Top 5 of the week: my favorite-smelling products


I used to collect Fornasetti candles like this one—in its Otto scent, which is so up my alley: it’s got notes of wood, lavender and thyme, and makes any room you burn it in smell sexy and luxe. But that hobby got expensive, so I switched over to their incense, which was still not cheap but much cheaper, but then they stopped making the incense. You can still find it at some European boutiques, and I might just have to spring for the shipping because I miss that scent so damn much.

My perfume of choice is—and has been for quite some time—Portrait of a Lady, by Frederic Malle. This isn’t a very original choice on my part—it’s their most popular scent—but I don’t much care. The spicy, woody, and ever-so-slightly floral notes combine to produce a truly heavenly essence. Also, I don’t use the perfume, because I find perfume too fume-y. Instead, I go for this Hair and Body Oil, which makes me smell nice, but (hopefully) not overwhelming.

On days I don’t use my Portrait of a Lady Hair and Body Oil—because that stuff is pricey and I treat it like gold—I reach for this body cream from Sol Janeiro, which has a vanilla-caramel-ish scent that I love even though sweet scents are not usually my thing. I also love that this stuff absorbs quickly and is not at all greasy (oh, and also: I swear by this similarly scented body wash).

This Roland Pine room spray from one of my favorite small brands, Soap & Paper Factory, has the most authentically forest-y scent I’ve ever smelled. You can also try candles, soap, and reed diffusers with the same stellar scent.

I became a lavender aficionado in the days that I suffered from migraines: the scent couldn’t ever get rid of a headache entirely, but it did offer a fair amount of soothing relief.  This essential oil from C.O. Bigelow is the best iteration of lavender I’ve ever found, and if I’m feeling stressed or like a headache is coming on, I take a couple of deep inhales of this stuff and feel immediately at least a little better.


How do you organize your handbag?


These handy little pouches are by the Japanese brand Delfonics, which I discovered in the mall underneath the Louvre when I was in Paris around ten years ago. I throw all the smaller things that gather at the dark bottom my bag—Tide pens, lip balms, hand sanitizers—into one of these, and presto, no more digging endlessly in my purse for some elusive but necessary item. This is probably the oldest trick in the book, but I just discovered it, so there you go.

I like the pouches to be bright so they’re readily visible, and this set from Baggu is just the cutest.

And if you’re feeling splurgy, you could go for a neon-bright Comme des Garcons number like this one.

Top 5 of the week: tees under $50


Pretty much all of these come in multiple colorways, do please do click through if you like the shirt but not the hue. This first one is from Everlane, and I like its boxy-but-not-too-boxy cut.

A seriously good, very slouchy tee.

This little number rings in at just under $20, and has a very flattering neckline.

Madewell’s Whisper Tee is paper-thin and so soft—just keep it out of the dryer and it will serve you well.

This deep-V tee from James Perse is a favorite of mine and usually costs well over $50, but I located it at Nordstrom Rack for a very nice price.



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