Decorating with stripes


striped throw

This throw reminds me of a classic Breton shirt.

striped basket

A handy basket for laundry or dog toys or whatnot.

striped quilt

I’d put this quilt on my bed with matchy-clashy pillowcases and sheets.

fornasetti plate

How could I not include this excellent Fornasetti plate?

cornhole set

This Cornhole set is genius.

striped platter

I feel like a platter like this would make itself very useful.

chevron throw

Technically this is a chevron stripe, but I liked it so much I included it anyway.

striped pouf

A pouf that looks very Missoni-esque but costs a lot less.

striped bowl

I like how minimal the stripes are on this bowl.

striped duvet

The embroidery on this duvet cover is so pretty, and not overwhelming.

striped mug

Something about this mug strikes me as very French.

striped planter

Just a gorgeous planter that would make a fantastic gift if you put a succulent or something in it.

My quest for new dining chairs is never-ending


eames chair

My old dining chairs—which I liked a lot and which did not cost a little—are all falling apart. So I’ve been looking for replacements, and have had the toughest time pulling the trigger on any. Tell me, which of these would you go for? This classic Eames style, perhaps?

orb chair

I like that this chair looks comfortable, as I do most of my writing at the table. I know it’s not ergonomically sound to sit at a dining chair all day, but that is my reality.

ghost chair

The Kartell Ghost chair is a bit of a modern classic, and I like the way it both sort of disappears and makes a statement at the same time.

felix chair

This is a non-inexpensive category, but here is a nice chair that rings in under $100.hay chair

I like the combination of materials here.

classic chair

Just really basic, but in a good way, I think.

fornasetti chair

OK, this Fornasetti chair is just mind-blowingly expensive and there’s no way on God’s green earth I’d ever buy it, but it does amuse.

liberty chairs

These are all part of Anthropologie’s Liberty of London collab, and so of course I had to include them.

midcentury chair

I’d go for this one in that bright, poppy orange.

aluminum chair

And finally: a standard aluminum chair holds a certain appeal.


Here is a post I did not long ago on coffee tables.

Taking requests: Coffee tables are so hard


saarinen coffee table

I’ve received a few requests for a post on coffee tables, and I can’t say the prospect thrilled me, as I have always had a tough time with this particular piece of furniture. In fact, when I moved into my post-divorce apartment, the hunt for the right one dragged on so long that I just ended up buying a bunch of Moroccan poufs and placing them between the two old leather sofas I’d brought from my marital home. It was a colorful but imperfect solution, as you couldn’t place drinks on them without the drinks toppling over, and I was resolved to do better when I moved into a new place (I got one from BluDot, in a vivid bright pink that is currently marked down). But I am nothing if not devoted to all of you, so here are my picks. A few are on the pricey side, but I’ve found a number of quite well-priced specimens as well. This classic Saarinen table falls into the former category, but if you don’t mind making a small investment you could do a whole lot worse.

reeve coffee table

I like the marble top here, and the fact that it has a lower shelf, so you can place your coffee table books and such there and keep the top half uncluttered.


marble top coffee table

Another marble-topped option, with a design that is nicely—but not overpoweringly—Midcentury.

bend coffee table

I love the sculptural look of this, and the bright poppy yellow (here’s a similar and cheaper way to go, minus the yellow).

amherst coffee table

Just as simple as can be, and a pretty good deal.

noguchi coffee table

A Noguchi coffee table is another classic worth considering, although I would caution that it’s not the best choice for a home with rambunctious children (or clumsy adults) as the glass is just placed on the base, and can fall off if you aren’t careful (I say this because I had one in my office for years, and I knocked it over more than once).

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 4.42.59 PM

I just like this one because it’s such a good red.

round coffee table

I think this round one looks pricier than it is.

adam coffee table

And I think the brass legs are a nice touch here.

elliptical table

When I lived in a brownstone with a big old living room, I had this Eames table and loved it. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something to place between two sofas.


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