Things I bought, things I want, Need Supply edition


Everything is 25% off at Need Supply, so I went on a mini-spree the other day, starting with these cute little Sharpies, which I find helpful for marking up containers of whatever I cooked the previous night and now must freeze.

I finally got all of my badly tangled necklaces detached from one another, and when this handy accessory tree arrives, I will at last have somewhere that makes sense to store them. For some reason, most accessory trees are quite ugly, but I think this one is pretty attractive and streamlined.

I was a borderline-obsessive hand washer before this all happened, and now that I’m completely over the top about it, my poor dry, chapped hands are suffering the consequences. So I went for some of this musk hand wash from C.O. Bigelow (a.k.a,. my happy place), because it contains moisturizing agents like shea butter.

I’ve joined a CSA, which means that every couple of weeks, I receive a lot of unidentifiable-but-cool-looking produce, which I am going to display (before I figure out how to cook with it) in this spiff fruit basket.

I didn’t really need a new mug so much, but this one from Marimekko was just too good to pass up.

And now on to the items I didn’t purchase—but am feeling quite tempted by—like this poppy, bright beach towel.

This glass vase is delicate-looking, but also seems like it could accommodate a rather big bunch of flowers.

I have some trashed old tins for coffee and sugar and the like that I bought at Ikea ages ago, and I’m tempted to replace them with this nifty blue specimen.


I have wanted this classic George Nelson clock forever—it would be perfect on just about any nightstand—and it’s mighty tempting at 25% off.

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5 Thoughts on Things I bought, things I want, Need Supply edition
    21 Apr 2020

    Beach towels are my jam. The octopus is ADORABLE! I get so upset if someone uses mine that I started saving it in my ready-to-go French basket beach tote so no one else can borrow it. Selfish? Maybe.


    21 Apr 2020

    I was kind of hoping that octopus was a print.


    21 Apr 2020

    Very sad that the George Nelson clock is SOLD OUT!


      Kim France
      21 Apr 2020

      Oh bummer. Sorry about that, Joanna; it wasn’t sold out when I wrote the post!


    21 Apr 2020

    Here’s a helpful hit on those small sharpies…keep them in a zip-lock bag––otherwise they dry out pretty quickly. LOVE the color of that blue tin with the tiniest red trim around the top. Lots to love with this posting!



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