16 cute animal prints for summer


I like animal prints all year round, even though we generally think of them as a fall/winter thing—I just think you need to employ a lighter touch in warmer months, and to locate brighter iterations of the pattern, like on this fun pink button-down.

Of course traditional animal print colors are acceptable as well, as long as the pieces they’re on are light enough, like this pretty cami that I would wear with a light cotton sweater in the evening.

I’m not typically fond of animal prints on footwear, but I found several to like this time around, starting with these spiff Chuck Taylors.

I’d wear this sweet A-line skirt with a white tee and call it a day.

I have these slides in my shopping cart even as I type—I am especially fond of the platform sole, and they look Birkenstock-level comfortable.

This leopard tee is for my podcast partner Tally, who likes animal prints best when they are actual prints of animals.

This zebra-print top is so excellently bold and graphic.

I’ve seen a lot of animal print masks out there, but this one, by Sea New York, is the best. Added bonus: a portion of proceeds from sales of this mask go to Fashion Girls for Humanity and their Gowns for Good Made in America initiative.

The Sac Bretelle by Claire V is one of my favorite bags—it looks small, but you can cram so much stuff into it—and I love it done up on this bright leopard print.

These Rag & Bone sneakers are nice and subtle (for what they are) and just a touch more dressed up than your average kick.

And these zebra slides look like they’d be excellent indoor shoes, which we all need right now.

I love how faded-out the print on this tee is.

These zebra print jeans from R13 aren’t cheap, but they are so brilliantly new wave.

A very girly sports sandal from Loeffler Randall.

A crisp poplin skirt for wearing when it’s really hot out.


And finally, I just love the print on this tee, and also that the V-neck is pretty deep.


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8 Thoughts on 16 cute animal prints for summer
    1 Jun 2020

    That Sundry pink leopard print has me squealing (meowing?) with delight! And I just might spring for the zebra Converse – I’ve been jealous of my youngest daughter’s leopard Seavees that she bought with a Bday gift card and I’ve wanted a pair of animal print sneaks ever since.


    1 Jun 2020

    FYI the platform birks are not as comfortable as one would hope. I purchased a pair from Anthro and are stiff and not at all like regular birkenstocks.


    1 Jun 2020

    This post was a breath of fresh air in this dismal time. I just ordered the face mask. Maybe it will make me want to leave the house.


      1 Jun 2020

      Mae, I always enjoy whenever you comment. There’s an easy, natural swing in your kindness and a just-so precision in your wit.


    1 Jun 2020

    The leopard t-shirt!!!!


    1 Jun 2020

    Hi Kim. Can you do a post on clothing and home goods that supports black-owned businesses? If we have income available right now, we should be focusing it to support businesses and people that typically have a much harder time securing business loans and making themselves seen and heard across all industries, including the fashion industry. Thank you.


    1 Jun 2020

    A) I can’t believe it’s June. B) tough, tough weekend of concern about our country C) an island of soothing distraction to open your blog this morning, Kim. The faded tee is on my “want” list and I’m not really an animal print person.



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