Checking out the Serena & Lily friends and family sale



Everything on this home design site is 20% off until 11:59 p.m. tomorrow, so hop to it. I think these baskets are nice and graphic and very sturdy-looking.

An alpaca throw that could bring some much-needed excitement to my sofa situation.


I always just serve cheese on a regular old plate when I have company, but one of these cheese stones would be so much more elegant.

A lovely embroidered duvet cover.

I don’t know why this wicker tray appeals; I think I want to be the type of person who entertains more, and owning items like trays would maybe facilitate that.

Likewise: candlesticks.

I’m in the market for a couple of table lamps, and this one is so cool and beachy-looking.

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4 Thoughts on Checking out the Serena & Lily friends and family sale
    12 Oct 2018

    A PSA for GOACAs living just east of the San Francisco Bay: Berkeley is home to the only Serena and Lily outlet. There’s furniture, bedding, rugs, home accessories etc. at significantly reduced prices.


    12 Oct 2018

    Cheese is cheese. Save your money to spend … on cheese.

    Whereas, trays are wonderful, but with handles. I like the throw and baskets too.

    There is nothing better than being invited to the home of a good friend. Just get takeout!


      12 Oct 2018

      As a GOACA from Wisconsin, cheese is god. I always have a delicious cheese sweating under a glass dome always on my counter, a cheese dealer, and a love of all cheese that is stinky, sweaty and runny. I wouldn’t buy those cheese plates either but that’s because I’d rather spend on actual cheese. 😉

      And I agree – there is nothing better than sharing food, drink, conversation with friends…


        13 Oct 2018

        See now, I had no idea I was supposed to do that with cheese! Maybe the special plate makes more sense then. I guess one could also use a cake stand though. Now I’m hungry.

        I admit the stones are beautiful. I’d probably just hang them up and gaze at them. Got no storage anyway.



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