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  • Have a safe and fun holiday weekend, everyone; see you back here Tuesday the 5th. Meanwhile, check out these photos of extinct and endangered insects, by photographer Leon Biss. (Colossal)
  • A fun chat about go-to summer recipes. (Go Fug Yourself)
  • Amusing: the least historically accurate music biopics. (Vulture)
  • Fascinating: a history of New York’s mysterious and fancy Olympic Tower. (Curbed)
  • We’ve got an amusing episode of Everything is Fine for you this week, so be sure to check that out, and also! Jenn and I did an AMA this week that you can see here. (Apple Podcasts, TueNight)
  • This is handy: how to find a financial advisor. (The Cut)
  • Growing up trans in Texas. (Vogue)
  • I enjoyed this piece about how and why fashion is awful right now. (Atlantic via Go Fug Yourself)
  • The great Susan Orlean weighs in on the life of Hawaiian Tropic mogul Ron Rice. (New Yorker)
  • A great obit of burlesque queen Betty Rowland. (NY Times)


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3 Thoughts on Friday links
    1 Jul 2022

    It’s my year for fashion! I’m perfectly fine with hiding my knees and elbows at the moment, although it has more to do with these body parts deciding to swell up than with fashion or beliefs. Only the left elbow and left knee are swollen, mind. If fashion is puffy and I’m puffy, it’s synchronicity.


    1 Jul 2022

    The Leon Biss photos are stunning! I hope everyone has a safe 4th of July. I’m quite done in by the recent SC decisions and am looking forward to a quiet few days with my pup who is now so deaf I don’t think the fireworks will bother her this year. (very thin silver lining)


    Marianne Jasmine
    1 Jul 2022

    I wrote a report in middle school (circa 1976) on my love of NYC and name checked Olympic Towers as where I wanted to live AND included pictures from a Vogue article!



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