Brand I like: Arket


I actually discovered Arket in the GOACA comments section the other day, and now I’m borderline obsessed with this Swedish brand, which churns out subtle, Euro-chic, classic-with-a-twist pieces that are easy to wear—sort of like Isabel Marant before she got too tricky. Prices are about on par with Madewell or Sezane, and though I wish they made clothes larger than size 10, I still think they’re on to something. This Boucle coat, for instance, looks just fantastic and like it’s much pricier than it is.

A printed silk scarf is such a French lady’s secret wardrobe ingredient.

A really snappy blazer that also comes in some fun colors.

A suede tote that’s kind of perfectly slouchy, and big enough for all your stuff.

This poplin shirt comes in four great colorways, and I want them all.

How perfectly un-distressed and un-whiskered are these jeans?

A LOT of you are searching high and low for wool trousers this year, and this pair looks so cool and flattering.

A mohair blend cardigan with statement-y buttons.

This oversized down puffer has such a stylish, cocoonish shape.

And of course I’m in love with this nubby fleece jacket.


16 colorful sweaters to brighten up your January


As you can see from this week’s posts so far, I’m on a real color kick these days, I think because it’s so easy to get into a style rut in the winter, and color seems like a reliable way to change things up. Most of my high-rotation sweaters are black or grey, but I think it would be fun to throw something like this lively colorblock cardigan into the mix.

And here’s another colorblock option, from Alex Mill.

A very sharp-looking sweater jacket in rich fuchsia.

A poppy red fair isle cardigan that I like the idea of layering with a contrasting pattern, like here.

A perfect pink crewneck that’s really just as easy to pull on as a black one, but is so much more fun.

The space dye stripes here make this one look like Missoni.

I’m pretty this sweater is cerulean blue, which makes me think of this great scene from The Devil Wears Prada. I like its oversized-ness and the drop shoulders.

I always think rainbow stripes are best against a dark background, and here is an excellent object lesson as to why.

A very sportif cardigan that comes in a few other good colors.

Really digging the pink and brown combination here.

Such a rich red here.

I’ve wanted to incorporate a polo sweater into my wardrobe for a while now, and this one is just so good.

A sweet kelly green cardigan.

I think the shape here is really standout: chunky but not too chunky, and just kind of perfect.

This Fair Isle sweater is a subtler shade than most of the ones I’ve gathered here, and would therefore be a good choice for easing into color.

And finally, a chunky striped number with an appealingly deep V-neck.

A treasury of winter hats


As fashionable as puffers have become, it’s still tough—especially as the winter months drone on—to feel chic walking down the street in one, because we likely wore it yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. So I try to have fun with accessories, mixing it up with bright or patterned scarves, and cool hats too, like this menswearish plaid one.

This is just rather cheeky and cute.

This cotton cuffed hat comes in several good colors, but of course I’m attracted to the yellow.

Bold stripes on a wool-cashmere blend beanie are an instant (and cheery) statement.

A corduroy fisherman cap in the best caramel brown (there are other hues too if you don’t so much dig this one).

A chunky fleece hat for the coldest days.

And speaking of which, when it’s really bitterly freezing and windy, you could do much worse than this poppy balaclava from Kule.

A corduroy bucket hat with an ever-so-slightly floppy brim.

OK, here is the cheapest cashmere beanie I could find, and it is in fact so cheap that you can stock up in more than one color.

For a classic winter look, you can’t beat a chunky hat topped by a big pompom.

A padded tiger print hat with a narrow brim: so jazzy.

I’m not the biggest beret fan, but I do like this chunky red one.

And finally, I’m very intrigued by this quilted tie-front hood, and might just have to go for it.




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