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  • A history of French Ye Ye music featuring the ever-chic Françoise Hardy. (Messy Nessy Chic)
  • A reader who worked on it alerted me to this new doc, We Need to Talk About Cosbyand boy, does it look both damning and intriguing.
  • A great Q&A with Julia Cameron, who wrote the mega-bestseller The Artist’s Way. (New Yorker)
  • On the occasion of the premiere of Julian Fellowes’s The Gilded Age on HBO, here are nine Gilded Age period dramas worth watching. (Vulture)
  • And, relatedly, here’s the trailer for the Downton Abbey movie sequel, which I will watch regardless of its quality.(Town & Country)
  • It’s Paris couture week, and I was delighted by this piece and the accompanying pictures of the Valentino show, where mostly models with “average” bodies were cast. Sure, I might have wanted to see even bigger models, but runway models are usually the skinniest of the skinny (and lots of designers will cast one or two bigger girls as a token effort) so I call this progress. (The Guardian)
  • Have you listened to this week’s episode of Everything is Fine yet? Jenn and I discuss everything from what we’re watching, to the perils of overworking, to Yellowjackets. (Apple Podcasts)
  • I loved this interview with 100 year-old Françiose Gilot, artist, writer, and onetime muse of Picasso—and the only woman ever to leave him. (NY Times)
  • Elton John’s life in looks: this was fun. (Vogue)
  • Everything to know about season two of Squid Game. (Elle)


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8 Thoughts on Friday links
    28 Jan 2022

    The interview with Françoise Gilot and the Q-and-A with Julia Cameron — fabulous, inspiring women. Energized my whole morning. Thanks for both, Kim.


      28 Jan 2022

      I totally agree, CD! Thanks so much, Kim!


    28 Jan 2022

    I love Ye-Ye music! Back in the early 2000s I was a Ye-Ye DJ in Seattle with a monthly dance night called La Boum! If you like the music and can find the Ultrachicks compilations, they are the best and contain the most fun, garage rock stuff. A lot of the big names tend to be too ballad-heavy for my taste. And of course, if you haven’t heard Marie LaForet’s Middle Eastern-tinged version of Paint it Black, it’s amazing:êt-Marie-Douceur-Marie-Colère-(Paint-It,-Black)-The-Rolling-Stones-Paint-It,-Black/


      28 Jan 2022

      Thanks for the hot tips, Kim and Liz!! I just watched Une Petite Tasse d’Anxietie on the youboobtube. It had an adorable video and I super enjoyed it. Wish I spoke French tho.


        28 Jan 2022

        Annnnnnnd just read translated lyrics. Oh dear. Um, never mind…


    28 Jan 2022

    The Cosby documentary looks so powerful and cracks right into that little kid part of my brain who understood Cosby as a beloved family member because he came into my family room each week. The “he did it right in front of us” element is chilling.


    28 Jan 2022

    If you like the Messy Nessy Chic article on yé-yé and the copines, check out this book by Johnathyne Briggs, Sounds French! His take on postwar French pop is excellent


    Donna Gable
    4 Feb 2022

    I’ve been enjoying your column and looking forward to checking out new fashion finds every morning for a few years now. it’s been part of the routine I depend on to get my day going, usually after, but sometimes before, mediation and exercise. (ha—just a little virtue-signaling there)!

    no judgment, but do you think you might be experiencing a bit of a burn-out? I guess I just feel that at a minimum, especially now, we owe it to each other to show up consistently and to be reliable for one another in the many and various services we all contract to provide as professionals.

    Am I out of line? I hope the inconsistency that’s been a source of my annoyance isn’t in fact due to a personal problem. It sure seems like it is, one way or another.

    maybe the implicit contract has not been that your column appears daily. I might be a little off base here.



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