Top 5 of the week: What’s new at Madewell


This faux fur muffler is just the adorableness.

A good solid coat with nice, simple lines.

A striped shirt I am very tempted to add to my menagerie of striped shirts.

This denim chore jacket is perfect for kicking around on weekends.

And I’d wear this velvet cami under a blazer on a date.

I’m feeling plaid outerwear


Maybe it’s because fall still puts me into a Seventeen magazine back-to-school issue state of mind, but I can’t get the idea of a plaid coat or jacket out of my mind. There’s something so resolutely autumnal about such an item; you can almost hear the crunching of leaves underfoot just looking at these. And they’re more versatile than at first they might appear: you can wear them with all solids, which would be the safest option, or have all sorts of matchy-clashy fun with whatever you put on underneath.

I wish the fur trim here was faux, but I still like this a lot: it’s nicely classic, with a fun twist.

Red and black plaid is a longtime favorite of mine (a passion that was born the year of college I wore nothing but that color combination) and this is so excellently nubby.

I think this cape is just the chicness.

The tuxedo vibe here appeals.

The print here is so subdued you could wear it with just about anything.

And yet I like the loudness of this option too.

A truly great plaid, and I love the collar on this jacket.

Who doesn’t need a Barbour rain poncho?

I’m also a big fan of windowpane check, and the one here is pretty great.

You can’t beat this classic buffalo plaid.

Here’s something similar, but a little cheaper.

I think I may really need this.

Taking requests: knee-high boots


My friend Margaret requested a post on knee-high boots that would be good for walking her new puppy, so I decided to just do a post on all the knee-high boots I like, regardless of height (and there are only a couple that are on the perilous side). This wasn’t the simplest task: the thing at the moment is over-the-knee boots, and stores are crammed with them. But I did manage to find a decent number I liked a lot, including this attractive lug-sole option.

The oxblood hue is just so good.

Here’s one you could walk a dog for miles in.

This looks more expensive than it is, and I love the chunky heel.

I’d wear this with my flowy Ulla Johnson dresses.

This is a good choice for when you’re in the mood to dress things up a bit, and the price is decent.

Grey suede is so damn chic.

This is ever-so-slightly western-looking in a way that appeals.

This has a sheepskin lining, which just sounds so perfect for frigid days when you have to wear a dress.

This is nicely sophisticated.

The pointy toe and clunky heel are an unexpected—but winning—combination.



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