Checking out the goods at Marimekko


This Finnish design house is a longtime favorite of mine, thanks to their minimal aesthetic, assertive deployment of color, and bold, super-graphic prints. Before my therapist moved offices, I’d walk home from my appointments down Fifth Avenue and go right past their Manhattan flagship, and was almost always drawn in. But there was so much to want that I’d feel paralyzed and end up leaving the store with nothing at all (except this umbrella, once, when it had unexpectedly started to rain). Here’s everything I’d buy if I wasn’t such a flake, starting with this mug—I’d never think to put black and green together, but it totally works here.

I don’t know why the dots-on-pink thing doesn’t come off as too cutesy on this throw, but somehow it just doesn’t.

This box set contains 100 postcards of 50 different classic Marimekko prints, and if you’re a note-writer (which is such a lovely thing to be) it’s a must-have. Also, it’d make a fantastic gift.


A kind of trippy cosmetic bag.

I always carry a small notebook in my handbag in case I suddenly remember something I was supposed to do, or a friend mentions a good book or whatever, and these are happy and bright and as eensy as I require.

Such a bright floral explosion on this duvet set. If it wouldn’t clash horribly with my headboard, I’d go for it.


A hand towel that would bring a little excitement to even the dullest bathroom.


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5 Thoughts on Checking out the goods at Marimekko
    Erin K
    9 Nov 2018

    Oof, Marimekko is my weakness. If money were no object, I’d shop there constantly. I completely agree with you that the number of cute things can be overwhelming, though.


    9 Nov 2018

    All Marimekko, all the time.


    9 Nov 2018

    I love their clothes.


    10 Nov 2018

    I want that red throw with the fuzzyish polkadots as a scarf.



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