Things I bought, things I want, home edition


I am in the market for a new rug—living with two dogs means they never last too long in my home, no matter how hard I try to take care of them—and am super-close to pulling the trigger on on this chic pink one from Aelfie.

These marbled plates remind me of some I’ve wanted forever from Astier de Villatte and John Derian, but which were too crazy pricey (and fragile) to ever consider going for. This set of three is way cheaper than those (while still not being exactly cheap).

This incense holder is so graceful, and also clever, and it seems like a silly thing to buy for oneself but I really have a thing for it.

I love how graphic this Christian Lacroix mug is, as well as the pale pale pink background.

These bright woven potholders remind me of the ones I used to make at summer camp, but a lot better executed and with a cooler pattern.

I am always in need of bookends, and love the shape of this retroish and poppy yellow one.

For a number of years now, A.P.C. has been offering a small-but-fantastic selection of quilts made with their surplus fabric. In that time, I have coveted quite a few of them badly, and this one in particular would look perfect in my bedroom.

And finally, here’s the only thing I actually did buy recently, and it’s not the sexiest purchase but I’m very happy with it: this spiff striped sheet set from Brooklinen, in percale, because percale makes me feel like I’m staying in a good hotel. The stripes would be so matchy-clashy good with that A.P.C. quilt, by the way.

Upping my beach game


I get so envious of the people who turn up at the shore with carts full of all the right equipment to turn their little square of sand into an ad-hoc living room for a few hours. I have none of the right gear, but I’m trying to improve my situation in small ways, starting with acquiring the right beach bag.  I don’t believe in spending a ton on them—talk about an item that’ll only stand to get trashed—and I like a nice mesh specimen like this one because then sand doesn’t settle at the bottom of the bag. It’s also got a handy interior pocket for keys and whatnot.

I love spreading out a big tapestry in the sand and establishing my mini-domain.

The print on this towel is so cheery, and it’s a really good size, and it’d be kind of fun and matchy-clashy with the tapestry.

This beach chair folds up into a backpack for easy transport, and how cool is that? Here’s a cheaper version of the same concept from L.L. Bean.

I like the idea of a beach tent, but sometimes they seem a little claustrophobic; this one is so delightfully open and airy, while still providing sufficient shade.

I would happily transport drinks and food in this spiff and lightweight cooler.

My favorite sunscreen is Sun Bum—it’s strong, it lasts, and it’s waterproof.

For my face, I’ve just sprung for this tinted sunscreen from Dr Dennis Gross; it’s nice and light and not greasy-feeling, and provides the subtlest tint.

And because my lips are always drying out at the beach: this Fresh lip balm with an SPF of 15.

To stay hydrated, I might go for this S’well bottle in a nifty sea creature-themed Liberty print.

And on the occasions that I bring the dogs—which is rare, because I’m always afraid the big one will take off towards the dunes, never to be seen again—I’ve acquired the Pupflask, which is a nifty water bottle and bowl in one.

Things I bought, things I want: home edition




Aelfie, which is my go-to destination for stylish and not-crazy-pricey rugs, has just introduced easy-to-install removable wallpaper in several different designs, but this bright and happy cheetah print in my favorite.

My Nespresso machine is falling apart and also leaks—they are such finicky little contraptions—but I can’t live without the perfect morning coffee it provides me. So when I saw the other day that Amazon had a nice markdown on the Pixie model, I went for it ( I also order these delicious Lavazza pods to use with it).

This planter from potter Helen Levi is just really elegant in a hippie-chic kind of a way.

I have a balcony, but it is the kind of balcony developers attach to apartments so that they can say they have one and charge more for the place—it’s pretty small and narrow. A friend who lives in the building has this CB2 loveseat that I think must have been made for those with mini-balconies in mind, because it fits on hers perfectly. Right now it’s marked down, so I feel like it’s high time to pull the trigger.

OK, this butterfly print is so far over the GOACA price limit that it’s not even funny, but it’s by legendary midcentury graphic artist Paule Marrot and I think it would be gorgeous in just about any room.

I am always fighting the good fight to keep my place from smelling like dog, and I’m feeling like an essential oil diffuser might be a good move. This is the most attractive/unobtrusive one I’ve found. I’d use it with one of these essential oils from C.O. Bigelow, because they’re the best.




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