting shit down until we get somewhere. We are literally the adults in the room, and all of us (myself included) need to get off of our phones and start acting like it.


      Kim France
      28 May 2022

      While I don’t agree that I added those two links “like it’s not a big thing,” DeDe, I do see how it could have come off that way. I also agree that I could have done more on GOACA to address our collective rage and bewilderment over the Uvalde shooting, and so many that came before. I’m very aware I have a platform here, and I try to choose my words carefully when something notably awful happens. Quite frankly, I didn’t know what those words were yet, and am still not certain I do.


    27 May 2022

    It’s hard to know what to say today. Just another day in America.


      27 May 2022

      Ditto. And it’s not like I feel thaaaat much safer living in a blue state. People can just buy one of these giant guns and drive here. And there are plenty of those guns already here, anyway. (There is some sort of skirmish happening in the federal courts, I think, over California’s right to ban the high capacity magazine thingies. Or, the guns that the thingies go with. I don’t pay close attention.) Plus now people are just printing their own guns at home! Still, taking the long view, I do think that we will be able to re-instate our state ban on them – for whatever that turns out to be worth. … … … … I wonder if, while the political fighting over gun control continues, we might not be able to make headway with our shamble-y mental healthcare system. And, it seems like a really obvious thing that we need to be putting more counselors in schools, at every level. And our red flag systems – those can work too. Not perfectly, but we can improve them. I think we *can* do better, even with our existing, I hope not too entrenched, political divisions.



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