Taking requests: A few things I never travel without


“Would love to see a post on what you wear and carry with you when you travel and what you pack for your stay/how you organize things,” writes a reader named MP. So let’s start with the one item that always goes in my carry-on no matter where I’m traveling: a silk-and-cashmere scarf from Chan Luu, because—and we can all say this together because I’ve said it so many times—it’s the perfect weight (nicely light), and airplanes can be temperature torture chambers and I chill easily.

I am committed being a carry-on person, even if I’m going to be away for a while, because it is my philosophy that we always wear the same few things on vacation, and it’s just a question of accurately predicting what those items are going to be. Right now I’m liking this suitcase from Away, which I got before my Miami trip over the winter. It’s relatively lightweight and you can cram  an awful lot into it.

A brand-new acquisition:this tote from my pal Fabiana Trosman of Not Rational. I like how the camo print is nice and dark—it doesn’t clash  if I’m wearing a print. And it was Fabiana’s idea to place a star next to my monogram, which I think it’s aces.

I can’t read anything too serious on vacation, and definitely not on the plane: Samantha Irby is stupidly hilarious, a little dark, and very smart. And her essays go down easy.

If the weather is warm where I’m headed, I always take along at least one of my Maria Cornejo silk jersey dresses. They are eminently cool and flattering and just so easy. Here’s my most recent acquisition.

If I’m going to be somebody’s houseguest or,  will be seeing people first thing in the morning before coffee (as was the case in Italy), I bring my Emerson Fry caftan, because it’s super-comfortable for sleeping and suitably modest.

As far as what I wear on the plane goes, I play it simple: for the trip to Italy I wore these Nili Lotan trousers.

And a sized-up striped button-down.

And clogs, because they’re so easy on, easy off at security (you do have to walk barefoot for a few feet, which is a little unsanitary-seeming, but I’ve gotten used to it).

More summer dresses


If I stand on my tiptoes, I can see the end of summer, and I don’t like it one bit. This is without a doubt my favorite season, and the only time of year I wear dresses. So I thought I’d throw a few more at you, because I’m just not ready to start showing you fall clothes yet. Some of the specimens here are summery through and through, but a lot of them are from pre-fall collections, and pretty suitable for wear once weather turns chillier. I think the neckline here is just gorgeous.

I’m not crazy about the rope belt that this one comes with, but I love the embroidery. I’d wear it belt-less, or sub out one of my own.

Such pretty shoulder details on this jersey maxi. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of maxis—generally speaking, they don’t do anyone’s figure favors— but this one is cut so flatteringly.

This just looks so comfortable, and the orange is fun.

Here’s an option you could wear year-round.

Such a flirty little confection.

Red and black is a favorite of mine, and I like how the ruching makes the hemline adjustable.

Sort of hippie girl, but clean-lined enough for the office.

A black floral, nicely priced.

White embroidery is always kind of unexpected.


Another good floral, with a quite lovely cut.

This is rather 70s, in a good way.

As I previously mentioned, flatteringly-cut maxis are tough to come by, but I believe this is one.

A perfectly simple tank dress.

A better-late-than-never post on weekenders


I just realized summer is more than halfway over and I haven’t brought you a post on weekenders yet, which doesn’t seem quite right. So please forgive me for my lateness, and let’s start with a bag that’s quite like the one I’ve been shlepping out to Sag Harbor with on the regular: the colors here are just so good, and it’s lined in a nice silky fabric.

This is on the splurgy side, but is so elegant, and super-durable.

Here is one that looks much fancier than it is.

I’ve checked out this one from Clare V on more than one occasion, and my friend Michelle bought it and loves it; it’s super-lightweight and comes in several good colors.

Just a really classic version from Tumi.

This is actually a gym bag, but it’s big enough to use as a weekender, and nobody’s going to arrest you for doing so.

I am not the biggest fan of Longchamp bags, but I do think this looks pretty fantastic in army green.

From Herschel: just a good solid basic tote.

A cute little collab between LeSportsac and Rifle Paper Co.

A camo option, but of course. The inside is lined in the best bright orange.

I always love a mix of canvas and leather.



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