Make mine faux, part 1


There are so many fantastic faux fur coats and jackets out there—more than there even were this time last year, when I thought there were a ton—that I had no choice but to make this a two-parter. I love faux fur: it’s insanely warm, and fun to wear too, and the faker-looking the better in my book. I think this grey coat is just impossibly glam.

And I like the hoodie action on this one.

I really like the front patch pockets on this one from Alex Mill.

The black buttons really pop here, and I dig the streamlined silhouette.

This striped number from Kule is just really a kick.

This is a faux fur down-filled puffer, which is kind of genius. It also comes in a number of good colors, though I’m partial to the black.

A double-breasted coat with a satisfyingly nubby texture.

This just looks desperately cozy.

This trucker jacket has a nicely retroish feel, what with the faux leather details and that excellent 1960s olive hue.

This coat is a dead ringer for this much pricier one from R13. It also comes in extended sizes.

I love the shagginess of this Helmut Lang number, which is nicely marked down.


This faux Mongolian lamb jacket is so lady rock star. I also love how shaggy it is.

OK, this jacket is kind of too much, but in a good way, I think.

This one-button coat is water-repellent, which is pretty great, and it’s got nicely sophisticated lines.

I love the dusty rose color of this almost menswearish choice.

A cute little peacoat that I could see throwing on in the morning to walk the dogs.

And here’s a more dressed-up (and splurgy) peacoat with chic three-quarter sleeves.

Here’s a well-priced jacket in a very elegant grey.

And speaking of elegant, this quilted specimen looks very Uptown Lady to me.


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8 Thoughts on Make mine faux, part 1
    6 Dec 2019

    Thanks very much, Kim! 😀
    I thought I was all set with my fall/winter clothing shopping and I wanted to just chill out until spring, but no, you had to show me that delicious but not super cheap Alex Mill fleece/sherpa jacket. (Privately, I feel like anything about $80 is too much for a sherpa/fleece jacket, but that is just my own take.)
    Anyway, I will be spending the rest of the holiday shopping season, mooning over that navy jacket.


    5 Dec 2019

    About 20 years ago, I bought a fake leopard swing coat at T.J. Maxx that was super warm, but too loud for me, so I gave it to my wildest girlfriend. Today is her 82nd birthday and she’s still rockin’ that coat.


    5 Dec 2019

    I wanted to like the faux fur trend – it looks so cute and cozy and I love the bright colors! But then I went and tried one of the faux fur coats on on and it was a staticky nightmare. Are there certain materials that make better, less static-attracting faux-fur coats that I should be reading the labels for?


    5 Dec 2019

    I wish there was a fake fur that wasn’t made out of plastics.


      5 Dec 2019

      Also, micro-fibers. Maybe a faux fur is better in this regard, because I can’t imagine you’d machine wash it much, if ever.


      5 Dec 2019

      Agreed Kay…I love the look and feel of faux fur but that jacket will be with us forever…but then vendors like Patagonia make their fleeces from recycled plastic. It all makes my head hurt so I just don’t buy it. But maybe I’m missing something?


      5 Dec 2019

      Didn’t realize that ….. gotta dig my head out if the sand a bit more.


    Tammy Madsen
    5 Dec 2019

    I want EVERY SINGLE COAT, Kim.



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