Brand I like: Hay



Hay is a Danish brand that specializes in thoughtfully-designed items for the home, and I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while now. A lot of what they offer comes in more than one colorway, like this well-priced quilt.

This portable lamp is battery-operated, and would be ideal for outdoor dining.

A chic little stainless steel water bottle with a bright plastic lid.

I just think this marbled dinner plate is super-cool, but then again I’m a sucker for marbled stuff.

The contrasting colors on this vase are really striking—it’s worth displaying even without flowers in it.

A chic, sculptural coffee table that makes a big statement in gold.

I can’t think of a reason anyone in this modern world needs an hourglass (I know Scrabble players would disagree) but I kind of want this anyway.

I’d use this plastic tool box to store all the stuff that gets lost at the bottom of my junk drawer.

This throw would look so perfect on my grey sofa.

A faux wood grain mug that strikes me as pretty clever.

And this quilt-ishly patterned blanket is pretty smart too.

It’s the Need Supply friends & family sale


I’m not so into the clothes on Need Supply anymore—everything’s kind of trendy and tricky—but I do think they have an excellent selection of items for the home, and right now everything on the site is 30% off. I’ve wanted an Areaware totem candle for a while, and now just may be when I pull the trigger.

It’s never too early to think about holiday gifts, and this classic Stendig calendar would be a really good one.

Just the coolest bottle opener maybe ever.

This stemless red wine glass comes in a set of four, and will make you feel all European when you drink from it.

I think this side table looks way more pricey than it is.

Such a spiff little portable speaker.

These glass straws are as cool as they are environmentally sound.

A bright waste basket that would add a little pop to even the dullest of rooms.

What I post about when I weary of posting about clothes


If you live with dogs in a city, poop bags become a big part of your life: it’s the law—and just plain decent—to clean up after your pet. I’ve never gotten very excited about them until I discovered My Alpha Pet bags, which are both made of cornstarch and 100% biodegradable, and are so easy to get open, unlike their plastic-ier counterparts. I have about 10 in my bag at any one time, because I am pathologically fearful of getting caught without enough, and because I’m just a good citizen that way. Now tell me, what everyday household item has changed your life?



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