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I first saw this cute pillow from Lucky Fish at Lost & Found, a Santa Monica store I visit whenever I go to L.A. I didn’t buy it when I was there, but it stayed on my mind, and I just ordered it the other day. I love how graphic and Lichtenstein-esque it is.

Mostly I’ve been cooking for myself lately, but from time to time I crave sushi—which I dare not prepare on my own. I like the idea of serving it on this cool plate set.

This wall mirror looks like a brilliant flea market find.

I own enough quilts and don’t need more, but I do like the idea of this yellow one, which would look great in my primarily grey and white bedroom.

My newest coffee table book is Mag Men: Fifty Years of Making Magazines, and I recommend it highly to all of you print nostalgists out there. It’s by superstar graphic designers Walter Bernard and (the recently departed) Milton Glaser, and is such an inspiring look at the inner workings of early New York magazine, and other publications they worked on.

Because sleep problems continue to dog me, I’m thinking of going for this Diptique lavender candle to burn for a half-hour before bedtime. It’s the best lavender scent I’ve ever come across, and believe me, I’ve looked.

This cylinder planter would be a nice pop of midcentury design in any home.

How appealing is an old-school flip clock? I think it’d be aces on my nightstand.

My bath towels are looking a bit worse for wear, so I’m thinking of pulling the trigger on this leopard print specimen, which is kind of appealingly Mrs Robinson-ish.

It’s the little things


“Scrub Daddy!” exclaimed my nephew Abe at the beginning of the summer when my mom came home from the hardware store with one of these. Apparently their inventors were on Shark Tank—a show I do not watch but also do not judge—and he was quite thrilled by the purchase. And, after using it for the better part of a summer, I’m sold too: just as the box says, it’s soft in warm water and firm in cold water, and if you use it dry, it works in much the same way as an SOS Pad, but without the mess. Plus, it doesn’t get scuzzy the way traditional sponges do. And it’s also pretty cute, no?

Top home picks from the big Nordstrom anniversary sale


This wooden tray would be perfect for serving charcuterie, don’t you think?

For reasons I don’t quite understand, I’ve never liked the shape of traditional wine glasses—the stem is just too prissy, maybe. I do quite like them stemless, and this one comes in a set of four, and is a very good deal.

Such a cute, French-looking bowl for serving cappuccino, nuts, what have you.

This aromatherapy diffuser is just about the best-looking one I’ve ever seen—its shape is so organic and sculptural.

A pretty candle that smells of gardenia, which is my favorite floral-but-not-too-floral scent.

A water bottle in simple grey.

I dig the graphic pattern on this comforter and sham set; I also like this grey striped number, and this one too.

Such an impossibly pretty shibori print shower curtain.




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