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Everything on this home design site is 20% off until 11:59 p.m. tomorrow, so hop to it. I think these baskets are nice and graphic and very sturdy-looking.

An alpaca throw that could bring some much-needed excitement to my sofa situation.


I always just serve cheese on a regular old plate when I have company, but one of these cheese stones would be so much more elegant.

A lovely embroidered duvet cover.

I don’t know why this wicker tray appeals; I think I want to be the type of person who entertains more, and owning items like trays would maybe facilitate that.

Likewise: candlesticks.

I’m in the market for a couple of table lamps, and this one is so cool and beachy-looking.

Week of requests: Dog stuff



“I just adopted a dog and would like more pet picks!” writes a reader named Susanna. “Open to any, including products you didn’t think you needed but discovered you did, especially in terms of pet grooming and “beauty.” Also anything that helps you keep your apartment from being ruined by dogs’ indiscretions.” I like the brand Wagwear for a lot of my doggie essentials, and am especially fond of their strong, bright collars (here are the matching leashes).

If you’ve got a smaller dog, a carrier bag can make life infinitely more convenient. Wagwear offers a few different iterations of this bag, but I like the colorblock one.
My dog Mister likes to chew the stuffing out of toys, so I like to provide him with good rope toys like this one.
I also invest in a number of unstuffed toys.
Because of Mister’s chewing proclivities, I have a very boring indestructible bed, but if I could have anything I wanted in this category, I’d go for this cute bandana print specimen.
I splurged on these bowls because they’re great-looking and so sturdy.
If you’re taking the dog for an especially long walk or are traveling with him/her, a collapsible water bowl is a smart idea.
Dogs tend to leave messes and splash water when they eat and drink, so a good, big placemat to protect your floors is key. I have a rather ugly one, but quite like the looks of this canvas number.
And why not a Barbour coat, I ask you?
These things are like canine pacifiers: when the dogs get out of control, I just toss one these bully sticks their way, and they’re content and chewing for a good 30 minutes. Fun fact: they’re made of bull’s testicles. And one more thing to know about them: they stink to the high heavens. I’ve included some that are unscented (which costs a bit more but might be worth it to you).
I like this Burt’s Bees shampoo because it suds up really nicely and has a clean-but-not-overwhelming scent. And the oatmeal is good for sensitive skin, which many dogs have.
For doggie indiscretions, I swear by Nature’s Miracle Advanced, which gets rid of urine scents instead of just covering them up.

A bunch of tea towels with great prints


Unless I’m mistaken, tea towel is just a fancy way to say dish towel, but it sounds vaguely better, and items that refer to themselves as tea towels tend to be that much cooler than items that refer to themselves as dish towels. For instance, excellent prints abound; the kaleidoscope effect here is cool.

And I dig the shibori situation here (and I know I need to come up with an alternative to dig, which I wildly overuse; give me a little bit to come up with another option).

This set of three is bright and fun and retroish, and they have a little matchy-clashy thing going on that I like.

This one is made of Japanese linen, and it’s almost too pretty for the kitchen; I sort of wish it came in a throw.

These have an appealingly boho feel.

What can I say? Occasionally I am a sucker for Orla Kiely.

This is just so damned cheery, and kind of reminds me of old Vera Neumann prints.

And I love the fadeout effect here.

This striped number would work in just about any kitchen.

Coral & Tusk has so many excellent embroidered tea towels (not so cheap, but so, so good) and I think my favorite is this one with two tigers and a palm tree.

This looks like it could have been unearthed at a Mexican street market.



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