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Welcome back, ladies. I hope your holidays were excellent, or at the very least tolerable and over quickly. I had a nice time doing pretty much nothing except watching old movies, cooking, taking walks, and going to bed early—even (especially?) on New Year’s Eve. None of which has anything to do with the topic of this post, which is this Roland Pine Shea Butter Soap from one of my favorite indie beauty companies, Soap & Paper Factory. I had an extra bar of it lying around, so I brought it on our recent trip to Philly, where my boyfriend Paul fell in love with it. Which is understandable: its pine tree scent is truly superior. I went looking for more of it, and unfortunately it’s sold out at the moment, but due back in a little bit (you can also find it on eBay, but marked up).

I think this soy candle is even better than the soap, and also far superior to certain other pine-scented candles that cost a ton more. I’m also a fan of their hand cream—it’s rich, but absorbs quickly— as well as this reed diffuser, and this home fragrance spray.

Also, if pine scents aren’t your thing, you might want to check out some of Soap & Paper Factory’s other (always gorgeously packaged) products, like this very pretty citrus and floral room spray.

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4 Thoughts on The perfect scent of winter
    25 Jan 2022

    Kim I hope you see this even though it’s way after the fact but I saw this on sale and remembered that you love it, and that it was sold out.


    3 Jan 2022

    I’m sad to see the holidays come to an end. It means my daughter is going back home and it’s another whole year until I get to indulge in all of the things that bring me joy. I love a good “real” pine scent! I guess it’s still Winter, so it’ll keep the mood going.


      3 Jan 2022

      One of my favorite scents too. I know what you mean about the end of the holidays, MamaV. Tho, it is good to be aware of time, I think. I think I kind of stink at time management – but I am not sure! Ha.


    4 Jan 2022

    The end of the holiday season is always one big bummer for me. I ask myself how I get through the rest of the year without the fun and joy that December brings. Then life gets back to normal and there is fun and joy and excitement to be had in the other 11 months! Just not quite there yet.
    P.S. Love the Roland Pine scent. So good.



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