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  • A charming piece about Ilonka Karasz, a Hungarian emigre who created 186 New Yorker covers over five decades of the last century. (Messy Nessy Chic)
  • This wonderful 2022 Oscar-winning short doc is about Luisa Harris, the first woman to be drafted by the NBA, and who was also inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. (NY Times)
  • A brief history of famous poisonings. (Town & Country)
  • Did you listen to Everything is Fine yet this week? Our guest is author Megan Steilstra, and she is just so wise. (Apple Podcasts)
  • This is a super-cool and innovative way to discover modern art. (MoMa via Kottke)
  • Succession, but it’s Arrested Development: hilarious. (YouTube)
  • In my next life, I want to be born with this level of self-love. (Vulture)
  • The very best TV friendships. (The Cut)
  • These photos and the accompanying text—about what Ukrainian refugees brought from home with them—is pretty moving. (New York)
  • An interesting piece about what Better Things, the great Pamela Adlon FX show, gets right about young adults’ gender identity that HBO’s And Just Like That got wrong. (Vogue)
  • And finally: this, by former Everything is Fine guest Emily Flake, amused me. (McSweeney’s)


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6 Thoughts on Friday links
    1 Apr 2022

    One of my favorite things about Better Things is just how accurate the portrayals of all three daughters are to how I remember myself being at ALL the stages, and to what the kids in my family are like now. The episode where Frankie tells Sam that Duke goes by they/them so resonated with me, as the aunt of a trans niece and nephew. I have to admit I laughed when Sam said her pronouns are Mr. Bobolina, Mr. Bob Dobolina, though 🙂 That song was so freaking catchy and weird, and I’d totally forgotten about it. Frankie has really matured. She was impressively patient with Sam during that scene.


      1 Apr 2022

      Oh wait, I forgot that Frankie is also non-binary. I don’t remember that coming up in this season, but I also have a terrible memory.


    1 Apr 2022

    Thank you for the link to the Vogue article on non-binary, trans teens. Our oldest came out during the pandemic as non-binary and pansexual. Their gender and its expression is fluid, with shifts apparent day by day, similar to Frankie cited in the article. Resisting others’ desire for their own idea of greater clarity can be difficult. While I was happy to see representation on AJLT, it felt shallow.


    1 Apr 2022

    Three things…1) Thank you for the links! 2) I meant to say the other day that I wore my Kule sweater/blazer that Kim posted about and it is outstanding. I wore it with a button down and a pair of jeans and it totally elevated my look. 3) Beto posted a photo of himself on Instagram wearing a tee that plays off the “Don’t Mess With Texas” saying only the tee says “Don’t Mess With Trans Kids” the company making these tees is Bonfire–– They also have a place to donate and on the site they tell you exactly how much goes to the organization that helps trans kids.


    3 Apr 2022

    I love your podcast, but I think good writers aren’t always good extemporaneous speakers. Megan Steilstra’s wisdom was lost on me because of her rapid-fire speaking that was all over the place. I had to put my head down on the desk to listen to the whole thing, it was that exhausting. Also, I know it’s impolite to comment on someone’s weight or weight loss, but she’s the one who brought it up, so let me add this: If you’ve become 100 lbs overweight in the first place, you’ve got real health problems. That was the real story here, and I would have found a discussion about that more interesting. How we learn to take care of our bodies says everything about us, particularly as we age.


      4 Apr 2022

      Eh, I think the things we choose to say about other people says a lot more about us than the foods we choose to eat.



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