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I’m in the mood for easy summer pieces that don’t require a lot of thought or effort, and this crisp pima cotton wrap skirt from Vince, which I pulled the trigger on yesterday, checks those boxes.

I guess I’ve got wrap skirts on the brain, because I’m also thinking about going for this denim number from the U.K.- based line M.I.H jeans. It’s also nicely marked down.

My mother, who is 82 and will not wear a shoe unless it is comfortable, swears by the brand Mephisto, and lately I’ve been wanting comfort in my footwear as well, but haven’t seen anything from that brand that particularly appealed.  These sandals, however, are very cute in a retroish way, and while they come in a lot of colors, I think the navy is nice and unexpected, but still versatile.

A Detacher is a brand I’ve worn since the Lucky days, and I’m sad to say this coming season is its last: designer Mona Kowalska is moving on to greener pastures. So I’m thinking I might have to buy this skirt, because I’m sentimental like that and the print is just unstoppable.

That A Detacher skirt is from Beklina, an indie e-boutique located in La Selva Beach, California, that produces a fantastic in-house line of footwear that includes some of the best clogs ever, and they always sell out fast. This  ribbed clog just went up on the site for pre-order, and even though the last thing my closet needs is more clogs, I’m quite tempted.

I see in the comments that a few of you are requesting a post on graphic tees, and I will get on that. In the meantime,  I think this is pretty cute.

I really want to look good in a jumpsuit, but they are just so tricky (and also often pricey). But I saw this one on my friend Andrea’s blog I Want To Be Her the other day, and I think it looks highly wearable, and the price is manageable as well.

Ever since Universal Standard started selling clothes in my size, I’ve been thinking about buying this chic draped dress, which reminds me so much of something you’d see from Maria Cornejo.

Such a cute polo shirt from purveyors of all things striped Kule, and I love the pop of brightness at the sleeves.

I know better than to buy a white blazer. Experience has taught me that it will take no time at all for me to destroy it. But this cotton and linen specimen from Vince is just so perfect. I saw it in their Soho store the other day and can’t stop thinking about it.

And finally: Alexa Chung has done a collaboration with Barbour, and the results are adorable, if pricey. I’m especially enamored of this orange popover rain jacket.

15 cute summer tops for under $100


I always think of this time of year as the schmatte season: summer clothes are made of lightweight, often flimsy materials and end up trashed by Labor Day, so I don’t like to spend a lot on them. Fortunately, cute options abound, and for starters, I’m liking this fancied-up tee, which would be aces with an A-line skirt.

A striped popover in a nice light material that would look equally good tucked in or out.

This airy blouse is part of a new collection from Everlane, but it reminds me a little of an Isabel Marant top I own.

The ruffly bits here are nice and subdued, which is just how I like them.

This cowl neck tee is awfully simple and chic.

A pleat-neck top that you could dress way up or, alternately, wear with your most broken-in jeans.

I love the hit of red on this leopard print top—so graphic.

A peasant-y top with a bit of very appealing embroidery on the sleeves.

This attractive twist-hem top is from Universal Standard, which means it’s available in just about every size imaginable, and it’s a really good blue.

This drapey top looks very Maria Cornejo to me.

An organic cotton top that looks like it’d be great half-tucked into white jeans.

This poppy yellow floral with frayed details has a nice, relaxed vibe.

This rich blue top is a perfect, polished, throw-it-on-and-go kind of piece.

I really kind of want this slouchy polo shirt: it’s chic in an uptown preppy kind of a way.

A romantic little shirred tee that’d be cute under a blazer.


Top 5 of the week: attractive T-shirt bras


The same thing that makes T-shirt bras good at their jobs also makes them not very pretty: All of the lace and other bits of frippery that make bras appealing make them lumpy and bumpy when worn under a tee. Mostly they’re very boring specimens, and that’s what I usually go for. But since we have just embarked on T-shirt bra season, I thought I’d go searching for exceptions, and the best one I found was  this sexy plunge bra.

This number is from Thirdlove, a newish brand about which some people rave, and it’s pretty minimal, but I think the striped stitching detail is very chic and modern.

If it’s tough to find an attractive T-shirt bra, it’s doubly hard to find one that’s (my) flesh-colored. But the lace here is very pretty.

The mesh bits on this Chantelle bra are rather alluring.

This is just rather vampish, but in a nice, subdued way.




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