What’s the best new thing you’ve purchased for your home lately?


I’ve needed new nightstands for my guest room since I moved into this place over a year ago, but I kept rejecting all contenders as too small, too big, too pricey, or just plain wrong. Then a search led me to Amazon, where I found this Lucite specimen, which is pretty nicely priced and very nearly perfect. My guest room also serves other functions—I store a lot of stuff in there—so I wanted a pair of nightstands that would sort of disappear and not add to the clutter, which these really do. I also just think they’re super-chic, and for sure look like they cost more than they do.

The perfect scent of winter



Welcome back, ladies. I hope your holidays were excellent, or at the very least tolerable and over quickly. I had a nice time doing pretty much nothing except watching old movies, cooking, taking walks, and going to bed early—even (especially?) on New Year’s Eve. None of which has anything to do with the topic of this post, which is this Roland Pine Shea Butter Soap from one of my favorite indie beauty companies, Soap & Paper Factory. I had an extra bar of it lying around, so I brought it on our recent trip to Philly, where my boyfriend Paul fell in love with it. Which is understandable: its pine tree scent is truly superior. I went looking for more of it, and unfortunately it’s sold out at the moment, but due back in a little bit (you can also find it on eBay, but marked up).

I think this soy candle is even better than the soap, and also far superior to certain other pine-scented candles that cost a ton more. I’m also a fan of their hand cream—it’s rich, but absorbs quickly— as well as this reed diffuser, and this home fragrance spray.

Also, if pine scents aren’t your thing, you might want to check out some of Soap & Paper Factory’s other (always gorgeously packaged) products, like this very pretty citrus and floral room spray.

Things I bought, things I want, home edition


I’ve lived in my place for a year next month, and—as with every time I’ve moved—what I didn’t get done, decorating-wise, the first month simply didn’t get done. So lately I’ve been searching for pieces, both large and small, that add a little something new to the equation. This so-cute tiger plate is one of a set of four, created by a friend of mine, artist Clare Crespo, and I am really considering going for it.

Ads for this entryway rack have haunted my social media feeds for weeks, and because I had a space near my front door that it would fit it perfectly in—and because I desperately need to bring order to the chaos that is my shoe rotation at any given moment, I went for it. And I am happy to report that it was pretty simple to put together, is quite sturdy, and sort of blends into the room and doesn’t draw attention to itself.

Have I shown you this awesome incense holder before? Something tells me I did. But can you blame me for repeating it? It’s so clever, and at the same time pretty.

A perfect small plate from John Derian, for jewelry and whatnots.

I don’t have the right glasses to use when I’ve got guests over and am serving wine, mostly because I dislike stemmed glasses—given my propensity to break things, they just don’t seem wise. So I’ve been searching for alternatives, and think I might have found what I was looking for in these gray glasses, which strike me as quite elegant.

OK, so this rug from the genius brand Aelfie exceeds the GOACA price limit by quite a lot and might be a little crazy, but I want it so much.

My cheapo steak knives have gotten increasingly janky lately—they’ve somehow rusted—and so I’m considering going for these, because they look like the old-school real thing.

Fornasetti bookends that couldn’t be a lot more gorgeous.

I am in need of an electric kettle, and this one couldn’t be much cuter.

I live in a duplex apartment that takes up the second and third floors of a brownstone. The second floor has no bathroom, which means that if I’m running out the door and want to check out how I look real fast, I’ve got to climb the stairs to do so. This is not ideal, obviously, so I’ve been looking for suitable mirrors to hang on the second floor, and am pretty tempted by this retroish rattan one.

I’ve been using a clear shower liner as my shower curtain since I moved in, and an upgrade definitely appears to be in order. I’m thinking this striped number will do the trick.

Because of my aforementioned propensity for breaking things, none of my mugs match. I’m thinking it might be fun to acquire a few of these cute Marimekko ones, though.




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