27 really good puffers


A number of you have been after me to cover this category, sooner than later, so here you go. I often default to black when it comes to choosing a color for my puffer, but I very much like this oversized army green one from Acne Studios. I also like that you have the option to cinch the waist if you so choose.

That’s real shearling on the collar of this military-ish number, which is on the splurgy side but is also marked down.

I hear great things about Everlane’s sleeping bag puffer, and it looks cozy as all get-out.

A very Chanel-ish number that would be great for layering under a coat.

This very stylish and surprisingly cheap jacket was the best-selling item I featured on GOACA last year. Now they’ve made it in a really good red, and I’m not certain I can resist.

I’m kind of nuts for the fun colorblock on this one from Kule.

And this one looks very excellently like ski jackets people wore back in the 70s. I also like the combination of brown and powder blue.

I’m intrigued by Down Official, a brand-new direct-to-consumer outerwear brand, and this is their debut women’s jacket, which is purportedly super, super-warm, and has a removable faux fur hood and shell.

The collar on this Cos jacket is really smart, as is the silhouette.

Another Everlane option that looks like it would weather the elements handily.

This is based on J. Crew’s best-selling coat of all time, and it’s water-resistant, which is a big plus. It also rings in at under $150.

I like a faux fur-lined hood, but most of them look so fake. This one doesn’t however, and I dig the length too.

Here’s another well-priced option that comes in an enticing variety of colors.

This chic little specimen is from Herno and it’s not cheap, but I feel like you could get away with wearing it to pretty much the fanciest of parties.

The off-white hue here is exactly perfect, and I like that it’s slightly cropped too.

Uniqlo has a ton of good puffer options—they’re famous for it—but I’m partial to this one because it is both long and lightweight.

Why not a blue and black leopard print puffer? I also quite dig the leather trim.

This quilted number from Ganni is on the lightweight side, but I think it’s really classic (with a twist) and chic.

This one is packable, which is handy, and because it’s so lightweight it’d be excellent for layering.

I’m dying  for this faux-leather choice: it’s super-chic, and looks just like the real thing.

But I may want this denim puffer even more—it’s just so cool.

I like the retroish print on this corduroy option from Madewell.

The quilting on this one is slightly nuts, but I kind of love it. And I’m very much liking the bright, saturated blue too.

Here’s one that’ll be desperately warm—it’s The North Face, after all. And it’d be ideal for runners, I think, because it’s so cropped.

I like the tie-fastenings and off-kilter collar here.

The exterior of this funnel-neck coat is made of recycled nylon.

And finally: this Stella McCartney for Adidas puffer is sold out in some sizes, but I had to show it anyway, because I think the little details—like the big pockets and slightly off-to-the-side zipper—are really good.

Things I bought, things I want, cozy edition


As those of you who’ve been hanging out here a while know, I loathe being cold. Winter is, by far, my least favorite time of year, and the one during which my fantasies about moving to L.A. are most alive—fires, traffic, and mudslides be damned. This year I’m doing my best to make sure I am always warm and toasty, indoors and out. Because my apartment is all windows, it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter, and to make sure my feet stay nice and cozy, I acquired these Birkenstock slippers, which are so comfortable that I can’t wait to get home and put them on. They also come in this excellent red, and grey too.

You know I like a bucket hat, and I think this fleece version couldn’t be a whole lot cuter.

I got it into my head a few weeks ago that I needed cashmere socks, and set out to find the most reasonably-priced pair I could locate. These are from Cos, and they’re 94% cashmere, and super-warm.

Because I must clean up after my dogs while walking them, and that involves opening plastic bags, I have very specific requirements for a glove. I wear fingerless ones for as long as the weather permits, but I got this new pair, which has a handy flap to cover the tops of your fingers, for when it’s too freezing to go fingerless.


The fleece collar on this Madewell jumpsuit is a fun and cushy touch.

I think these splurgy drop-crotch cashmere sweatpants from Nili Lotan would be perfect for morning dog walks. If you’d like a pair that doesn’t cost a small fortune and doesn’t feature a drop-crotch, try these, from Everlane.

Lately, I’ve been searching for Missoni scarves on the Real Real, where you can find a selection that is both broad and (usually) well-priced. Somebody should snap up this one before I do.

I am a huge fan of Uniqlo’s Heattech leggings, which are so whisper-thin they don’t feel bulky under even the tightest pants, and keep you nice and toasty. They also go for just under $20 a pop, and it’s hard to beat that.

The idea of lining my winter boots with these nifty foot warmers sounds like heaven.

Also rather heavenly: this Roland Pine candle from Soap & Paper Factory.

Week of requests: all sorts of blazers


A few of you requested a blazer rundown, so here you go, starting with this super-chic tuxedo-ish jacket; here’s something similar in extended sizes.

This has a Chanel-ish vibe, but it rings in at just under $100.

I think that this one is cropped enough to look good with a dress, and I don’t even mind the puffy shoulder business.

This velvet jacket is very nicely priced, which velvet rarely is.

This herringbone blazer is kind of loud, but in a way that I think really works.

I like the shawl collar here, and it’s from Universal Standard, which means it’s available in pretty much every size.

I’m still a sucker for a stand collar blazer.

Here’s an  option for you petite ladies that looks nice and cozy.

Blue and black plaid really pops, and the silhouette here is so nice and clean.

Here is Rag & Bone’s popular Slade blazer in a very good oxblood hue. I also like it in straightforward  black and herringbone.

This tweedy number is nicely cropped, and has a kind of glam lady professor vibe.

Another well-priced velvet specimen.

And here’s another petite option, with a really chic snug fit.

I like the sharp peak lapel on this corduroy option, and you can’t beat the bright pink color.

And here’s a pale pink that is very Tom Ford for Gucci circa 2000.

I like that this plaid blazer looks sort of like a men’s sport coat.

I love a houndstooth blazer, and this one is nicely subtle.

And here’s a really statement-y herringbone pattern from Anine Bing that I kind of love.

Charcoal grey is perfect for pinstripes—against black they’re very I’m wearing pinstripes, which can feel costumey.

I love, love, love this Etoile Isabel Marant blazer—the maroon contrasts really nicely with the shades of grey and black.

A very of-the-moment oversized blazer that you could do some serious layering with.

This Uniqlo jacket is seriously cheap, and very well-cut.

And why not a splashy sequin blazer for holiday parties?

The snap button is a fun and unexpected detail on this vivid red jacket.

This double breasted corduroy blazer is snappy in a very menswearish way.

I wouldn’t usually think of a checked jacket as being versatile, but this one somehow is.

This pink velvet blazer comes in a number of good colors, and extended sizes too.



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