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  • Some iconic album covers executed in Lego. (Kottke)
  • The trailer for P.T. Anderson’s newest movie, Licorice Pizzawhich is set in the 70slooks both very intriguing and exactly like my childhood. (YouTube)
  • I was pleased to learn that Britney Spears’s father was removed as her conservator this week. (NY Times)
  • This piece—about being a “den mother” to a bunch of Chippendale’s dancers—is just crazy. And if the subject matter intrigues you further, check out this excellent podcast, which tells the origin story of the fabled male strip club. (Elle, Gimlet Media)
  • And speaking of podcasts, did you listen to this week’s episode of Everything is Fine yet? We’ve got memoirist Ashley C Ford, and she’s just so great. Also, we had a blast last week during our live Zoom event, so do join our Patreon, as we’ll be doing these monthly.
  • 40 under-appreciated films on Netflix. (Vulture)
  • I liked this interview with the outspoken and brave Simone Biles. (The Cut)
  • OMG, I have totally wondered how something like this hasn’t happened sooner. (Curbed)
  • How could a profile of John Waters be anything other than a complete delight? (Town & Country)
  • Check out this next-level balloon art based on classic paintings. (Kottke)

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6 Thoughts on Friday links
    1 Oct 2021

    Those Lego album covers are amazing! Artistic people just blow my mind. (And make me super-jealous!😉)


    1 Oct 2021

    These links look so fun. Viajera and Michele, twice my responses to y’all in the previous post got eaten. Fingers crossed this one doesn’t. Badedas is woodsy, comparable to Vitabath. Get the shower gel version (Their official bubble bath version got reformulated so the shower gel provides the best version.) However, if woodsy isn’t your thing, Algemarin is soothing in a fresh, clean way and turns your bath water bright blue. Michele, you can still buy tote bags from the Strand: Strand has the best tote bags. (Though, have I just started a bookstore tote bag feud thread, with commenters insistent that such-and-such-indie-book-place has the best tote? If so, sorry.) Viajera, it’s okay if you don’t like eggplant, more for me. I myself don’t like dill pickles, despite loving dill, so you’re welcome to all my share of dill pickles.


      4 Oct 2021

      Ooooh, thanks, D.!! And sorry about the tech issues!!


    1 Oct 2021

    These Friday links are some of the most interesting things I see all week. Your podcasts are also top notch- honest and real. A commenter recently said you’re doing your best work these days and I agree.
    Oh, and I stumbled across Puma x Liberty yesterday. 😱💐❤️ Have you seen it?


      Kim France
      3 Oct 2021

      I have seen it, Erin, and I think it’s cute but not for me. A little busy. And thanks a million for the kind words!


    1 Oct 2021

    I’m not certain what delights me more––your usual outstanding Friday links or the fact that there are SEVENTY-SIX recommends under the what rocks your world under $25. posting from yesterday––I can’t wait to dig in and makes some lists!



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