I bring you the Uniqlo-Marimekko collab


I don’t think Uniqlo always nails their collaborations, but they have knocked it out of the park with the one that was just launched with Marimekko, and I’m interrupting my Thanksgiving break to bring it to you now because it is selling out fast. This puffer, for instance, is just insanely cute, and is already gone in many sizes, so hop to it if you’re interested.

This ultra-light down parka is pretty good too, and would look great layered under a coat.

This rather dear wool and cashmere sweater is almost entirely sold out, but maybe you’ll get lucky.

A really pleasingly graphic wool and cashmere hoodie.

This turtleneck is made with Uniqlo’s magical Heattech fabric, so it’d be nice and toasty.

I might go for this cotton tee myself, as it’s one of my favorite Marimekko prints.

This Heattech cap has a deeply winning color combination.

Same goes for this scarf.

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7 Thoughts on I bring you the Uniqlo-Marimekko collab
    3 Dec 2019

    I bought a heattech turtleneck and pair of socks… wish that there were some little kids in my life to justify buying the adorable junior collection!


    30 Nov 2019

    Thanks for posting this. I love Marimekko, but many of these colors are hard for me to wear. They do carry a dark green/pink in some items that might work.


    Kay Erikson
    30 Nov 2019

    OMG! Thank you for posting. Had no idea. Just ordered the puffer. Love it!


    1 Dec 2019

    I ordered that t-shirt. I would have gotten the tunic version, but I knew ahead of time that it would probably be sold out by the time I got to it. I was really impressed with the pricing on everything. (With tunics at $30 and those puffer scarves at about $20, no wonder they sold out so quickly.) Also, this collaboration made way more sense than a lot of collaborations. Side note: Given how popular this collaboration is, I’m glad they seemed to stay on top of things on the technical side. I don’t know if anyone saw the Costco website on Thanksgiving or Friday…took me five minutes just to log in. I decided to wait until Saturday afternoon to attempt to buy anything. Thankfully, it was calmed down and the long underwear I wanted was still available, but I feel for anyone who got immersed in that stress.


    2 Dec 2019

    Agony!! I’m too late to the party – awesome turtleneck is sold out in both colors.


    30 Nov 2019

    AGH! I noticed on the website photo of the puffer, the model had a lovely full collar on the jacket; closer examination revealed it was a puffer scarf in the same pattern layered with it. And the scarf sold out while it was in my cart. I flipped over to ebay, and the scarf is selling at twice the price.

    -!!! At least that puffer will look cute on a ski trip next month.


    5 Dec 2019

    Heads up that it looks like they may have held some stock back (maybe for stores? no idea how they manage online vs. in person) – looking today there were things in stock that had been sold out last week. Don’t give up hope! They do have the “email me when back in stock” if you are looking for a particular item/size.



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