23 most excellent totes


If a tote can’t fit a laptop, I refuse to see the point of it existing, so I’ve only included ones that are on the bigger side here. This croc-embossed one is especially sophisticated.

A cool quilted tote from MZ Wallace, who I know a lot of you are fans of.

Everlane’s Day Market Tote is just a good classic bag at a decent price.

This wool tote from Lauren Manoogian is so damn chic.

This one from outdoorsy brand Fjallraven converts into a backpack, which is nifty.

I like the safety orange carabiner attachment here for your keys and such, and the contrasting straps as well.

Clare V’s Simple Tote is just fantastic in navy with black stripes.

I am crazy for this woven leather number—it’s a little bohemian, but still polished.

And how cool is this pleated leather tote from Mansur Gavriel?

This metallic nylon tote is well-priced and even kind of edgy, in a Missy Elliott kind of a way.

Such a good slouchy tote that’s also quite nice in the olive.

I really dig the striped strap on this zipper tote: so sportif.

Here’s a sturdy and tomboyish canvas tote that’d be good for travel.

The exterior pocket here is actually a pouch that is attached to the bag magnetically.

This denim tote from Baggu is so super-sized that you could fit a weekend’s worth of stuff in it.

And here’s another one that would be good for travel—due to the proliferation of interior pockets—from Tumi.

I still really want a Longchamp bag, and this one’s a pretty ideal size for lugging around all my stuff.

I usually prefer a tote that’s narrower than it is wide, but the wideness of this one is what makes it appealing.

Madewell’s Transport Tote is just a good, basic, well-priced everyday bag. I also like it in the canvas.

Here’s a nice solid vegan leather option.

I really like how narrow this one from Cos is.

This bag is waterproof, which is cool, and it comes in a few good neutral hues.

And finally: this army green bag from Andi just looks super-versatile.



A few things that are getting me through the winter


Not to be gross, but my nose runs like crazy when it’s cold out, so I’m always sure to have a hankie on my person if I’m going outdoors. I especially like Liberty of London handkerchiefs, which you can get right from the source, or somewhat cheaper on Etsy.

I’m going through a big matcha phase, and am obsessively devoted to this stuff, which is super-easy to prepare: you don’t need special matcha tools; just add hot water and stir.

My lips get wicked chapped this time of year, but not since I started using this ultra-rich lip sleeping mask, which, as the name implies, you’re supposed to apply before bed. But I slather it on any old time.

I know I have banged the drum about Uniqlo’s Heattech longjohns before, but I can not overstate what a difference they make, warmth-wise, when I wear them. And they’re ultra-thin, so you don’t get added bulk. As soon as temperatures dip below 40 degrees, I’ve got them on.

I found these Nili Lotan cashmere sweatpants marked way down at the big Barneys sale (they’ve since sold out there) but I daresay they’re worth paying full price for: when I first got them, I just wore them in the morning to walk the dogs, but now I wear them all day long—they’re that good. And currently, they’re on sale in the camel, if you’re interested.

I love Bombas socks—they’re comfortable, and nicely cushy in the sole, and pretty indestructible too. Recently, I got some of their merino wool knee-highs, and love them. Also: for every pair sold, Bombas donates a pair to the homeless community.

I bought these Ugg high top sneakers on a whim, thinking they looked cozy and cute, and they have more than exceeded my expectations: they are indeed very warm, and deeply walkable, and I even think they look like they could be Rick Owens. Plus, that platform sole adds a nice bit of height.

When I’m not wearing the above kicks, I’m in my fleece-lined Vans high tops, which are even more comfortable than the Uggs.

Neither of those shoes, weirdly enough, is fleece-lined in the sole, so I add these fleece insoles for added warmth.

If I don’t moisturize my body every day in the winter, my skin does scary and gross things, but I hate how long it takes for most moisturizers to sink in. This stuff, however, absorbs super-fast, and smells like a Caribbean vacation.

This hairspray eradicates static, which can be such a problem this time of year, and does a good job of fighting frizz too.



Things I bought, things I want



As you might have have guessed by now, 6397 is my new favorite denim brand, and I’m crazy for these carpenter-style jeans  I  picked up at their Nolita store just the other day. They’re nice and slouchy and comfortable, but at the same time not sloppy, and I like their slightly higher waist.

This plaid newsboy cap is just the cutest.

I first saw this cute floral-print puffer on my friend—the peerless memoirist Claire Dederer’sInstagram feed (funny picture, no?) and now I’m obsessed with it.

A few of you have asked me about winter jumpsuits, and I think this corduroy number fits the bill pretty nicely. I want it a lot.

I just think this jacket is so fun and happy and 70s-ish. Not sure I could pull it off, but I sure do think it’s boss.

I need to get back to yoga—badly—but the idea of walking to the studio in thin leggings and (literally) freezing my ass off does not appeal. So I’m thinking of going for this Outdoor Voices pair, which is specially made to be warm in cold temperatures.

I’m very intrigued by this hooded scarf—it’s so cool-looking, and combining these two items into one just makes it that much less likely I’ll lose one of them.

I bought these James Perse joggers because they looked like the perfect work-from-home pants, and they have turned out to be just that: comfortable, easy, and a few degrees more polished than sweats.

This Uniqlo neck warmer goes for well under $10, and looks so, so cozy. Also: my friend Edie has one, and wears it over the bottom half of her face on the subway so that she doesn’t catch germs when fellow passengers cough and sneeze (I’m not at all sure this shakes out, scientifically speaking, but I like the idea).

There’s still a lot of good stuff left at the Nili Lotan sale, and what’s there is seriously marked down. I went for this excellent camo hoodie, which I tried on  last summer at a store in Sag Harbor, but rejected on the grounds that it was too pricey. Now it’s $138, which isn’t at all bad for Nili Lotan.



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