Anthropologie is offering 25% off all home and furniture items


Anthro’s home aesthetic is in general a bit on the precious side for me, but I also didn’t have any problem finding items that I wanted there, so go figure. Maybe I’m getting precious or maybe I’m wrong about them. In any case, I thought these bowls would be great for pasta, which is about 80% of what I’m eating these days.

Clare Vivier has a collab going on right now with Anthropologie, and it includes some really cute pieces, like these bright, happy travel mugs. I especially like the green one with the tiger.

My podcast partner Tally mentioned in our most recent episode that she’s started journaling ever since we’ve all been on lockdown, and I think that’s such a smart idea. One of these Clare Vivier journals would be a really nifty way to incorporate that into your life, if you were so inclined (of course you could also just type into your computer, but there’s something so nice about an actual journal).

And one last selection from the Vivier collab: these super-cute melamine bento boxes.

The color combination on this Marimekko mug is just so delightful.

I like the my-mom’s-room-in-the-70s vibe of this desk storage unit.

I need some new scissors, and these are so sharp.

A wee starage jar for all your whatnots.

Some of my cloth napkins are getting a little ratty; I might replace them with this fun set.

Spiffing up the home office


Now would be a really, really good time to finally transform my extra bedroom (a.k.a. the most expensive storage space in all of Manhattan) into a nice home office, and so I’m thinking of ways I could pull that off stylishly, starting with this neato perpetual block calendar.

These are just so much cooler than your standard-issue paperclip. They’re from Need Supply, which, by the way, is offering 25% off sitewide right now.

How cheery and pretty are these file folders from Rifle Paper Co?

I like how this stapler looks like it has a face.

A very handsome copper bookend.

This Kartell storage unit would be good for keeping important-but-not-especially-attractive items out of sight.

This desk lamp reminds me of something that might have been in my bedroom circa 1978.

I like the idea of a classic wall clock, and this one is so excellently old school.

A handy desk organizer for all of your desk stuff.

I have always thought I would spring for BluDot’s Strut Table to use as a desk. I love using tables as desks.

But I like this desk too, and it’s much cheaper.

And I might go for a desk chair with a bit of a midcentury vibe, like this one.

Let’s look at some pretty vases



Nowhere is my inability to choose one home design aesthetic and stick with it more apparent than in my taste in vases, it turns out. The ones I’ve chosen here are truly all over the map, but I do think they’re also all pretty good, starting with this fun, poppy yellow polka-dotted number.

This one has a distinct millennial vibe, but we won’t hold that against it.

I like how sculptural this is.


Here’s one with a nicely organic shape.

A black vase is a dramatic choice, and flowers would really pop in it.

Do I only like this because it’s Fornasetti? Possibly, but I also think it would look glorious with a mess of spring blooms in it.

This smoked glass vase comes in a number of hues, but I like this murky gray.

A well-priced and graphic option that’d look great on a bedside table.

I own a brass vase like this one from Hawkins New York, and aside from liking the way it looks, I really appreciate that it’s unbreakable.




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