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    26 Aug 2022

    How safe are cosmetic procedures anyways? We don’t hear much about worst case scenarios. Linda Evangelista has spread awareness that things can and do go wrong, even to the rich and famous. However, her message is lost with the Vogue cover. Her worst case scenario looks better than most women’s best case scenario. Sure, it took photo shoot magic. But how can we take her disfigurement claim seriously now? She’s so hideously disfigured that she’s gorgeous?


    26 Aug 2022

    I read Dirtbag, Massachusetts but didn’t like it as much as you and Jen did, though the chapter When your Barber Assumes You’re a Racist too was pretty great. The book title was irresistible, so maybe I went in with too high expectations. I’m reading Teddy Wayne’s The Great Man Theory right now, and while I’m only halfway through, it’s so good. It’s about an idealistic middle aged white man who finds his views on politics and the culture as a whole increasingly out of touch and can’t stop alienating himself. It’s uncomfortably relatable and a total page turner.


    26 Aug 2022

    I’m sorry I’m going to have to disagree about that Linda Evangelista piece. I don’t think it was smart at all. It’s British Vogue! And no one looks like they really do on a Vogue cover. Just look at Serena on the cover of American Vogue. Linda is right. Vogue sells fantasy. And as I’m a couple of years older than Linda and have never even been remotely beautiful enough to be a model in my youth, or had any procedure that went wrong, even I wouldn’t want to be shown warts and all. Give me all of the tape! I could just be grumpy, but Audra can some day actually interview Linda Evangelista and write the piece that she wished Vogue had, instead of whining about it, and calling it journalism.


    26 Aug 2022

    Omg McSweenys—hilarious. Thanks for an entertaining Friday round up! I always enjoy these but today’s is especially fun. Thanks and have a great weekend!



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