Week of requests: all sorts of blazers


A few of you requested a blazer rundown, so here you go, starting with this super-chic tuxedo-ish jacket; here’s something similar in extended sizes.

This has a Chanel-ish vibe, but it rings in at just under $100.

I think that this one is cropped enough to look good with a dress, and I don’t even mind the puffy shoulder business.

This velvet jacket is very nicely priced, which velvet rarely is.

This herringbone blazer is kind of loud, but in a way that I think really works.

I like the shawl collar here, and it’s from Universal Standard, which means it’s available in pretty much every size.

I’m still a sucker for a stand collar blazer.

Here’s an  option for you petite ladies that looks nice and cozy.

Blue and black plaid really pops, and the silhouette here is so nice and clean.

Here is Rag & Bone’s popular Slade blazer in a very good oxblood hue. I also like it in straightforward  black and herringbone.

This tweedy number is nicely cropped, and has a kind of glam lady professor vibe.

Another well-priced velvet specimen.

And here’s another petite option, with a really chic snug fit.

I like the sharp peak lapel on this corduroy option, and you can’t beat the bright pink color.

And here’s a pale pink that is very Tom Ford for Gucci circa 2000.

I like that this plaid blazer looks sort of like a men’s sport coat.

I love a houndstooth blazer, and this one is nicely subtle.

And here’s a really statement-y herringbone pattern from Anine Bing that I kind of love.

Charcoal grey is perfect for pinstripes—against black they’re very I’m wearing pinstripes, which can feel costumey.

I love, love, love this Etoile Isabel Marant blazer—the maroon contrasts really nicely with the shades of grey and black.

A very of-the-moment oversized blazer that you could do some serious layering with.

This Uniqlo jacket is seriously cheap, and very well-cut.

And why not a splashy sequin blazer for holiday parties?

The snap button is a fun and unexpected detail on this vivid red jacket.

This double breasted corduroy blazer is snappy in a very menswearish way.

I wouldn’t usually think of a checked jacket as being versatile, but this one somehow is.

This pink velvet blazer comes in a number of good colors, and extended sizes too.

Week of requests: pants


A few of you chimed in with trouser-related queries: “What do you wear when you’re tired of jeans?” wrote Joannawnyc. And Megan wrote, “So boring, but so necessary — comfortable and stylish grown up black pants. I’m open to various lengths (cropped, ankle, full length) and materials (stretch v. non-stretch), but need to look like a grown-up.” Those of you who are always getting on my case about only showing cropped pants will finally be satisfied, as there are only a couple of them here. I think this wool pair from Nili Lotan are deeply stylish, and I even kind of like the pleated business.

Here’s a wide-leg pair from Theory that is nicely slouchy, but far from sloppy.

This high-waisted pair from Vince would be becoming on a variety of body types.

These skew slightly casual, but they’re so well-cut that you might be able to get away with wearing them to work.

Here’s a cropped velvet pair with a lovely silhouette; here’s something in velvet that’s got a lower waist if that’s more your speed.

I like the double-button waist on this chic wool J. Crew pair.

Wear these and feel like you are channeling Katharine Hepburn in Woman of the Year.

A wool pair from Everlane that’s nicely streamlined.

These are from Uniqlo, and they’re made with their insanely warm Heattech fabric, and of course because they’re Uniqlo they’re seriously well-priced too.

A chic little pair of skinny pants to wear to holiday fetes with your favorite party in a top. Here’s something similar but cheaper.

These are similar to the above pair, but don’t bare quite as much ankle.

I love my Nili Lotan Paris pants: they’ve got a drop crotch, but you don’t feel like you’re wearing diapers when you’ve got them on.

Wide-wale corduroy is so pleasingly old school.

And here’s a perfect high-waisted chino that also comes in a very good khaki.

Week of requests: wide-calf boots


Frequent commenter HickfromStyx requested this one, and so have a lot of you over the years, and I’ve always avoided doing it because this is a tough category and I’m lazy. But I finally decided to give it a shot, and found a respectable number of good options, like this pair, which has pretty good hardware, something I’m not always a fan of on a boot.

I showed you this riding boot back when I did a post on knee-high boots not long ago, and not knowing that it also came in a wide-calf version. It’s pretty well-priced, and nicely walkable too.

I love a harness boot, and these are just the right amount of weathered.

A simple buckle adds a dose of sophistication to these.

I like that this pair has a slightly—but not overwhelmingly—western vibe.

These are a pretty perfect boot for wearing to work: polished and elegant, and with a heel that is high, but not perilously so.

Just another good, clean-lined riding boot.

These are pricier than most of what I’ve included here, but they’re pretty much the perfect everyday boot: not too high, and super-classic.

These are waterproof, which is handy, and I like the subtle buckle detail.


These are from Naturalizer, so they’re bound to be comfortable, and they’ve got an inside zipper that gives you extra stretch when you need it.

These are from La Canadienne, and they’re waterproof, which is great, but they’re also just really good-looking, no?



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