Brand I like: One Teaspoon



This brand skews a bit young, and their styling is a bit much sometimes, but if you dig, you can find plenty to love, like this really well-priced and sexy leather skirt.

A heavy camo print button-down that’d be ideal for layering.

I’m digging the elastic waist on these camo jeans.

Such a pretty and feminine leopard print top.

One Teaspoon offers all of their denim in sizes up to 38, which isn’t bad, and I like the look of these skinny jeans.

And here’s even more camo: this jumpsuit looks like slouchy perfection; here it is in army greeen.

These boyfriend jeans just look so damn comfortable; I also like them in this faded-out army green.

This tie dye hoodie reminds me of one of Nili Lotan’s from last season; here are some matching army pants.

A denim pencil skirt in a perfectly beaten-in wash.



21 surpassingly cute hoodies


I get a lot of queries from you ladies as to how to style a hoodie under a jacket or coat in a way that doesn’t make you resemble a 14 year-old boy, and while I don’t think that takes into account how stylish many 14 year-old boys actually are, I get it. But check out the woman pictured here: her look is a little too fashion-week-zushed for me to totally sign off on, but she does make that hoodie look just as polished as every other piece she’s wearing—which isn’t not an accomplishment. How does she do it? By making sure the hoodie isn’t too oversized or boxy to look unsophisticated layered under a blazer, and by choosing one that’s similar, color-wise, to her blazer (though I’d pair a heather grey one with just about anything). I wouldn’t bother trying to tuck a hoodie in, though—who does that?

I like the slight cowl neck on this one from J.Crew.

The pops of neon pink on this leopard-print number are just so good. I may not need need any more hoodies, but I might require this one.

I think the tie dye print here is about as sophisticated as tie dye gets. It looks like it’s from Raquel Allegra and much more pricey.

The snap buttons here remind me of the Agnes B snap cardigans so many of us wore in the 80s.

A well-priced cashmere specimen that comes in a few good colors, and sizes up to 3X.

This ribbed hoodie is made of a cotton/cashmere blend, and I’ll bet it’s soft as all get-out.


Such a fun, graphic tiger print on this one.

The lace-up detail here is kind of chic and sportif, and I don’t usually like things that lace up.

A body-hugging hoodie that’d be ideal for layering.

A cool zebra print that’d be aces under a black blazer.

A splurgy boiled cashmere hoodie from Vince that couldn’t be a lot more luxe.

A fleece hoodie that just looks super-cozy.

And here is Uniqlo’s fleece-lined sweatshirt, which I can tell you first-hand is warm as can be. I can also tell you first-hand that it runs a bit small, so do with that information what you will.

And yet another fleece hoodie, with a bit of a popover vibe.

I like the half-zip detail here.

I’m kind of in love with the rainbow stripes on this one.

And I’m digging the stripes here too.

This well-priced heather grey hoodie is just so good and classic.

Feminine details make this one standout.

For those of you who insist on butt coverage at all times, this longer version might be the way to go.

And finally: the tonal leopard print here is nicely subtle.


Madewell’s collab with Kule is seriously the cuteness


I love Kule’s relaxed, easy, super-cheery vibe, and was so excited to see that they’ve partnered with Madewell. I’m less thrilled with the prices of some of the items, which seem high, but having said that, I must also say that there’s some great stuff to be had (and that isn’t too splurgy), like this hoodie, with its striped cuffs and sentiment for our time on the front.

This denim jacket is nicely oversized, and lined with a removable striped fleece vest—genius.

I’d layer this rugby shirt over a turtleneck, and maybe size up so it’s nice and slouchy.

Just a pretty perfect navy and white striped tee.

There are few things I adore than animal prints punctuated by stripes, like on this adorable beanie.

Likewise, this silk bandana, which I’d wear around my neck with a button-down, like I’ve seen certain stylish women do.



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