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I had so much fun on Monday getting to know loyal commenters (and delightful people) C.W. and Mamavalveeta during a mini-meetup we had out in Amagansett. After a nice long visit, we concluded affairs the way all GOACA meetups should end: with shopping. How cute is my new hat?

Here’s a cheaper-but-similar version.

I surprise myself by liking this peplum blouse. It’s more girly than I usually go, but I’m thinking the tiniest bit of waist definition isn’t the worst thing.

One of my yoga teachers, the peerless Joanna Ross-Tash, forgot her sunglasses on our recent retreat to Italy. So—as I never travel without an extra pair because I’m so paranoid about my light sensitivity—I lent her my spare: a pair of blue ones from Celine that are in extra high rotation. I told her to guard them with her life and give them back once we got home. Alas, she lost them and felt terrible and sent me this link to the very pair, and cheaper than I paid for them. I told her not to worry about the glasses—because Lord knows I have plenty—and we agreed to call it even in exchange for dinner and a private, so really I’m thinking I come out ahead on account of the fact that Joanna is great. But I’m so pleased to have discovered Smart Buy Glasses, the resource she linked me to, because it’s a fantastic resource for cheaper (as in: still not cheap) out-of-season fancy sunglasses.

Work dresses under $150


Several of you got on my case about how last week’s post on work dresses was on the pricey side. I thank those of you who sought to defend my choices, and reminded the peeved parties that I am not their personal shopper, cause I’m not. I include on this blog items I love, and as it turns out, my taste has always skewed pricey. The reason I’m giving myself a re-do here is that usually when I show expensive  items, I balance them out with more affordable ones, and in that particular post I didn’t do the greatest job of that. So here are some reasonable options, starting with this pretty floral number.

I’m not crazy about the ribbon belt here, so I’d sub it out for something dark, because I think the dress is really cute.

Super-simple but very sophisticated.

This dark floral looks so perfect for days when your only priority is to feel comfortable.

The draping here is quite convenient for campuflaging stomach junk.

I like the slouchiness of this blouson option.

I like when something girly, like a floral print is executed on a nice clean shape, like here.

Another simple but sophisticated shape. I’d throw on a stack of bracelets to add a little interest.

the balloon sleeves here are really chic.

A classic wrap dress in a nice, deep plum hue.

And finally, for the precious remaining summer Fridays we have left: a fun beachy print.

Taking requests: work dresses


A lot of you have questions about how to dress for the office—particularly, it seems, for creative workplaces—and I am at a bit of a disadvantage as to how to answer, as it has been such a long time since I’ve found myself in such a situation. But I do know that when I worked in an office, I found that reaching for a dress in the morning—instead of bothering with separates—simplified matters greatly.And I would totally have gone for this one, because it looks fantastically comfortable and is very chic in a slouchy way.

Polka dots are a little un-serious for a work setting, but the cut of this dress is so clean that I think it works.

Such a great floral, and I’d probably add a cotton cardigan to make it more work-appropriate.

Click through to zoom in on the print here—I think it’s really cool.

Here’s a dress that would work in even the most conservative of offices—yet it still has interesting details.

Again, I’d throw a cardigan (or, even better, a shrunken leather jacket) over this choice.

This is a really good combination of flattering and elegant.



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