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So I’m doing sort of medium-good on the no-shopping front. I’m not buying nearly as much as I had grown used to, but lately there have been some slips. For instance, I bought a Zero+Maria Cornejo shearling jacket (no longer available or I’d link to it) that was 70% off but still not cheap by any means. It’s gorgeous but it’s not the type of thing I can go around throwing down the credit card for every day. Plus, I already have a lot. Too much, even. So in order to restore the karmic (and fiscal) balance, I sent some quite nice pieces I still really love to The Real Real. Like this dreamy this Zero+Maria Cornejo alpaca coat that I saw come down the Fall 2015 runway and swore I would make my own. It’s always been too tight in the sleeves, because I ordered it in the wrong size, but I didn’t ever want to get rid of it because it is just so beautiful. Also up for grabs: this Chanel coat that I (obviously) bought during the Lucky years, and have hung on to for ages even though it no longer fits my lifestyle (plus, there’s all that nasty business about Coco Chanel loving Nazis). And this Vince shearling hoodie, which I know is not cheap, but is an amazing buy. It hurts a little to see these pieces up for sale—they still did spark joy—but it also makes me feel so much less gross for buying that Cornejo shearling.

Tuesday trifecta—Everlane items I rely on heavily


I am not at my most stylish—nor at my most concerned with being stylish—first thing in the morning when I walk the dogs, especially in the winter. But when I slip on these cashmere sweatpants I at least feel like I made a minimal effort, and maybe I even look that way too. It is also worth noting that I have owned these since Everlane introduced them, one, maybe two years ago, and they have yet to pill or otherwise show signs of wear, which is a rarity in the world of cheap cashmere (and expensive cashmere too, while we’re at it).

I like this silk cami better than ones I have that cost more because it’s double-lined to prevent sheerness. It’s also cut really simply and has so far worked nicely with everything I’ve layered it over.

I know some of you criticize the cut of certain Everlane items, and specifically their button-downs, as being too boxy, but I’m a big fan of their relaxed poplin shirts, which to me have the just-right amount of slouch.

Five polished pieces


I went to a party the other night (for this fascinating book , written by my talented friend Darcey Steinke) and it was so fun to get just even a little dressed up, because I feel like I’ve been shlepping around in boyish layers and sweats for weeks. It’s a pain to look put-together when it’s yucky out (and it was raining that night) but even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, it’s possible to look like you made an effort if you employ a few key, classic pieces. A blazer, as we all know, instantly dresses up anything you pair it with, and I’m quite fond of the band collar and clean cut of this one.

A drape-front blouse is a little more forgiving and feminine than a traditional button-down, and would be aces with that blazer.

I like the way these super-sharp booties dip in the front—it’s just a sly little bit of sexiness. Also, the heel height is three inches, which is just about as high as I can semi-comfortably go these days.

I desperately need a pair of wool trousers, and these, from Nili Lotan, are just perfection. So pared-down and smart. If you’re looking for something cheaper, you could do a lot worse than this Everlane pair.

I was given this Il Bisonte bucket bag as a gift, and I rely on it entirely, and do not understand why Il Bisonte isn’t a bigger deal, because their bags are so good: classic, streamlined, so well-made, and deathly chic. If you like the shape but don’t care for the price tag of this particular one, try trolling eBay and Etsy for similar vintage Coach shapes.



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