Yes please to white after Labor Day


By now, I feel like it is well-known that the old trope about not wearing white once fall’s here has outgrown its utility. White is fantastic no matter what time of year. I do have some rules for wearing it, though, that are different than when I wear summer whites. The first one is that I gravitate to slightly off-white hues—which is especially important when it comes to jeans, which I think look cheap when they’re tight and white. And the second rule is that I always make sure to accessorize with darker colors, like scarves hats, bags, and footwear. Check out how much cooler this woman looks than she would if she were wearing white shoes and socks.

These are a pretty perfect pair of jeans in my book, because they have a nice, slouchy boyfriend cut, and a slightly ecru hue.

Such a cute and useful cotton pullover for throwing on whenever.

A good jumpsuit knows no season. I’d wear this one unbuttoned a bit with a black or mustard yellow tank top peeking out, and later on with a turtleneck.

Just a rather lovely cashmere sweater that isn’t cheap, so here’s a well-priced alternative (that’s not cashmere, alas).

A cool and generously-cut polo shirt. I especially like the length of the sleeves.

I just read something somewhere about how this sherpa jacket from Alex Mill sells out lightning-fast after they restock, so if you’re interested, do not delay.

A good, crisp cotton poplin shirt is almost always a good idea.

A corduroy shirt jacket that’s just so tomboy cool.

A sweet chunky sweater that almost looks hand-knit.

I tried to find a Mac coat as perfect as the one the woman at the top of this post is wearing, and I think this one comes awfully close. The color is closer to gray than white here, but I’m allowing it.

This waffle-stitch sweater has such a cool silhouette, and it’s alpaca, which is always so warm.

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6 Thoughts on Yes please to white after Labor Day
    Betsy P
    12 Sep 2022

    That trench. Just when I vowed no more Everlane (sizing mostly as the quality it good) I must have that trench.


      12 Sep 2022

      Ha! Was going to say the same thing, only about the slouchy ecru jeans.


    12 Sep 2022

    Excellent posting, Kim. As I get older and paler and my hair gets whiter I find lighter colored clothing works best against my skin and hair so this posting is my bailiwick.


    12 Sep 2022

    The don’t wear white after LD rule never made sense to me. When else would we wear our beautiful white or cream fisherman’s/cable knit sweaters and cream corduroys??


      12 Sep 2022

      With our Blundstone Chelsea boots, of course!


    another Kim
    12 Sep 2022

    I have the Alex Mill cardigan in red and can attest to it’s greatness. Very tempting to get it in this color, too!



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