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At some point during my recent travels, I popped into the coolest store  in Asbury Park, NJ, and purchased the awesome midcentury vase you see here. It’s from a German company called Jasba, and while I can see where some might think the aesthetic quite hideous, I find myself loving it and wanting more.

Here’s a jug with a very similar color combination to above.

And this vase from 1960 is just crazy good.

A pretty trippy option.

You can find lots of under $100 Jasba specimens on Etsy. I’m a fan of this red one.

And finally, eBay’s got some good choices too, including this very chic little number.

Hot collab alert


J. Crew’s new collaboration with Liberty of London features items for the home—like these nifty napkins, plus also gorgeous bedding, tablecloths, and more—and I do think it will sell out fast. So if you’re at all interested, do not delay.

Things I bought, things I want: Schoolhouse


This home design brand is so far up my alley: I don’t know what you’d call their aesthetic, but it’s kind of a mix between midcentury and rustic farmhouse chic, if you get where I’m coming from. Their stuff isn’t cheap but it is well-made in my experience. I’ve been looking for a new duvet cover for ages, and have turned down many for being not quite right, but I love this striped one beyond reason.

A cool jute doormat with a herringbone pattern.

This lamp looks fantastic and doesn’t take up a lot of room. It’d be good for a desk in a cramped space. (Also, it comes in other colors, as many Schoolhouse products do).

My wooden spoons are all old and janky, so I’m tempted to go for this spiff set.

I don’t know anything about cooking with this saucepan, but I sure love the way it looks.

A minute porcelain sugar bowl, the likes of which I could really use.

A pretty floral quilt that looks handmade.

And speaking of quilts, of course I’m crazy for this yellow one.

Wouldn’t this clock add cheer to a kitchen wall?





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