Taking requests: The home office


celine desk—DWR

I work at my kitchen table, sitting on one of my not-especially-ergonomic dining chairs, and the fact that a few of you wrote in wanting a post on items for the home office just made me start thinking again about how I must at last clean out my extra bedroom (which currently functions as a storage facility) and turn it into a real place to work at home. If I ever do accomplish such a thing, I’d love a desk just like this one.

west elm desk

Here’s a cheaper option I also like.

loring writing desk target

And here’s one that’s cheaper still.

aeron chair

When I last worked in an office, I had an Aeron chair, and I just might splurge on one if my home office dream ever becomes a reality—they really are quite comfortable, for office chairs.

west elm office chair

But I also quite like this cheaper choice.

target desk chair

And this one too.

desk lamp

The poppy yellow of this desk lamp is just so good.


We had Vitra’s Uten.silo hanging storage unit in my house growing up, and I have wanted my own version for ages. So timeless.

power strip

This power strip is so much more attractive than what I currently have.

pencil cup

I like a few bright accents in an office, which is why I’m a fan of this vivid orange pencil cup.

lacroix sticky notes

These neon Christian Lacroix sticky notes are by no means necessary, but still quite fabulous.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 12.21.13 PM

This magnetic tower is a cool way to store paper clips.

leather folder

And this leather manila folder just seems like it would come in very handy, and is so chic.

flip clock

I love the idea of an old-school flip clock—so delightfully analog.

small tray

A small tray for your whatnots that comes in a vast variety of colors.

Week of requests: Duvet covers


Anthropologie duvet cover

“I’m in the market for a duvet cover and would enjoy seeing what you find,” writes a reader named Nancy, and I’m happy to oblige, because the right duvet cover can really transform your bedroom with a minimum of effort. (Also: I’m curious what other home/design posts you’d like to see here. Anything you’re in the market for? Please let me know in the comments.) I think this chevron-patterned number is really nice and subtle and quite chic too.

Holli Zollinger duvet cover

Here is a really good print that makes a statement but won’t overwhelm the room, which is pretty much exactly what one wants to achieve with a duvet cover.

Brooklinen duvet cover

I buy most of my bedding from Brooklinen because it’s cheap and well-made, and because my big dog likes chewing on linens so much that it’s pointless go for anything fancier. Their basic cover, which I like in grey, goes for a pretty-damn-unbeatable $95.

Calvin Klein duvet cover

Broken stripes are nice and bold and a little preppy.

Anthropologie duvet cover

I like that this sort of looks like a very contemporary quilt. I also like the dog.

John Robshaw duvet cover

I am a big fan of duvet covers (and quilts!) by John Robshaw, and this is just so elegant.

Eskayel duvet cover

Another fantastic, dreamy pattern by Eskayel, who make some of my favorite prints.

Anthropologie duvet cover

I like the light-on-dark embroidered business here so much that I’m considering going for it, chewing dog be damned.

Marimekko duvet cover

A bright, happy, slightly loud number from Marimekko that I would acquire in an instant if it wouldn’t clash so violently with my headboard.

Marimekko duvet cover

Another fine choice from Marimekko. I like that the dots are all irregular in shape—if they were straight-up polka-dots, it wouldn’t work so well.

Liberty of London duvet cover

And finally, a little Liberty of London cuteness from Anthropologie’s Liberty of London capsule collection, because, knowing of its existence, how could I not?

More cool stuff for the kitchen


This is pretty much a guest post, in that all of the items you see before you were chosen by my dear friend and neighbor Michelle, when she was hanging out with me the other morning while the cleaning lady worked on her apartment downstairs. And she did such a good job selecting pieces—everything here feels like the most stylish possible version of what it is—that I would outsource all of my home/design posts to her were she not otherwise engaged as an attorney. I like how this bread board is designed to catch the crumbs. And the ridges create such a cool pattern.


This is a bread bin, and the lid can double as a bread board in a pinch.

How chic is this gravy boat? And just in time for Thanksgiving, people.

I also quite like the looks of this black and silver kettle.

This is maybe the most stylish trivet ever.

A splurgy-but-so-fantastic Fornasetti tray.

Were I the type of person who had things like cheese domes in her life, I’d choose this cheese dome.

A set of mixing bowls is a good thing to have on hand even if you almost never cook—they just come in so damn handy—and I think the muted blue of these is quite pretty.

I like how the red contrasts with the wood on this dustpan and brush set.



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