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Grey is such a stylish alternative to black—if you feel like you might wear too much of that, which I definitely do. But it’s pretty tricky on me—it washes me out—so I take care to follow the advice a fashion editor once gave me, and wear another, more flattering color closest to my face. I realize that might be a tough trick to pull off with a turtleneck sweater like this one, but I still like it a lot: it’s nicely oversized, but has a good shape.

This pinstripe blazer from Cos is so very slouchily elegant.

A ribbed polo shirt that’d be great layered under a cardigan.

I’m still intrigued by all the sweater vests out there this season, and I really dig the collar on this one.

How cute are these Comme des Garcons PLAY sneakers in grey?

And here’s just a really perfect sweatshirt; I dig the side slits especially.

Certain colors pop really well against grey, and I’d argue that red is one of those colors, and therefore I’m a big fan of this easy flannel shirt.

This is the kind of turtleneck sweater we should all own one of: it’s comfy, soft cashmere, and thin enough to layer with.

I’ve caught flack from some quarters lately for showing clothes that are too boxy, and I’m trying to improve on that front, but this V-neck is appealing exactly because it’s boxy, and that is just going to have to be OK.

I like that these lace-up boots both look like suede and are water-resistant.

I think the jungle creatures on this sweater are just adorable, without being the least bit cutesy.

Here’s Madewell’s popular Whisper Tee, which is so soft and cheap, and will last you a while just so long as you keep it out of the dryer.

The breast pocket on this sweater from ATM is a nice polished touch.

I’ve never been a fan of long cardigans but this season they’re appealing to me; this one is especially good because it looks more tailored than most of them do.

This short-sleeved sweatshirt isn’t left in many sizes, but it’s so good and maybe you’ll get lucky.

Just a rather perfect recycled wool peacoat that looks pricier than it is (while still being not exactly cheap).

The contrast of grey fleece with brown details is so unexpected-but-cool on this jacket.

And here is Rag & Bone’s ever-popular Slade Blazer, which I still haven’t purchased but am forever tempted to.

I think this half-zip sweatshirt is very nearly perfect, and very of the moment.

And finally: a thick cashmere sweater that is splurgy, yes, but would probably kill it on the cost-per-wear.


Things I bought, things I want


A stylist I know referred to spring and summer fashion as “amateur hour,” and I knew exactly what she meant, and you probably do too. There’s just something about fall clothes that feels chicer and somehow more consequential—even if all we’re talking about here are clothes. I haven’t purchased much for myself lately—I kind of hate what fashion is doing at the moment—but I do have my eye on quite a few things, like these cropped straight leg jeans from Mother Denim. Here is a similar pair from Levi’s that costs about half as much as those do.

I did order this packable hoodie puffer from The Arrivals, which comes in a few more subdued hues, but of course I had to go for this yellow. It’s going to be the ideal layer under coats, I think.

I went away for a quick overnight recently, and decided—since I was bringing so little—that I’d put what I needed in a backpack, and boy was I reminded of how much easier it is to carry things strapped to your back and not hanging from your shoulder, say. So now I’m looking for a slightly more polished version, and this calfskin one from Rag & Bone looks pretty ideal. It even comes with a laptop sleeve.

This faux shearling vest, layered under a denim jacket, would be aces.

Don’t these boots look astonishingly walkable? And the army green is practically a neutral.

Such a stylish little sweater jacket that reminds me of Agnes B in its prime.

I think this corduroy popover would go into pretty constant rotation if I purchased it—the terra cotta color is cool, and it looks super-soft.

These coated joggers look like the ideal alternative to sweatpants if you’re down for upping your pants game, but still want to be comfortable.

And, as if on cue, Nili Lotan has introduced a new pant shape that I want badly. In this color, they look like old school Carhartt pants, but cut for a woman.

This coat feels kind of French to me, and I love that it has a hood.

A chunky cardigan in a brown that I truly don’t mind (click through to see the other colors it comes in).

And finally, I have been waiting for months and months for Clare V to have their Gosee bag in army green back in stock, and now that it is, I’m having a tough time pulling the trigger. What do you think, ladies, should I go for it?

GOACA classics: The silk top


In recent years, I’ve become increasingly devoted to these pieces once the weather cools. Because first off, they hang so nicely. And secondly, they’re mostly thin and layer easily, and I’m all about layering once fall hits. They can be pricey, so I stuck to ones on the more affordable (if not outright cheap) end of the spectrum. I think this rich taupe shirt is pretty elegant, and if taupe isn’t your thing, it comes in a few other good colors too.

And speaking of good colors, I am of course crazy for this yellow top, which has such a comfy-looking sweatshirt-y fit.

A cheetah print in always-appealing blue and black.

The barely-there blush-hued houndstooth print here is rather unexpected and sweet.

A good mandarin collar popover with subtle stripes. Click through to see it in black, which I also like.

A stretch silk shirt made of washable silk, and super well-priced. It’s also washable.

This three quarter sleeve boatneck comes in a veritable army of colors, and is such a key basic.

I like the idea of a silk shirt in plaid; it’d be the basis of a strong menswear look, if that’s what you’re game for.

I want to order a dozen of this stretch silk tee, and layer it under everything.

This washable silk shirt pretty closely resembles something pricier from the French brand Equipment.

This pretty round neck silk top has a nice, subtle sheen and comes in millions of colors.

Here’s one from Quince, an inexpensive brand about which people rave.

I live in stand collar popovers not unlike this one, and I really like the glam gold hue here.




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