Top 5 of the week: The Adidas/Marimekko collab




There have been a lot of intriguing-but-flawed collaborations lately: luggage brand Tumi with Missoni, which is gorgeous but pricey; Puma and Liberty of London, which is cute but a little loud for my taste; and Target and Nili Lotan, Rachel Comey, and others, which was fantastic but sold out seemingly in minutes. The only one I’m really loving is Adidas’s partnership with Marimekko, which is cute and fun but not overpowering. I think this hoodie is just golden, literally and figuratively.

How fun: Stan Smiths with a bold Marimekko flower. I don’t usually like sneakers that aren’t solid-colored, but these are just a delight.

A decidedly non-workaday gym bag that could double as a weekender.

I really like the gold stripe details on this puffer, and while the front-and-center Adidas logo is not so much my thing, it’s also not bugging me.

Just a sweet little sports bra that looks pretty comfy.

Suddenly, I’m intrigued by sweater vests


That’s because suddenly they’re everywhere, and also because they are right up my preppy/tomboy alley. I like the idea of them worn over button-downs, but they also look fantastic with long-sleeved tees. This one is the just-right amount of oversized to look slouchy (and not so oversized that it looks sloppy).

This one from Madewell has just the hint of a sleeve, which I dig.

The checked pattern here is fun, and the fact that it’s in pastel colors makes it comparatively  subtle.

This ribbed number from Cos has a nice, deep V.

This is an alpaca blend, which ought to be nice and cozy, and it looks pretty luxe for something that rings in just under $100.

I must admit that I’m tempted by this pre-styled option: the shirt details are part of the vest

An elegant choice from H&M that’s just the tiniest bit cropped.

A Fair Isle pattern is nicely autumnal.

And finally, this button-up number might be my favorite. I’d layer it under a blazer for a Lady Professor look.



16 white button-downs with a difference


I endlessly love (and wear!) classic white button-downs, but occasionally I find myself in the mood for one that isn’t so classic, but instead has a detail or two that sets it apart. Like for instance, the ruffles here, which are a bit deeper than you usually see.

And relatedly, I like the spiff tuxedo ruffles on this one.

The drop shoulder and voluminous sleeves on this pleated tunic from Cos give it a romantic vibe.

Meanwhile, the band collar and slightly cropped hem here are rather spiff.

An elegant popover with a just-deep-enough neckline.

This boxy short sleeved button-down looks cool in every respect.

And here’s another good boxy shirt with a clean and flattering A-line silhouette.

The touch of eyelet is quite winning on this well-priced top that looks like it could be Nili Lotan.

A seersucker top with a little extra length, for those times when butt coverage is the order of the day.

The tonal plaid print on this ruffle pintuck top is a nice, subtle touch.

This tie-front top just looks so breezy and cool.

The big front pockets on this utility shirt from Alex Mill are standout.

I’m slowly getting used to the puffy shoulders trend—for others, not for me—and everything else on this top is so straightforward that I feel like one could wear it without feeling like one was in costume.

A sweet, sheer-ish blouse that’d look great with a black bra underneath it.

The barely-there cheetah print here is just kind of fun.

And finally: an embroidered button-down that is so very quietly sexy when paired with a cami.



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