Friday links


Friday links


  • “There are decades when nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen,” wrote Vladimir Lenin long ago, and I think we know which one of those categories these past seven days fall into. Stepping back from the blog for most of this week was my version of taking a knee—it felt like a necessary gesture to me, and I thank you for your support and input these past few days. I believe we will get through this and that real change can come—but not without action on the part of people, among others, like me, who are largely unaffected by racism. I keep thinking about that Desmond Tutu quote: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” It’s no longer enough to tweet the right things after a tragedy like George Floyd happens and maybe, you know, not post on your blog for a few days. The time is here for action, and right now I’m puzzling through what that looks like for me, but I’m starting off by educating myself. Below, find some of what I’ve been checking out, as well as some pretty moving street art. (My Modern Met)
  • A commenter named Nadine recommended this piece —Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race—and it’s reallv worthwhile. Thanks, Nadine. (Guardian)
  • Here are 12 documentaries worth watching about racism and police brutality. (Vulture)
  • 77 black-owned businesses you can support right now. (Strategist)
  • An excellent reading list from Danielle Henderson. Also from Danielle: this was one of the most affecting things I’ve heard on the topic of race in America lately. (Instagram)
  • This woman taking down rioters in her neighborhood—I’m pretty sure it’s the East Village—is righteous as hell. Why this footage has not gone viral yet is beyond me. (YouTube)
  • God, I found this upsetting, but it is so worth watching: black parents talk to their children about how to talk to the police. (The Cut)
  • The next time you’ve got a book to order, why not do so from one of these black-owned indie bookstores? (LitHub)
  • Various ways to support the struggle against police brutality. (The Cut)
  • 15 brands that are donating their sales proceeds to Black Lives Matter. (Vogue)
  • I love 16 year-old tennis phenom Coco Gauff, and was so inspired by this speech, which she gave at a demonstration in her Florida hometown. (CNN)
  • Here’s all the best protest and benefit music released recently in response to police brutality. (Vulture)


Friday links





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