Things I bought, things I want, kitchen edition


I’ve been employing a rotation of canvas bags as my recycling bin, which is not exactly convenient and takes up precious kitchen counter space. So I went on a protracted search for something that could perform that function and wasn’t too ugly, and came up with the Re: Bin, which is made of recycled plastic and comes in a few good colors (though I went for white).

I have been obsessed with spatchcocking (more on that later), which allows you to roast a chicken in a fraction of the time it would typically take, ever since my brother Todd spatchcocked a turkey last Thanksgiving and it turned out perfect. But I’d lost my roasting rack somewhere along the line, so I went for these nifty silicone racks, which work great and are a dream to clean.

I’ve getting weekly CSA deliveries, which are composed of meat, eggs, and various unidentifiable root vegetables, the latter of which I will be pureeing now that I have this nifty new hand blender.

I refrigerate my garlic, but apparently it lasts longer in a cellar like this one, so I’m thinking of giving one a shot.

I always need new dishcloths, and this set is just so bright and happy.

Am I the last person in Manhattan who does not own an Instant Pot, and is it as necessary as just about everyone swears they are? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

I broke my pepper mill—I didn’t know this was something that could happen, but it did. So I’m thinking of replacing it with this nifty one from Le Creuset.

Also from Le Creuset: this spiff enamelware serving bowl set that would come in so damn handy.

OK, so back to spatchcocking, which I made the mistake of describing to a vegetarian the other day: you basically cut the spine out of the chicken so it will lay flat, and this requires far sharper kitchen scissors than I own—which I learned the hard way. So I might go for these shears for next time.

On the hunt for dinner plates


When I was getting married, I registered at Williams Sonoma and Moss, that dreadfully snotty store in Soho that sold all the coolest stuff. It was there that I registered for—and received—a set of Rosenthal dinnerware that I’ve been using ever since. The set is one of the only wedding gifts I kept after we split up, and it has served me well (except for the way-oversized pasta bowls, which I never use but for some reason continue to hang on to, who knows why). Every once in a while I’ll think it’s odd that I’m still dining on my married plates, but then I’ll decide new plates are an expense I can’t quite justify. But lately, I’m dining off those plates—and not takeout containers—all the time, and once again I’m thinking of switching them out. If I could get anything I wanted, I’d go for these  Christian Lacroix plates, because the butterfly pattern is just so gorgeous.

This swirly plate is also quite cool, and substantially cheaper.

I like the gradated gray on this one.

I’d love a set of Le Cruset plates—so sturdy that even I can’t break them—and while they come in many colors, I’m partial to this deep blue.

I like that the tie-dye-ish pattern here is only just barely visible.

I like the ledge on these.

This plate looks so cool because of a special glazing process—I like that it seems like it’s one-of-a-kind.

This looks like something much pricier from Astier de Villatte.

I love bright vintage Heller plates, and Etsy is crawling with them. But if you want something new and don’t care about color, you can buy them in white from Design Within Reach.

The blue border here is just kind of cheery and subtle.

I dig the splatter effect here—so cool and, again, it looks one-of-a-kind.




Things I bought, things I want, Need Supply edition


Everything is 25% off at Need Supply, so I went on a mini-spree the other day, starting with these cute little Sharpies, which I find helpful for marking up containers of whatever I cooked the previous night and now must freeze.

I finally got all of my badly tangled necklaces detached from one another, and when this handy accessory tree arrives, I will at last have somewhere that makes sense to store them. For some reason, most accessory trees are quite ugly, but I think this one is pretty attractive and streamlined.

I was a borderline-obsessive hand washer before this all happened, and now that I’m completely over the top about it, my poor dry, chapped hands are suffering the consequences. So I went for some of this musk hand wash from C.O. Bigelow (a.k.a,. my happy place), because it contains moisturizing agents like shea butter.

I’ve joined a CSA, which means that every couple of weeks, I receive a lot of unidentifiable-but-cool-looking produce, which I am going to display (before I figure out how to cook with it) in this spiff fruit basket.

I didn’t really need a new mug so much, but this one from Marimekko was just too good to pass up.

And now on to the items I didn’t purchase—but am feeling quite tempted by—like this poppy, bright beach towel.

This glass vase is delicate-looking, but also seems like it could accommodate a rather big bunch of flowers.

I have some trashed old tins for coffee and sugar and the like that I bought at Ikea ages ago, and I’m tempted to replace them with this nifty blue specimen.


I have wanted this classic George Nelson clock forever—it would be perfect on just about any nightstand—and it’s mighty tempting at 25% off.



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