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Aelfie, which is my go-to destination for stylish and not-crazy-pricey rugs, has just introduced easy-to-install removable wallpaper in several different designs, but this bright and happy cheetah print in my favorite.

My Nespresso machine is falling apart and also leaks—they are such finicky little contraptions—but I can’t live without the perfect morning coffee it provides me. So when I saw the other day that Amazon had a nice markdown on the Pixie model, I went for it ( I also order these delicious Lavazza pods to use with it).

This planter from potter Helen Levi is just really elegant in a hippie-chic kind of a way.

I have a balcony, but it is the kind of balcony developers attach to apartments so that they can say they have one and charge more for the place—it’s pretty small and narrow. A friend who lives in the building has this CB2 loveseat that I think must have been made for those with mini-balconies in mind, because it fits on hers perfectly. Right now it’s marked down, so I feel like it’s high time to pull the trigger.

OK, this butterfly print is so far over the GOACA price limit that it’s not even funny, but it’s by legendary midcentury graphic artist Paule Marrot and I think it would be gorgeous in just about any room.

I am always fighting the good fight to keep my place from smelling like dog, and I’m feeling like an essential oil diffuser might be a good move. This is the most attractive/unobtrusive one I’ve found. I’d use it with one of these essential oils from C.O. Bigelow, because they’re the best.


Forgive me for this post


TV stands are not the most scintillating topic, I know, but I need a new one badly, because a while back I acquired a new and very large television, and the acrylic stand from CB2 that perfectly fit my old one just barely accommodates the new model. In fact, the new TV is perched on that stand so precipitously that visitors to my home have remarked that they half-expect it to fall over at any moment. Here is the one I could buy if I could have anything I wanted—it’s from a store called White on White down in Tribeca—but it’s not cheap and it’s also too long for the designated space.


Now that I have scoured the internet for TV stands, I can confirm that most are so ugly (and pricey!) that I’ve decided that maybe the way to go is with a coffee table. My top contender is this one from Bludot. I like it because I feel like it will just disappear, in much the same way the acrylic one did. Also, it’s low, and I want something low.

Here is one in raffia from Serena & Lily that’s on the more substantial side and that would play nicely with my blue rug.

And here is a classic from Knoll that I like quite a bit too.

Or maybe I just go for this well-priced number from CB2, which has the added advantage of being on wheels. Thoughts, ladies? I’m being uncharacteristically indecisive at the moment.

Rehabilitation of my spare room has commenced


Here, dear reader, is a corner of my extra bedroom/storage facility right before I spent two days excavating it with the expert help of my visiting friend Anne Johnston Albert, a.k.a. the Marie Kondo of Great Barrington, MA.

And here is the same room after two days of clearing it out. (Please excuse Sammy his very dirty paws.)

And I’m extremely pleased with how organized (for me) my Vitsoe bookshelves look. But there is still much to be done if this space is going to function as an office or—in a pinch—a guest room.

First off, now that I can see the floor in there for the first time in years, I feel a rug is called for, so I ordered this one from Aelfie.

This room is where most of my shoes live (see them in the bookshelf picture?), so I’ve acquired a number of these shoe stackers, which will economize closet space and keep them out of sight.

In the top photo, you can see a bunch of black cardboard storage boxes in various states of disintegration. They contained  my old magazine clippings, all sorts of Sassy-and-Lucky era stuff, 90s era fanzines, photographs, letters, and even some (tastefully) nude portraits I let a friend take when I was 30. I went through all of that, got rid of a ton of stuff, and will keep what remains in this clever box bench.


I have wanted this Uten.silo for years—we had one in my house growing up, as I’ve mentioned before, and I think it’s such a classic. And I have so much crap to fill it with that I could probably use two.

I might have just enough space for a small desk like this one.

And if price were no object, I’d pull the trigger on this Saarinen desk chair to go with it.

I did a major handbag purge, but I still have more than a few left. I’m thinking one of these hooks could easily accommodate them all.

My jeans have all been moved to the upper shelf of that room’s closet (my bedroom dresser doesn’t have the room to accommodate them), so I’m thinking a small stool like this might come in handy.

Finally, there’s not much room for a sofa, but I might be able to make this timeless Nelson daybed work.



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