Right in time for summer, 15 striped tees


It wouldn’t feel right not to bring you a post on striped tees now that the weather’s turned warm: something about this, the easiest of prints and the onset of summer just go together. I own too many and therefore won’t likely be buying any of these, but if I was, this multicolored wonder would most assuredly be on my list.

I like that Everlane’s is linen, which slouches so nicely.

The stripes here are actually really waves, which is fun.

Black and red is a tough combination to find, and a really, really good one.

Here is a kind of dressed-up option.

Super-classic and excellently tomboyish.

The longer sleeves here add an element of elegance.

I just think this is adorable.

The flouncy sleeves add a dose of femme.

A really winning color combo.

I dig the contrasting stripes here.

The colors here are really 70s, in a good way.

Of course I had to include a blue and black option.

The ruffles are excellent for camouflaging stomach junk.

Pink stripes are so sweet.

15 Summer dresses under $150


There are several sleeveless options here, which I don’t usually do, but—as I have noted before—that is what a cotton cardigan is for. And I think in general summer is a time to make peace with your upper arms and bare them with impunity: despite the fact that I am now doing yoga five times a week, mine are far from toned, but I can’t be bothered to cover them up when it gets really hot, and neither should you. (Meanwhile, there are a number of sleeved items to choose from here as well.) I am crazy for this dotted dress: the shoulder ties make it so feminine.

Striped dresses can be tricky and hip-widening, but this one gets all flowy on the bottom half, which is nice and forgiving.

This neon pineapple print is just good fun.

An elegant black silk dress that is just the right amount of sexy.

The wide waist-tie on this shirt dress makes for a trim silhouette.

Of course I like the black embroidery on this blue dress, because black and blue together is the best. Also, this looks insanely comfortable.

The ruching on the sides of this plus-size dress keeps things from coming off too boxy.

This also comes in black, but I think the white is so fresh.

Just a really flattering, easy shirt dress.

tank dress just made for kicking around on the weekend.

Really simple, but very pretty.

This tassel-front dress is very Ulla Johnson.

A lovely Liberty of London floral on a very femme-y dress.

The tiered look here is very chic.

This one would be tricky if you needed to wear a bra—and I know that most of us do—but I think it’s so damn cute I had to include it.

A whole mess of Summer pants


For whatever reason, I’ve got a lot of requests up my sleeve this week: you all seem to have a lot on your minds. A reader named Kristin wants “General guidance on summer pants—I’m working in the summer for the first time in a long time and am struggling with getting dressed. ” I feel you, Kristin. There are times when I miss working in an office—I desperately miss the spirit of collaboration, and being around other people all day—but I never long for how much I stressed out every morning over what to wear. It used to just destroy me. It doesn’t matter how many clothes you have—and I had a lot—you can always look in your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear. So great basics you can turn to without too much thinking are key. And a good summer trouser counts as one of those. These high-waisted khaki cigarette pants are so damn chic, and inexpensive, and they come in black, too.

A wide-leg pant can be very flattering, and is always office-appropriate.

I’m a big fan of J. Crew’s boyfriend chino; it’s got the just-right amount of slouchiness, and the cut is nice and feminine.

These stovepipe trousers are just a good solid classic cropped option.

linen-blend pant with a deep cuff, a good blue and a nice price.

A good casual Friday grey chino.

From very cool plus-size brand Shegul (which a reader named Becca clued me in to), a very cute pair of tapered trousers.

These have a tuxedo stripe, which is fun.

From Violeta, Mango’s plus-size line, a perfectly snappy pair of  white chinos.

Red trousers are a kick, and really pop with a white button-down.

And why not checked pants?

I just really like the nice clean cut here.



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