Turns out H&M has some nice home items


You definitely have to dig a bit to get to the good stuff, but it’s there, and well worth digging for. This seagrass vase, for instance, looks desperately chic, and it rings in at just under $25.

A hanger rack that’s clearly modeled on this Eames version.

This textured bowl reminds me of the items on offer at Farmhouse Pottery, a brand I love but rarely spring for.

As stylish a laundry basket as one could hope to find.

I think there is just something so elegant about the notion of grey wine glasses.

A perfectly utilitarian wooden tray.


This stoneware plate is a nice substitute for something from Heath Ceramics, another brand I love.

A linen tablecloth that comes in a number of lovely earth-toned hues, and you can go for matching napkins if you so choose.



It’s fun to decorate with yellow



You don’t need much of it—just a pop here and there—to really brighten things up, and it looks especially good in rooms that have a black/white/gray color scheme. For instance: this gorgeous serving plate would be aces on a table with all-white plates.

I think this nifty coat hanger would add a nice amount of cheer to a front hallway.


The old-school design of this electric clock works nicely with the bright hue here.

A fun candle to use instead of candlesticks when you next throw a dinner party.

Yes, I’ve shown you this nifty desk lamp before, but I just love the design for adding a touch of midcentury-ish chic to even the most workaday of office desks.

Wow, would I love to swap out my motley assortment of mixing bowls for this ceramic set.

My bedroom is mostly black and white with a bit of gray, and I think this linen duvet cover would contrast with that in such a pleasing way.

You can use this cool radio and bluetooth speaker with wet hands, making it ideal for those who require music in the shower.

Just a cute striped beach towel in an almost-mustard shade.

This placemat is a bit fussier than I typically go for, but I somehow really like it.

How fun: a trippy-looking lunch box for when you’ve got to start showing up at the office again.

A cute, quilted storage bin for your whatnots.

And here’s a sweet little cheery vase.


I am seriously contemplating purchasing a couple of these pillows for my gray living room sofa.

And finally: a Warhol banana plate for serving food or hanging on your wall.


Week of requests: quilts


“You always seem to be talking about cool quilts,” writes a reader named DC. “What are some favorites that aren’t too granny-ish?” It’s true, I do love a quilt, and I like them best when they aren’t, as DC says, grannyish, like this gorgeous textured one. It comes in a few colors, including a very good yellow, but I like this dark grey best.

This sunrise pattern is rather cheery.

This one is a little granny-ish, pattern-wise, but the bright colors make it modern.

This one dates from the 19th century (and costs a fortune) but doesn’t it look so contemporary?

A patchwork throw in a surprisingly versatile colorway.

This map of New York quilt is by a brand called Haptic Lab, and it is just stupendous.

A solid yellow quilt would play nicely with blacks and greys.

A slightly hippie girl quilt from L.L. Bean  that’s very nicely priced.

This is kind of a mashup of traditional and contemporary quilt styles, and I think it’s just great.


This moon quilt is nicely minimal.



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