GOACA’s top 10 bestsellers so far this year


Unbelievable but true: 2022 is halfway over, which means it’s about time for me to run down the list of what y’all have been buying. As most of you know by now, the way I earn money with GOACA is through affiliate links—you snag a dress from Madewell, say, and I earn a commission. And because of this, I am able to see a lot of what you all purchase—and what you don’t return—which I always find fascinating. Usually the pieces that make this list are pretty classic—like these J. Crew patch pocket chinos.

Others items are harder to predict, like this bright Iro jacket.

This oversized cocoon cardigan from Jenni Kayne isn’t exactly in season at the moment, but it’s pretty much exactly perfect.

This knit blazer from Kule is such an easy way to look put-together, and even though I don’t usually like piping, I do like it here.

I was kind of surprised this cream-colored trench from Barbour made the list because it’s not the most practical, but it is so chic.

These sandals come in a number of good colors, but I do like this metallic, because it is both cool and deeply versatile.

These jeans have made this list more than once, and it’s easy to see why: they’re the perfect amount of slouchy—any more would be sloppy—and the darker wash is so good.

I don’t think I’ve ever done this post without an Emerson Fry caftan making the list. I’m particularly enchanted with this newish pink print.

A versatile, easy linen blend dress for throwing on whenever all summer long (also, just FYI, it comes in black too).

And finally, I dig the oversized cut on this perfect white button-down.


Top 5 of the week: popover tops


These are so easy—especially this time of year—and I think they’re just a touch more flattering than straightforward button-downs too. This chambray number from J. Crew is rather perfect, and I especially like the slightly oversized sleeves.

I dig the girly touches at the wrist and neckline of this choice.

A blue Liberty floral with the sweetest, cutest print.

An oversized gingham print makes this one standout.

A pale, pale orange on a gauzy cotton top: this just looks so wearable for summer.


GOACA summer classics: the weekender bag


I purchased this Clare V bag maybe five years ago, when its price was splurgy (though not quite as splurgy as it is now) and I have to say it’s a purchase I do not regret: the leather is super-lightweight—like literally lighter than a nylon bag—and it has aged really nicely.

The chevron print and color blocking here make this one standout. I also like this black version.

A seriously big—as in, it’s 29 inches long—quilted number in which I’m pretty sure I could easily pack enough for a whole week away.

I just really like the combination of creamy tones on this one.

I often pack my weekend stuff in a backpack like this one from Fjallraven, especially when I’m weighted down with other bags and need at least one hand free for the dog.

An appealingly utilitarian, clean-lined Carhartt option.

This one folds up, making it an ideal bag to bring in the suitcase on a longer trip when you think you might be coming home with more than you had when you left.

This nylon bag also comes in black, but I dig this marigold hue.

Here is a particularly elegant option. I’m always a fan of a canvas and leather combination.

How fun is this tie dye choice from MZ Wallace?

The deep green on this sturdy-looking choice appeals.

A fun leopard print, from Ganni.

This rings in at under $75 and is just really cute in the pink.

This just looks so summery in red, white, and blue.

And finally: I opened with a splurgy option so I’ll close with one too—this suede Rag & Bone bag, which is just desperately chic.



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