Top home picks from the big Nordstrom anniversary sale


This wooden tray would be perfect for serving charcuterie, don’t you think?

For reasons I don’t quite understand, I’ve never liked the shape of traditional wine glasses—the stem is just too prissy, maybe. I do quite like them stemless, and this one comes in a set of four, and is a very good deal.

Such a cute, French-looking bowl for serving cappuccino, nuts, what have you.

This aromatherapy diffuser is just about the best-looking one I’ve ever seen—its shape is so organic and sculptural.

A pretty candle that smells of gardenia, which is my favorite floral-but-not-too-floral scent.

A water bottle in simple grey.

I dig the graphic pattern on this comforter and sham set; I also like this grey striped number, and this one too.

Such an impossibly pretty shibori print shower curtain.


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3 Thoughts on Top home picks from the big Nordstrom anniversary sale
    25 Aug 2020

    If anyone is considering getting some of the Anthro latte bowls to supplement a pre-existing collection, know that they literally “don’t make ’em like they used to.” I have a bunch of chipped old ones that I love but these are made of a much lighter, less “ceramic-y,” less satisfyingly there” (if that makes any sense”)/substantial material. Still pretty and quite useful, but not the same. Also, the wine glass link goes to what appear to be traditional (stemmed) glasses.


      25 Aug 2020

      Wait….wine glass link goes to a mixed set of stemmed/stemless. My goof.


    26 Aug 2020

    I love the shibori shower curtain! Why is it that we finally get our home all decorated and then we want to change it?



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