Suddenly everywhere: lavender


I have never been a particularly big fan of pastels—they always feel like colors that only small children should wear to me.  But lately I’m seeing lavender show up on really chic pieces, like this super-spiff jacket from & Other Stories, and it’s causing me to have a bit of a rethink.

Nili Lotan has just introduced a whole capsule collection of items in this hue, and predictably, I want all of it—but would settle for a pair of these excellent Paris pants.

I dig the contrasting stripes on this button-down from Ayr, and the oversize cut too.

I like how the lavender on this Madewell sweatshirt has undertones of grey—I feel like that’d make it easier to wear.

A nice slouchy striped long-sleeve tee for layering under V-neck sweaters, hoodies, whatever.

A slightly cropped cardigan that would be perfect layered over a flowy dress.

Not sure I can resist this super-glam faux fur jacket

If you are a white person, you are doomed to flesh-colored bras the color of Band-Aids, which is indeed a first-world problem but also isn’t too sexy.  I was once tipped off by a fashion editor to the fact that a lavender bra like this one can sub in for (caucasian) flesh-colored quite nicely. It also comes with these pretty matching briefs.

I’ve been wanting a short-sleeved sweatshirt for some time now—it’d be great for layering—and this one is very nearly perfect.

And why not a Fjallraven backpack in lavender, I ask you?

A cute cropped tee from ATM that’s currently nicely marked down.

A collarless denim jacket that’d be great for the warmer weather that will get here eventually.

Also good for warmer weather: this sweet terry cloth bucket hat.

A nice cotton button down like this would really pop when paired with black jeans.

And finally: if you’re tempted by lavender but also slightly scared of it, this merino scarf would be a good starter piece.



Top 5 of the week: balaclavas!



There is something kind of outlaw-ish about wearing a balaclava: they make me think of armed bandits, and Pussy Riot, and for a long time I thought they were way too much of a statement for me to pull off. But I think they’re pretty perfect for the moment we’re in: they provide extra protection for the mouth and nose area (though I’d never skip a mask), and they’re  super-effective against the cold. Also, they’re getting much cuter: I’m especially enamored of this leopard print number by Sweaty Betty.

Here’s a pretty utilitarian choice. I like this green but they also come in what could be black but I think is dark grey.

The stripes and extra-big pompom make this spendy cashmere option quite covetable.

I found this hand-knit one on Etsy, and think it looks just as cozy as you please.

Here’s a pretty sporty one from ski apparel brand Perfect Moment.

And here’s a bonus extra sixth one: I purchased this adorable specimen from a newish brand called Matek after seeing it worn by the ever-chic Stella Bugbee—former editor of The Cut—on her Instagram stories. I love the built-in cap, and it also comes in a few colors, including this really good green.

Brand I like: One Teaspoon



This brand skews a bit young, and their styling is a bit much sometimes, but if you dig, you can find plenty to love, like this really well-priced and sexy leather skirt.

A heavy camo print button-down that’d be ideal for layering.

I’m digging the elastic waist on these camo jeans.

Such a pretty and feminine leopard print top.

One Teaspoon offers all of their denim in sizes up to 38, which isn’t bad, and I like the look of these skinny jeans.

And here’s even more camo: this jumpsuit looks like slouchy perfection; here it is in army greeen.

These boyfriend jeans just look so damn comfortable; I also like them in this faded-out army green.

This tie dye hoodie reminds me of one of Nili Lotan’s from last season; here are some matching army pants.

A denim pencil skirt in a perfectly beaten-in wash.





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