I still like low-slung jeans best


And they’re getting harder and harder to find now that higher-waisted jeans have taken over.  I’ve tried to get on board—and have one pair I like a lot—but for the most part, I still feel like low-slung jeans are more flattering and so much more comfortable, at least for me. (I know some people swear that high-waisted jeans are more comfortable, and I will never understand this.) Here’s a nice boyfriend cut from Frame.

I love a grey jean and these are pretty  nicely priced.

FromUniversal Standard: just a really good, slightly faded-out black wash.

And here’s a really clean wash, with no whiskering or fading whatsoever: so tough to find.

These have a bit of a flair, which is sort of fun.

I’d wear this pair with a simple white button-down.

These look so relaxed and slouchy, but not sloppy.

Red jeans are appealing in a slightly Euro way.

I just love the wash on these: clean, clean, clean.


I haven’t gotten tired of frayed hems yet, and think they’re really good here.

I prefer a more beaten-in black jean, but am including this pair for those who prefer blacker-than-black. I also like the crop.

These are so classic, I picture Lauren Hutton wearing them in the 70s. I realize she wouldn’t have been wearing skinny jeans in the 70s, but that’s where my mind goes.

I like the button-detail at the ankle here.

And finally: a slick coated pair that looks exactly like leather but costs a lot less.

Just a bunch of pretty, feminine tops


Lately, I’m looking for tops I can wear on dates: pieces that are a little—but not too—sexy, and that I will feel eminently comfortable in, because dating is tough enough without the added bother of overly fussy clothes.  This is just the kind of dark floral I really go for, and the shape is so easy.

The lip print here is just so good, and the smocking at the shoulders makes this shirt come off much softer than most button-downs.

A pretty sexy, slightly metallic, drapey top.

Maybe this doesn’t quite belong here since it’s a sweater, but it reads very top-like somehow.

Tie necklines are usually way too prissy for me, but the one here hangs low, which gives it a more laid-back feel.

Just a really good red with a flattering neckline, and I like the ruffled sleeves.

The lace here with the Indian print is kind of weird, but totally works, and I’m not sure why.

When you’re in the mood to bare a bit—or just have something sexy peeking out from under a blazer—this cami.

I am dying for this top—it looks as everyday-wearable as it does kind of special.

This is on the sexy side, but in a nice, quiet way.

A whopping 20 cardigans


I really should have figured out a way to narrow this category down a little, because there are so many good cardigans out there, but instead I bring you this monster post. I love cardigans and wear them constantly in the fall and winter, and appreciate how endlessly versatile they are. Also, they allow you to have fun layering, which is always a plus.  I own more than a few already, but am toying with the idea of adding this one to the stockpile, because the ribbed sleeves are so good and it’s nicely slouchy.

This looks like Chanel, but it is crazy cheap.

The red details here are so good—I adore red with leopard print.

Just a nice chunky burgundy sweater.

Mostly, as you can tell from the selection here, I like a V-neck cardi, but I included a couple of round-necks just to be sporting. This one is cashmere, and nicely priced.

The buttons at the sleeve are a nice touch.

Here’s one I could totally see living in.

A nice soft pink, and a cool length.

The contrasting stripes here are cool.

Long cardigans are a huge trend this season, so I felt obligated to include one.

How cute is the little heart here?

I always love a good stripe, and this just looks insanely cozy.

An excellent fair isle that I somehow overlooked in my fair isle post a little while back.

This is Missoni so it’s splurgy, but the crocheted details are so great.

This too is on the spendy side, bit it’s so feminine and elegant.

I do like a good leopard print in untraditional colors.

So furry and fun.

This is actually a coat, and I think it is really chic.

I don’t usually like a shawl-collar, but I really like it here.

Sort of rock chick, in a subdued way.



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