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  • These photos—from a NYC exhibit about women and the history of hip hop—are just great. (Vogue)
  • This is fun and kind of random: photos of Rod Stewart at the airport in the 70s. (Go Fug Yourself)
  • The 53 best movies under 90 minutes. (Vulture)
  • Please do listen to Everything is Fine if you haven’t already this week: it’s a fun chat about everything from whether therapy has “fixed” us (hint: not entirely) to beauty recommendations. (Apple Podcasts)
  • And speaking of Everything is Fine, here’s a smart piece in defense of “good enough” aging, by EIF guest Val Monroe. (The Cut)
  • This story warmed my cold, hard heart. (NY Times; gifted link)
  • Snubs and surprises from this year’s Oscar nominations (Elle)
  • Fascinating: New York’s forgotten radio island. (Messy Nessy Chic)
  • Five of the most daring bank heists in history. (History via Go Fug Yourself)
  • Everything we know so far about season four of Succession, which returns this spring, and not a moment too soon. (Town & Country)


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6 Thoughts on Friday links
    27 Jan 2023

    That story about Hody Childress isn’t heartwarming, it’s horrifying. The fact that people are routinely unable to afford lifesaving care in one of the richest countries on earth is the real story here… We shouldn’t have to rely on the Hodys of the world for folks to be able to afford Epi-Pens or insulin or chemo drugs.


      27 Jan 2023

      Yes yes yes, Euphemism. Sure, it’s lovely what this one man did, but why should he have to? A few good people should not have to try and make up for the rapacious greed allowed to drive our nation’s healthcare industry.


    27 Jan 2023

    I am a part time resident of Birmingham, AL and am so glad the Childress story made the national news. Yes, there are ALOT of issues in AL but stories like this show a glimmer of hope.


    27 Jan 2023

    The Hody Childress story is one that gives me the barest glimmer of hope that this world will survive. I’m truly glad he has gotten recognition for his quiet efforts. Have a great weekend everyone!


    Nicole MacPherson
    27 Jan 2023

    Hi Kim! I wanted to leave a comment about this week’s EIF, with regards to Jen (I hope she reads this) and her talk about last week’s EIF. What I wanted to say is that my heart hurt a little when she talked about going into a spiral of self-loathing due to comments about H&M. Jen, there isn’t a person in this world who has never misspoken or said something that they later regretted; please just forgive yourself and move on. Also, podcasting is so public, and I can only imagine how tricky it must be to just…chat! And make it entertaining! And so she said something that she later regretted, so what, we all do that. Jen, I am sad you spiraled, and I want to say that it’s totally okay. We all do that – but your comments were public, so you got called out, and I’m sorry. Sending hugs and love to you. I am fairly new to your pod but I really love you two, I think your topics are always so interesting.
    Also – Kim! I am fangirling over here because Sassy was THE magazine of my youth. It was just so smart. I still remember reading an article about Desert Storm that really made me understand what was going on, from three different viewpoints. It treated teen girls like the thinking people they were, and thank you for your contribution to my young life! xoxoxo


    E E Deere
    27 Jan 2023

    Oscar nominations: I absolutely agree Viola Davis should have been nominated, and The Woman King should have seen recognition for being so well directed too.
    We have a long way to go, still, before women get the recognition they deserve in the film industry.



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