Help me decide on new dinner plates, please


I have previously discussed my desire for a fresh set of dinner plates here: I’ve been eating off of my current ones since receiving them as a wedding registry gift, well over two decades ago. For a long time it’s slightly bothered me to still rely on these relics of my brief bummer marriage, but I couldn’t quite justify the purchase of a new set for that reason alone. By now, however, literally every one of those plates is chipped, and it feels like time for an upgrade.  My picks here are a bit all over the map, style-wise, starting with this classic and graphic Marimekko print.

I go back and forth between wanting something statement-y—like that Marimekko plate above—to desiring a very, very minimal vibe, like on these red-rimmed ones.

The biggest reason I’m tempted by these Le Creuset plates is that they appear sturdy enough to survive in my kitchen. They also, like most all Le Creuset items, come in a variety of good colors.

I like that these look slightly imperfect.

Of course I want these mustard yellow plates bad.

Here is a deeply budget-friendly option that I like in this gray, but that also comes in a few other good hues.

I’m going a bit afield by showing this bowl and plate set from fancy Italian brand La Double J, but it is just so bright and happy.

The braided texture here is quite elegant.

OK, so a whole set of this skull plate might be a bit on the extra (and expensive) side, but I’m considering just going for one and employing it as a serving dish.

I really dig the faint tie-dye vibe here, and think it looks pricier than it is.

Things I bought, things I want: home edition


I live in a duplex apartment, which is perfectly lovely and all, but the only mirrors in the house are on the upper floor, which is a pain if you just want to give yourself a quick once-over before leaving home. So I’ve been looking for a wall mirror—one that’s chic but also kind of minimal. This is tougher to locate than you might think, and a year and a half into living in my place, I still hadn’t found one. Then recently, I was on the Schoolhouse site and found this one, which comes in a few good colors but of course I like the yellow best.

Such a cute and graphic cute little bath mat.

I am decidedly more of a dog person than cat, but I do adore this cranky kitty pillow.

A few years ago, I bought new dining room chairs, so I don’t need several of these caned armchairs, but I very much wish I did—the tomato red is just so good.

I keep most of my clothes out of the dryer, and am therefore desperately in need of a drying rack. This one is lightweight and also kind of stylish.

My old apartment got a ton of light all day, and I had many succulents and cacti which thrived there. My current place gets good-but-not-amazing light, and every last one of those plants died in short order after I moved. So I’m looking for low-maintenance alternatives, like this snake plant.

Things I bought, things I want, kitchen edition


There’s a cute new home goods store not far from me in Brooklyn called R&D Goods, and if you’re on or near Vanderbilt Avenue, do stop in—there is literally not one item in the entire store I wouldn’t buy if I could. I went for  these graphic linen napkins, and haven’t regretted it, and will be back for more.

I need bowls, and all sorts of them: mixing bowls, pasta bowls, soup bowls, etc etc. This Le Creuset specimen would be a welcome addition to my (currently) tiny arsenal.

And I love how great-looking this fruit bowl is—and it’s marked down, apparently for a limited time.

Another item I’ve needed for ages is a butter dish, and this one is stylish and utilitarian, and currently rings in at $20.

This oak-based, leather-topped paper towel holder is so damn elegant.

I’d like a runner in my long galley kitchen, but kitchen rugs get so dirty. Which is why I’m tempted by this washable rug from Ruggable, a company people rave about.

Wooden spoons are a must in my kitchen, but they get so skanky after extended use. I’d like to swap out all of mine for this stylish set.

And finally: recycled stacking glassware that looks perfect for serving a cool summer drink.



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