Top 5 of the week: What’s new at Madewell

This faux fur muffler is just the adorableness.

A good solid coat with nice, simple lines.

A striped shirt I am very tempted to add to my menagerie of striped shirts.

This denim chore jacket is perfect for kicking around on weekends.

And I’d wear this velvet cami under a blazer on a date.

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Kim France

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4 Thoughts on Top 5 of the week: What’s new at Madewell
    28 Sep 2017

    I’m starting to think I’m the only “girl of a certain age” who doesn’t “get” Madewell.


    28 Sep 2017

    I loved Madewell up until the last year or so. They used to be a good option for that Jane Birkin British/French girl look for those of us on more of a budget.

    I don’t know what’s going on with them lately, though. I’ve stopped by their store several times dying to buy something and left empty handed. They seem to have jumped on the ugliest looks of the 90’s bandwagon (crushed velvet, overalls, ruffles, tiny star patterns and big ugly florals, etc…). They’re looking a little too Contempo Casuals for my taste. They still have great scarves, though.


      Samantha Jones
      3 Oct 2017

      Add me to the former Madewell fan tribe. They moved the former Madewell head designer (Somsack Sikhounmuong)over to J. Crew in 2016. It shows. haven’t bought a thing yet this year…


    3 Oct 2017

    I still love the Madewell basics, like the striped shirt above, or their boyfriend flannels. You have to be choosy, but I’m willing to stick with them.



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