All of these things are blue

worlds biggest cat

Just because I’m in the mood. How hilarious is this beach towel?


And this bookend is pretty clever too.


I actually think this step ladder is pretty gorgeous.

wood mug

A witty little mug in the ever-winning palette of blue and black.


This saucepan is so chic—if one can describe a saucepan as chic.

side table

A perfect side table for adding a little hit of color to a room.

blue vase

A really gorgeous, graceful vase.

blue plate

I like the idea of a blue dinner plate.

utensil pot

And I love the leather handle on this utensil pot.

tea kettle

I need a new tea kettle, and this one is pretty excellent.

blue tumbler

A fun tumbler for serving cocktails.

blue pitcher

Such an unexpected shape for a pitcher.

Taking requests: nightstands

midcentury nightstand

My friend Lori mentioned that she might find a post on nightstands useful, and I realized I’ve been sort-of-but-not-really in the market for just this item since I moved into my current place a few years ago. My old apartment’s bedroom was huge, but my current one is small, and I’m stuck with these two unwieldy nightstands that only fit when I turn them sideways, which makes opening the drawers challenging. I like this midcentury-style option because I am always a sucker for wood contrasted with white.

astor nightstand

This is very Country Farmhouse, which isn’t so much my style, but I find myself drawn to it nevertheless.

modernist nightstand

The brass feet and drawer pulls here are a nice touch.

rattan nightstand

This rattan number is rather trippy in a way I can really get behind.


This one looks like it would just sort of disappear.

modern nightstand

Again with the white and wood.

raina nightstand

A pop of red is kind of a fun idea for a bedroom.

harlow nightstand

This is narrow enough to fit in a snug bedroom, and under $100 too.

13 black and white pieces you might enjoy

fornasetti box

I don’t have the discipline required to decorate a monochromatic room, but I’ve always wanted one. So I throw a couple of black and white items into the mix and call it good enough. I’m crazy for this op art-ish Fornasetti box.

adler vase

White flowers would look really elegant in this vase.

mari plate

This concentric dots print is one of my favorite Marimekko patterns, and it looks especially right on this plate.

adler box

Another box, this one not quite as pricey as the one above, while still managing to be not exactly cheap.

baking dish

Such a cute little baking dish, and it’s cheap, cheap.


This placemat almost looks like it has a quilt pattern.

floor mat

This vinyl floor mat cleverly mimics a Moroccan rug.

seagrass basket

A good sturdy basket for your whatnots.

duvet cover

The half-moon print on this duvet cover would look good with matchy-clashy pillows.

missoni towel

A couple of Missoni hand towels would spiff up any bathroom.


A nice, clean-lined canister, the likes of which I keep meaning to buy.

jensen clock

I like the idea of a kitchen clock, and this one from Georg Jensen is so appealingly spare.

mari mug

And finally: a cute little cheerful mug.

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