Plus-size spring dresses with grown-up hemlines


Universal Standard dress

I have heard the grumbling and I am listening: I need to be better about including on GOACA clothes in sizes that reflect the whole of my readership. Mostly I’ll do it by including options in regular posts instead of ghettoizing them as I am here, but I figured this might be a nice start. And please, because I am new to this, and because there are so very few plus brands I like, do pass along the names of designers you think do it well. One brand I absolutely adore is Universal Standard—their clothes are so cool I wish they came in my size—and this shirtdress is a prime example: just totally exactly right. It also comes in black, but the white is so damn crisp.

Eloquii dress

I an not a huge fan of off-the-shoulder looks—and it’s a trend that seems to have taken over this season—but this is so breezy and pretty.

Lafayette 148 dress

Just a fun, poppy floral.


Maria Rinaldi dress

The neckline here is absolutely stunning, and the silhouette is so elegant and classic.

Rachel Pally dress

A classic black wrap dress is just ease personified.

Eloquii dress

I love a shirtwaist dress, and the eyelet here is a nice touch.

Eloquii dress

I am all over this print.

Universal Standard dress

A highly wearable, so-chic cocoon dress from Universal Standard.

My favorite tee is being discontinued


Maureen Lewis, my dear friend who manages the Zero Maria Cornejo boutique in New York, is the person who clued me in to the wonders of the J. Crew Vintage Cotton Scoopneck T-Shirt, and it is she who just informed me that it is soon to be no more. A salesperson at J. Crew recently told her they’re phasing out the tee, and with decisions like that, I can see why they’re in trouble. Not all of you agree that this is the best tee of all time, but I love its lightweight-ness and its deep scoop neck, and am—if not bereft—then at least very, very irked. They were just running one of their 25% off deals (they’ve got another one going today), so I ordered four, in white.  I shall treat them like tiny gods so that they’ll last forever.

What do you stockpile?


Davines All in One Milk—What do you stockpile?

All four of these beauty products have inspired such loyalty in me that I live in mortal fear of them being discontinued, and so I hoard them like it’s already happened. I had a recent scare with Oi All in One Milk from Davines, which gets rid of frizz, detangles, smells fantastic, and just sort of changes my hair, I can’t explain it. I couldn’t find it on Amazon or the Davines website, and became convinced it was discontinued. So I bought five bottles from the Barneys site, and now am set for quite some time. (It is not discontinued, BTW: I was just searching wrong.) But forking over all that cash at Barneys was sort of worth it: if you spend over $200 on beauty products there right now, you get a really cute (and big) cosmetic bag packed with about a dozen and a half quite luxe samples.

Davines Love Conditioner—What do you stockpile?

Davines Love Conditioner also aids mightily in the fight against frizz, and heat-styling damage too. It’s a thick deep conditioner, but I use it every time I shampoo, and my hair just absorbs it.


Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35—What do you stockpile?

I don’t know what I will do if anyone dares take Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 off the market; its Medium tone is the best match for my skin I’ve ever found, and it goes on nice and light and sheer.

Ferderic Malle Portrait of a Lady Hair  Body Oil—What do you stockpile?

The splurgiest beauty product in my arsenal is Frederic Malle’s Portrait of a Lady Hair and Body Oil. I can’t wear perfume—it’s too fume-y, gives me a headache—so I use this instead. The scent lasts just as long as perfume, but is much subtler. And it moisturizes beautifully.



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