Top 5 of the week: floral blouses


I prefer fall florals to spring and summer ones—they just seem more textured and interesting to me, and they’re easier to mix with the dark-skewing items in my closet. This one from Allsaints has such a lovely, antique-y feel.

There are ruffles here, yes, but I still find myself liking this one.

How gorgeous is this Liberty of London shirt? The color combination is just so perfect, and desperately chic too.

Here’s one that you could easily mix with autumnal hues now, and more summery ones later.

This yellow is maybe more suited to summer, but it’ll mix surprisingly well with your navys and army greens.

Department of trends I can get behind: Polo sweaters


These are currently very much having a moment, but what I like about them is that even when that moment passes they’ll still be wearable because they’re so classic too. This waffle-stitch alpaca blend number looks quite cozy, comes in several other good colors, and is pretty well-priced, especially considering how luxe it looks.

A simple navy cashmere specimen, for throwing on instead of something black.

I really dig the poppy red of this Alex Mill sweater; also, check out the other colors it comes in.

A really pretty peony pink option.

This is the only cardigan of the bunch, and it’s from Vince—who make the best cardigans, according to me. It’s not cheap, but it is 100% cashmere, and I’m seriously considering pulling the trigger on it. I feel it would go into heavy rotation.

The pop of white here is nicely graphic.

This striped sweater is rather excellently retroish.

The watermelon pink and black stripes here are just so good, and I like that it’s the right amount of oversized.

A nicely fuzzy choice in a mohair blend. I also just think this lavender is so pretty.

A good grey sweater that’ll go with most anything.

I like the slouchiness of this cashmere blend, and right now it’s nicely marked down.

An elegant cable knit choice.

And finally: this rugby striped sweater is perfect for lounging about.



10 plaid shirt jackets


I am a compulsive checker of the weather forecast: I need to know that I’m dressing as close to ideally for the climate outside as possible, whenever I leave the house. And when I’m going away—like I am this weekend, to Philly—I get even more obsessive about it.  And what I’ve learned from this is that some cool weather is coming, like into the 50s at night, and as much as I love the last dredges of summer weather we’ve been having, right now I’m feeling down for a change. These jackets are ideal for the first seriously cool days of fall, and later on, when it’s even colder, they’re great layered over a hoodie or heavy sweater. This one is just so great and simple and graphic.

The aqua print here is rather delightfully unexpected.

I kind of dig the slightly furry texture of this one.

Could Lumberjack Chic be a thing? Because I think this amazing specimen qualifies.

This dusty rose hue is actually quite versatile.

The huge pockets on this camel and sky blue number are just fantastic.

This is rather great but also kind of splurgy; here’s something similar that’s more reasonably priced.

The combination of blue and green is just so good here.

A well-priced and flattering option that comes in a lot of good colorways.

The barely-there check on this jacket is both elegant and sophisticated. I think I really want this one.



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