An early look at fall jackets


The wide wale corduroy and slightly boxy cut give this jacket a tomboy feel, and I love the mustard yellow.

The nubby texture here is so good.

An excellent camo print: I’d wear this all weekend.

The dark green hue makes this moto jacket come off nicely sophisticated.

This red bomber is so sportif, and I like the little ring handle on the zipper.

I’ll likely bring you an entire post on faux fur jackets soon, but meanwhile check out this pink number.

I like the drawstring ruching business that’s happening on the sleeves of  this bomber.

A very clean-lined take on military.

A sophisticated-yet-playful take on the varisty jacket.

This Marimekko print is so delightfully loud.

A quite well put-together vegan moto jacket at a very nice price.

The cocoon shape here is flattering and so comfortable.

And here’s yet another Barbour jacket I’m not certain I can live without.

A belted army jacket would be nifty with a pencil skirt and heels.

This asymmetrical option is very I-run-a-small-gallery.


Week of requests: travel bags


“I travel a lot for work,” writes a reader named Heather, “and I’m desperately searching for a nice looking carry-on bag that will also transition to being a work bag when I arrive. Here’s the big hitch—I really want a bag that can slip over a rolling suitcase. I’m having an impossible time finding an option that doesn’t make me look like a stodgy businessman. I’m fine with it being tote shaped or even a backpack, just want a reasonably stylish option!” I’m thinking that what you want here, Heather, is a bag that will sit upright on top of your carry-on (I’m certain you will all let me know if there’s another feasible interpretation here) with the straps looped over the suitcase’s handle. So I’ve included the following.

This satchel, from the luggage brand Away, is made to fit perfectly on top of their suitcases.


Everlane’s Form Bag was just introduced recently (I showed it to you back then in the green, which is now backordered) and I think it’s perfect for travel—not too big, but big enough to fit an ample amount of stuff.

This is a backpack as well as a handbag, which is useful, and I like the really long top flap.
A pretty basic (in a good way) cotton option from Herschel.
I think the drawstring here is quite chic, and if I were in the market for a tote, I’d so totally go for it.
OK, so this zebra-striped number may not be the most suitable as a work bag, but it’s so much fun I had to include it.
I like the unexpected shape here, and the fact that it’s red too.
Madewell’s Transport Tote in grey is nicely versatile.
A cute little vegan option.
The leather and suede colorblocking situation here is so good.
This is from Kara, which is one of my favorite bag lines, and I love the lack of hardware; it really makes the hardware that is there (that oversized zipper) pop.
This exceeds the GOACA price limit, and it’s possible that the chain handle wouldn’t be the most comfortable for travel, but I do think it’s just gorgeous.
This classic Coach duffle bag is an elegant, clean-lined option.

Week of requests: Caftans


It may be the unsexiest article of clothing ever invented, and one can feel distinctly Mrs Roper wearing one, but I do love a good caftan, so I was pleased to create this post when a reader named Lori suggested I cover “Gorgeous caftans that don’t cost $800 and up (because: a) it seems ridiculous to pay that much for something that’s going to get wet and sandy; b) you *know* those Oaxacan weavers, Indian block-printers, and Moroccan silk-dyers are *not* getting paid such princely sums)”.  Good point, Lori, and now let’s move on to the actual goods:  Emerson Fry makes an different-colored iteration of this wonderful caftan seemingly every season, and I especially like it in dark blue.

I showed you this leopard print number back when I bought it at the beginning of the summer, but I’m doing a repeat because it has become a truly beloved item—I wore it every time I hit the beach—and the linen gets softer with every wash.

And here’s a cute striped and short one that’d be great to sleep in too.

I dig the bold and retroish geometric print on this one.

This has a really appealing color combination, and I like the plunging neckline.

This is from Lemlem and isn’t cheap, but boy, is it gorgeous; here’s another Lemlem caftan that’s been marked nicely down.

The stripes here are so good and beachy; here it is in extended sizes.


The eyelet and embroidery details here are just glorious.

A slightly sheer option that’d be perfect for the beach.

This is just so cute with all the little mini tassels.

I am a big fan of the poppy orange here, and the stripes give it a slightly Mexican feel.

And finally: I found this pink number on Etsy, and it’s pretty well-priced and especially comfortable-looking.



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