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Summer and hippie girl dresses go together like a cheeseburger and fries, but you want to be careful not to look too much like an extra from Hair, and that can be easily accomplished. Just look for dress shapes that are relatively clean-lined, and keep your accessories sharp. I like that this cute pink number is essentially a shirtdress, but with interesting—but not too interesting—sleeves.

Such a feminine and flattering shape.

This dress is from Matta, which is a good resource for chic hippie girl garb (and they’ve got a store near my apartment and also in Sag Harbor, so I find them very nearly unavoidable). It’s a more traditional hippie girl shape than most of what’s here, but the subtle color palette keeps it sophisticated.

This is longer than I typically go, but it looks so flowy and comfortable.

Likewise, this J Crew dress is pretty maxi, which I don’t always think is flattering, but the fact that it’s fitted up top makes it work.

Just a cute sundress with a touch of matchy-clashiness at the hem.

This is rather low-cut so probably not best for busty gals, but I think it is quite graceful.

The contrast of embroidery and a floral print on this Free People dress appeals.


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6 Thoughts on Feeling hippie girl dresses
    7 Aug 2018

    Out of necessity, my brother and I have been going through old family photos. Ergo, I have photographic proof that I DID the hippie era from patched bell bottoms to tapestry dresses to skirts that FLOW so this posting both appeals and appalls me. Having said all that––the Free People dress is outstanding even for someone who has already “been there and done that!”


    7 Aug 2018

    This dress from Vince (in black and white) also falls in the category of “hippie dress but I won’t give up black”. The photo does not show the rather satisfying flounce in the back.


      7 Aug 2018

      Did you include a photo? I don’t see one. I am definitely intrigued by your description – if you can post a link, please do! 🙂


    8 Aug 2018

    I think bit would be great fun to go full-on Hair for a day. Maybe the heat and forest fire smoke are getting to me.


    8 Aug 2018

    I usually hit Etsy after reading your inspiring posts, since I’m cheap (broke, really, but cheap makes me feel better). Damn, has the price of a hippie dress gone up. You used to be able to by India Imports brand that looked exactly like these in RI vintage shops for $35 in the 90’s. Etsy has them for $150-200. This is why I should never get rid of things.


    22 Aug 2018

    All hippie – All the time! I think I must be emotionally stuck in the late 1970’s when I came of age, discovered sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll and listened to Joni Mitchell and CSNY on repeat because these are all extremely appealing to me. Great pics, Kim!



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