Madewell’s collab with Kule is seriously the cuteness


I love Kule’s relaxed, easy, super-cheery vibe, and was so excited to see that they’ve partnered with Madewell. I’m less thrilled with the prices of some of the items, which seem high, but having said that, I must also say that there’s some great stuff to be had (and that isn’t too splurgy), like this hoodie, with its striped cuffs and sentiment for our time on the front.

This denim jacket is nicely oversized, and lined with a removable striped fleece vest—genius.

I’d layer this rugby shirt over a turtleneck, and maybe size up so it’s nice and slouchy.

Just a pretty perfect navy and white striped tee.

There are few things I adore than animal prints punctuated by stripes, like on this adorable beanie.

Likewise, this silk bandana, which I’d wear around my neck with a button-down, like I’ve seen certain stylish women do.

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2 Thoughts on Madewell’s collab with Kule is seriously the cuteness
    2 Oct 2020

    I’m so relieved that beanie is $98. It will not tempt me into pulling that trigger and I really don’t need another beanie. Whew!


    1 Oct 2020

    Kim, could you share any photos of what you’re imagining re: silk bandana with button down? I like this in theory but struggle to avoid the flight attendant look.



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