I bring you the Uniqlo-Marimekko collab


I don’t think Uniqlo always nails their collaborations, but they have knocked it out of the park with the one that was just launched with Marimekko, and I’m interrupting my Thanksgiving break to bring it to you now because it is selling out fast. This puffer, for instance, is just insanely cute, and is already gone in many sizes, so hop to it if you’re interested.

This ultra-light down parka is pretty good too, and would look great layered under a coat.

This rather dear wool and cashmere sweater is almost entirely sold out, but maybe you’ll get lucky.

A really pleasingly graphic wool and cashmere hoodie.

This turtleneck is made with Uniqlo’s magical Heattech fabric, so it’d be nice and toasty.

I might go for this cotton tee myself, as it’s one of my favorite Marimekko prints.

This Heattech cap has a deeply winning color combination.

Same goes for this scarf.

Week of requests: ponchos, capes, and etc.


“Poncho-y things without turtlenecks,”¬† a commenter who goes by the name Mouse requested. “Can be poncho-y sweaters or actual ponchos.” Since Mouse specified poncho-y, I decided that cape-ish items, like this gorgeous (and splurgy) number¬† could be included too.

Here’s a pretty cashmere poncho that comes in a few good colors; here’s one that’s similar and cheaper, but not cashmere.

I like the fringe and smart herringbone pattern on this wrap from Rag & Bone.

A really chic and modern hooded specimen that looks all fancy and designer-y but is in fact from Cos.

This striped one also comes in a pretty good grey, but the yellow is so poppy and unexpected.

An oversized plaid pattern makes this really statement-y.

Here’s a linen specimen that’d be the perfect thing for those of you who are lucky enough to live in places where it never gets that cold.

I think this cashmere sweater is so lovely and cozy-looking.

And here’s one from Lululemon that unzips to become a wrap.

Week of requests: cool sneakers, winter edition


Frequent (and beloved) commenter C.W. wrote in with this request, and I decided for focus on sneakers that seem like they’d be good in colder weather, like this one from Vans that almost looks like a Chelsea boot.

People love their Allbirds, which are made of wool and are supremely walkable; this version comes in a multitude of good hues.

Here’s one from Sorel with serious treads that’d be perfect for trudging through the snow.

I always feel like high-tops like these from Adidas are better when it’s cold out because your ankles stay warm, and I also like how understated they are.

These Vans are water-resistant, which is awfully handy, and I like the little pull-tabs too.

I own enough fleece-lined sneakers, but am seriously jonesing for these; they just look so cozy, and come off almost like they’re boots.

This fleece-lined pair is from Toms, and has a nice platform-ish sole for added height.

These pink Tretorns are so cute, and I’ll bet they’re desperately comfortable; here is a black high-top version I also like.

You can’t get much more classic than Chuck Taylors, and these are fleece-lined too. Here’s a clunkier Chuck that’d work in the snow.

This sneaker/boot hybrid is nicely tomboyish.


I really like these Uggs; they have a major platform sole, and because they’re Uggs, will be deeply warm.

And finally: this Missoni/Adidas number isn’t especially wintry at all, but it’s so damn good I had to include it.



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