Dresses with grown-up hemlines: winter edition, part 2


I love the plunging neckline on this metallic ribbed number.

Here’s a floral one that you can wear straight through spring and beyond.

The draping here is so cool, and flattering too.

I like the slightly Grecian vibe here.

The three-quarter sleeves on this ribbed knit dress are a nice touch.

Such a great tie dye print on this flowy shirtdress.

A slightly slinky leopard print that also looks super-comfortable.

This is just so pretty and drapey and easy, and I like the kind of hippie girl print.

The polo collar here endows this one with an almost preppy vibe.

The mix of prints here is quite winning, and I like the low tie-neck.

I don’t usually like the earth tones, but I think the hue on this slinky silk wrap dress is really nice.

I’d wear this cool dress with a cashmere cardigan or shrunken leather jacket.

A turtleneck sweaterdress that’s quite covered-up, but also kind of curve-hugging and sexy.

Such a pretty neckline and color on this lovely specimen.

And finally: shirtdress with a nicely forgiving cut.


Dresses with grown-up hemlines, winter edition: part 1


In many parts of the country it’s tough to wear dresses in the winter, but back when I worked in an office, I did it all the time, by layering a thin long-sleeved tee underneath, and by wearing the warmest tights I could find. If you do that, you’d be amazed by what you can get away with. I think this filmy floral is just so pretty and feminine, but at the same time nicely polished.

And I love the abstract print here.

A turtleneck dress that is saved from frumpiness by a generous slit.

This leopard print sweater dress has a great (and very covertly sexy) shape.

I am crazy for this print, which is actually magnified butterfly wings.

A clean-lined wool sweater dress from Vince in a nice, neutral hue, and with a satisfyingly deep V-neck.

This dress verges on being too Little House on the Prairie for me, but the mix of prints is so appealing—and the lines are so sophisticated—that I think it clears the bar.

How cozy-luxe is this cashmere dolman-sleeve dress? I also really like the bateau neckline.

I like the ruffle neck here, and the dark, wintry floral print.

This metallic blue dress is most definitely party-worthy.

A tee dress with interesting (and flattering) draping.

A classic wrap dress that rings in at just under $100, and comes in a number of good colors and prints.

A pretty body-con dress that’d be aces with a statement-y necklace.

Here’s a similar dress, but with a slightly more forgiving shape.

I’d wear a turtleneck under this chic Universal Standard shirtdress to winterize it.

A very ladylike (but un-prissy) option with a cool leopard print.

Another sweater dress that has a very throw-it-on-and-go appeal.

I’m crazy for this sequined dress, and might dress it down with a beaten-up denim jacket and big old clunky knee-high boots (I might dress it up with high-heeled booties too).

A stealthily seductive sweater dress in a rich burgundy hue.

I was on the fence about whether to include this dress—the print mix is kind of crazy—but I decided it was good-crazy.,


A whole host of great everyday bags


I am super, super-picky about handbags. I like as little hardware as possible and nice, clean shapes, and I can’t bear them when they’re too small. At the same time, I don’t like feeling as though I’m lugging around a feedbag. And usually, when I try to do a post like this, I don’t find too many desirable options, but this time around, I located plenty, starting with this double-handled  zipper tote, which is big enough to fit your entire life, but at the same time isn’t too much.

I always like canvas and leather together, and also think the shape of this bucket bag is really good.

This is not the first time I’ve written about Clare V’s Gosee clutch (I don’t know why they call it a clutch) because I think it is a miraculous bag, which can fit a lot more than it looks like it can.

I don’t need a new bag right now, but I’m having a tough time resisting this Longchamp number, which manages to be both slouchy and elegant at the same time.

The contrasting strap on this bag from Rag & Bone appeals.

This sort of resembles a classic Chloe bag, but is much cheaper.

Here is one that’s on the smaller side compared to many I’ve included here, but is big enough to carry the essentials.

I’m a big fan of Jerome Dreyfuss bags (though they’re pricey, so I pick them up on the Real Real), but if you’re looking to make an investment, you could do a lot worse than this (fun fact: all Jerome Dreyfuss bags come with mini-flashlights, so you never have to rummage around looking for your keys or whatever again).

Here’s a lightweight nylon tote that’d be great for travel.

The size of this drawstring tote from Madewell is just about perfect.

The exterior pockets on this nylon crossbody bag are handy, and lend a utilitarian feel. It’s also pretty well-priced.


I know I said I don’t go in for hardware, but I do like it on this bag.

A fun small camo print tote with a cute pop of color; here it is in all black if that’s more your speed.

This leather crossbody bag has kind of a tough girl vibe that appeals.

Here’s a rather spendy Isabel Marant bag in an unexpected—but satisfyingly neutral—color.

Another Longchamp bag that I think is rather excellently sophisticated. The latch fastening is a nice detail too.

From Allsaints: a cool hobo bag that comes in black and army green too, though I’m partial to the grey.





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