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    5 Mar 2021

    So confused by the street style , what is the style right now? Sneakers? Platform loafers and baggy pants?
    No skinny jeans here that’s for sure…


      5 Mar 2021

      I noticed the absence of skinnies too — break out the bubbly! (Not that I would deny skinnies to those who like them. I just look forward to a day when retailers start selling a broader variety of styles — starting with my beloved slouchy straights!)


        Beth C.
        5 Mar 2021

        Yes. I’m not a huge fan of flairs or big boot cut styles (they tend to accentuate my hips and short legs in a way I’m not a fan of) but I love a good straight leg pant. I welcome their return.


          5 Mar 2021

          Because of covid, I think we’re going to see a couple seasons of more baggy/straight/boxy/sneaker styles. People have been used to wearing more casual and comfy clothes for the past year. It will take a little time to ease back into skinny jeans and stiletto heels. But fear not, all of it will come around once more. Fashion companies need styles to change to stay in the black.


      Mimi A.
      7 Mar 2021

      I found the street style photos fascinating, because hardly anyone looked stylish or good. But everyone looked comfortable, in positive and negative ways. To me, the negative was women who looked like they had pulled clothes out of their laundry basket, put ’em on and rushed out the door. I flashed back to the late 90s and early aughts when I covered the shows in Milan, Paris, NY and editors wore pencil skirts and stilettos. Those trips around the fashion circuit were exhausting, so it’s nice to see working women now wearing cozy outfits and shoes suitable for traversing cobblestoned streets.


      6 Mar 2021

      Absent for the most part, but slides 6 and 39 (at least what is visible below that wonderful yellowish trench) show skinny silhouettes. And that wonderful slide 35 (like a cheetah on the move) has a pair of very slim crop trousers that look fantastic. So many of these outfits are just giving me flashbacks to late 90s/early aughts in the East Village, Williamsburg, London, Montreal, Vancouver and Berlin. Belled or wide bootcuts with great creeper shoes and platform boots.
      I’ve been wondering, how much of people’s feelings re: skinny jeans have been wrapped up in their visceral distaste for the super stretchy tight jeggings? It seems like a lot people think of the most horrid, cheap jeggings, when they hear skinny jeans.
      However, we’ve had fantastic early 80s punk rockers and early aughts indie musicians (the Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Kills) wearing skinnies way back and those do not seem to provoke the same level of distaste. And the more classic looking medium-wash (without all the facetious whiskering and distressing) slim jean will remain classic.
      I’d read this great Refinery 29 blog about what skinny jeans have meant for plus-size girls or really any girls with a curvier, non-standard fashion form, and I absolutely agree we found skinny jeans to be an unexpected lifesaver in many ways:


    5 Mar 2021

    A FYI––I received my lavender/lilac stripped AYR long-sleeve tee that was on the lavender/lilac post and it is FABULOUS!!!! Perfect weight, perfect fit (slouchy, but drapes beautifully so you don’t look like your crazy Aunt Maude) and the fabric is soft and comforting. I may have to order another (or two!). I am apparently a cave dweller as I had no idea Jenna Lyons was dating a woman (nor did I know Stacy London was doing the same thus proving cave dwelling status). In any case, I’m glad they’re happy and another couple of examples that gender “rules” are so unnecessary––love who you want! Looks like another stellar list to get me through the weekend. Thank you, Kim! Hope you are still celebrating your b-day!!!


    5 Mar 2021

    Those baseball cards a fabulous! My Justin Turner card is on it’s way to me now!


    5 Mar 2021

    I’ve always admired Jenna Lyons for her creativity, her height and unique style, so I’m all for her living her truth. This line stood out to me: “I don’t feel like it’s my job to make it clear for anyone else what’s going on with me sexually or romantically.” EXACTLY.


    5 Mar 2021

    Excuse my language but HOLY SHIT that Vogue article about women losing their jobs? The first woman in Georgia, my god, she deserves all the things. It’s disgusting how undervalued mothers are in this economy. Apple pie my ass create Federal programs to help women help their families! (and thank you for sharing it)



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