Various items I found myself liking last week

 Last week was a tough one, guys. Sammy the dog got very sick and had to be hospitalized (he's home now, and doing very well) and I was a complete wreck.  But I still found time to locate plenty to want, starting with this excellent corduroy jacket with a removable faux fur collar. I've got a bit of a thing for corduroy at the moment.This weekender is the perfect size for a couple of days worth of stuff, and I really like the not-too-loud camo print.Here's a smaller tote by the same company that I think is pretty cool too.And while we're on the topic of totes: Everlane just introduced the Form Bag, which is big enough to fit a 13-inch laptop. It comes in black and light brown too, but I'm really into this green.Click through and zoom in on the awesome print on this shirt: stars and flowers!Just a good silk V-neck blouse at a decent price (for silk).I'm still looking for a good backpack for when I'm riding on my bike, and while I'll probably end up going for something simple, cheap, and nylon, I am mightily drawn to this.I love the idea of trouser jeans, and really dig the dark wash on these.  

Taking requests: hair accessories

I can't find the email in which a reader asked for this particular post, but it was brief, and basically said please show us some nice hair accessories, so here that is for you, anonymous reader and whoever else is interested. I'm starting with this splurgy-but-gorgeous snake hair pin, because it is just so much excellence.These beaded ponytail holders bring a little color to the party.These barrettes are by jewelry designer Gabriela Artigas, and they're not especially cheap, but they are so graceful and pretty. Here's something similar and not quite as pricey.This is a cheaper knockoff of this ponytail holder, and I wish I'd known about it when I sprang for the latter.This bendable leather cuff is slightly rock chick in a way that I can really get behind.Scrunchies are having such a moment that I could have done a post on them alone, only I don't entirely know how I feel about their return, so I'll just show you this cute floral number and consider that particular base covered.This bun cover reminds me of something the summer camp counselor who ran the crafts shed would wear.These bobby pins with little pearl-like beads would look so nice holding hair up in a twist.

How about we look at some denim skirts?

This picture of Lauren Hutton is one of my favorite inspirational fashion photos of all time: how perfect—and perfectly relaxed—does she look in the simplest of outfits? I'd wear the following skirts just the way she is here: with a button-down, or maybe a tee or tank on really hot days.This button-front A-line number is slightly `70s in a way that appeals.I usually don't like this silhouette—the flouncy bit at the hem—but something about the stiffness of denim makes it hang not so flouncily, and I like it.I deplore the way this is styled—high tops flatter no one when paired with a skirt—but the asymmetrical zipper here is kind of fun and new wave.Another bit of asymmetry—this one at the hem—on a very winning skirt.A sweet pencil skirt with a generous—but not perilous—slit up the back. It's also pretty well-priced.This J. Crew skirt has a released hem (yes, I still like released hems) and a slightly shorter length, for those who are perfectly pleased with their legs.A crisp and office-worthy option from Veronica Beard.The subtle pin-striping here is a nice touch.The denim here is delightfully dark, and blessedly free of distressing or whiskering.

23 feminine tops that aren’t at all prissy

I'm basically allergic to anything too prissified, but a girl also gets tired of wearing button-down shirts every day. So I'm on the hunt for tops that feel feminine without crossing the line. Most of the pieces I like have one or two fladylike flourishes but are otherwise clean-lined, like this gorgeous leopard print blouse. Possibly you think a pussy bow is the very definition of prissy, but I like to wear them untied.Of course I like this because I'm still on a bit of a yellow kick, but the subtle dot pattern under the floral print is aces too.This slightly spendy red number would be perfect under a blazer.Just a cute little eyelet top for wearing on its own right now, or later on under a chunky cardigan.This Universal Standard wrap top is waitlisted, but it is so pretty—and that blue is so good—that I feel it might be worth waiting for.This manages to be menswearish and feminine at the same time, which is a cool trick.A flutter sleeve top that looks like Ulla Johnson, minus the Ulla Johnson price tag.The pleating here keeps this top relaxed yet really chic.I like the twist at the neckline and the excellent snakeskin print here. Another good one for wearing under a blazer.This looks like a great vintage store find—retroish, but not costumey.Click through and zoom in on the print on this Joie top—eensy red and black hearts, which is fun.A ruffle sleeve is usually not too far up my alley, but the cut here is otherwise so clean that it works.The most refined hippie girl top I've maybe ever seen.A grey floral is kind of unexpected and very elegant.This leopard print wrap top has serious dress-it-up dress-it-down potential.The pale pink floral print here is just glorious.I'd wear this wrap top with an A-line denim skirt.The graceful neckline here is just so good. This top isn't exactly cheap, but I think it looks way pricier than it is.I'm always a sucker for well-deployed smocking.The bold red and blue print here is pleasingly graphic.The bow almost crosses the line into priss territory, but I dig this Coach top anyway.Just a good classic black floral.And finally: this is a button-down, which isn't too feminine on the face of it, but the color combination is just so sweet, and it's silk, which drapes so beautifully.

Monday links

  • These paintings by artist Philip Barlow, of cityscapes at night, are just gorgeous. (Colossal)
  • Meanwhile, this footage of hummingbirds frolicking in a bird feeder is quite relaxing. (Kottke)
  • I'm a little late to the party here, but this interview with Kathleen Turner is a real pip. (Vulture)
  • A rather fascinating interview with a diagnosed psychopath. (The Cut via Go Fug Yourself)
  • I enjoyed this roundup of 24 spooky chicks from the movies. (Revelist)

Everything in this post is $100 or less

Friday's post was on the pricey side, so I thought I might balance things out today with some astonishingly good buys, like these spiffy windowpane-check trousers from Uniqlo.I think I'm going to have to spring for this v-neck tee, because it's got a nice, deep neckline and also looks (and I know this is a phrase I over-use) quite excellently slouchy.An A-line leopard print skirt that will take you straight into fall.A classic tote with no extraneous hardware, just how I like them.    From Universal Standard: slightly distressed black jeans with a clean and flattering cut.This silk shirt is such a lovely shade of pale pink.A zebra-stripe wrap skirt that would look fantastic with a white tee, just as shown.This streamlined tunic comes in a multitude of hues, but I like this deep plum best.I'd layer on the necklaces with this incredibly easy T-shirt dress.A button-front corduroy skirt that feels very Seventeen magazine back-to-school issue, circa 1981.I really dig red and yellow together, which is why this floral dress appeals.And the poppy-bright floral on this skirt is pretty good too, and would be nice in the fall too with a big sweater and tall boots.I'd dress this satin shirt down with jeans, or all the way up with a slim black pencil skirt.A shirt jacket (Topshop calls them "shackets") that will be perfect for the cooler nights soon to come.This subtly striped skirt would be perfect for when you're in the mood to go matchy-clashy.A crisp Universal Standard popover that has just a hint of stretch. If I worked in an office and they manufactured in my size, I would totally own this shirt.This pretty twist front top is that rarest of things: a brown garment that I actually really like. It's only left in a few sizes, but it's so pretty I included it anyway.Another rarity: a denim skirt that does not stop at mid-thigh. And I like the bold zipper up front.

What are you watching?

Right now I'm deep into the second season of Claws, a TNT dramedy executive-produced by the ever-cool Rashida Jones about the (often criminal) goings-on at a Palmetto, Florida nail salon. It is the perfect kind of trashy-but-still-smart TV that summer demands, and I will be sad when it's over. Which leads me to my question: what are you watching and loving?

Everything I didn’t buy this week

It was a big week for not shopping around here, but not for lack of temptation. To wit: I have been jonesing hard for this Zero+Maria Cornejo skirt, which has such a cool print and is rather magically flattering as well.And this splurgetastic Rick Owens hoodie is pretty enchanting too.Just a really good short-sleeved button down; the contrasting stripes on the sleeve are a nice touch.The zebra print on this Isabel Marant bomber is so chic, but is also subtle enough that you could be wearing another print with it and not look nuts. I really, really want this.And here is another skirt I feel would be really flattering. It's flouncier than I usually go for, but not in an overwhelming way.A cute peasant top with a touch of subtle metallic threading, which is always fun.Yes, these striped jeans are a little crazy, but they'd look amazing with an oversize white tee or, later on, a big black sweater. I'd very much like to possess the nerve to wear them.The pinstripes on this graceful asymmetrical top are pleasantly unexpected.I love an irregular dot print, and you don't find good ones all that often, which is why I am so enchanted by this Anine Bing blouse.And finally, the floral quilting on this wee rolling suitcase is really appealing.

Really cool and (mostly) cheap ceramics I found on Etsy

I love the look of handmade ceramics mixed in with more modern, streamlined pieces, but dislike how much they always seem to cost when I find them at cute boutiques. So I braved the wilds of Etsy to find some good specimens, starting with this too-cute updated teepee incense burner.
The dot pattern on this bowl almost looks like Marimekko, but is somehow infinitely cooler.
This yellow serving bowl bowl is the priciest item here, but it's such a little statement.
And yet another serving bowl, this one with a delightfully swirly pattern.
This vase has an appealingly organic shape.
And I dig the preppy feel of these striped planters.