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pedi perfect

I read about the Amope Pedi Perfect foot file on my friend Andrea’s blog, I Want To Be Her, a couple of weeks ago, and because it was recommended by a beauty editor I respect—and because my callous situation is quite dire—I ordered it immediately. And reader, I am here to tell you that if, like me, you’ve tried other solutions—scrubs, files, pedicures—and found the results wanting, you might want to give this a shot. It removes callous so fast and so well that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

14 colorful handbags to put us all in a good mood


green bag

This amazing green bag is from Roztayger, a luxe online shop I like a lot for its dreamy accessories.

purple bag

And why not a purple crossbody bag?

Such a lovely blue, and a great shape.

rag bag

The kind of bag that you could carry your life around in without looking too shleppy.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 5.19.15 PM

Yellow bags are just good fun, and I like the sporty striped strap here.

orange hobo

A really well-priced faux leather option.

red bag

I like the clean lines on this one, and the deep tomato red.

antonello bag

Antonello bags are so fabulously happy, and the color combo here is quite winning.

cambridge bag

This satchel is kind of schoolgirl chic, if that’s a thing.

shinola bag

Such a rich blue and nice, clean shape on this Shinola bag.

suede tote

And I like the slouchiness of this tote.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 5.32.45 PM

Every year, Clare V makes this basket bag in a different color and once again I am sorely tempted—the red and blue strap is so cool and unexpected with the yellow.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 5.34.39 PM

A very loud beaded clutch I couldn’t resist including.

mini sac tote

I could see making this red option my everyday bag.

I have decided it is not too soon to look at white tops


Albany top

This is quite feminine, but still so clean-lined.

normandy top

I like the idea of wearing an almost-sleeveless top like this one from Nili Lotan under a blazer to cut down on bulk. (And here is a cheaper option, if you’re interested.)

& other top

Just a sweet, simple, flirty top.

fleur top

I’d wear this tiered top half-tucked (I know some of you are over the half-tuck, but I abide) and layered under a leather jacket.

universal top

I might circle the self-belt on this Universal Standard top around my waist one more time so that it doesn’t hang down quite so far, unless I was in a really dramatic mood.

halogen top

An elegant and well-priced office-appropriate top.

milli top

The pintucks and eyelet work together very nicely here.


dakota top

Usually I don’t like a neck this high,but the eyelet keeps everything airy.

socialite shirt

I’m a big fan of the white-on-white stripes here, and the raw hem.

jessica tee

A twist hem is always so flattering, and kind of cool too. Here is a long-sleeved option, and here’s one in extended sizes.

eyelet top

I showed you this eyelet top in red last week, but it looks totally different in the white so I’m giving myself a repeat.

shimmer stripe

This Madewell top has just a touch of shimmer, which is a subtle bit of fun.

off shoulder tee

An off-shoulder top is kind of an evergreen, and so good with your hair piled up and big earrings.

splendid top

Just an easy, classic silhouette. I can see reaching for this endlessly.

crepe tank

This crepe top is another good one for under blazers.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 4.19.52 PM

This popover is so elegant and even a little sexy.

vince top

And another popover, this one nicely streamlined. (Here is a cheaper-and-similar choice.)

habitual top

I really like the asymmetrical neckline here.

silk top

I’ve taken to wearing silk button downs like this one under sweaters instead of cotton ones, and the result is so much less bulky.

wrap top

This wrap top would be aces with high-waisted trousers.

drapey tee

This tee drapes really nicely.

alice top

This blouse looks like a vintage store find, but certain details, like the neckline, are very modern.



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