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There is just something about corduroy that is so cool: sort of preppy, sort of 70s retro (and maybe I’m just saying that because the 70s were when I bought my first pair of corduroy jeans—baby blue—at a prehistoric version of the Gap in my neighborhood mall back when they sold Levi’s and their logo looked like this. But I digress) I am an especially big fan of wide-wale corduroy, think that this Anine Bing jacket has a certain slouchy, classic look.

This button-front skirt is from Lee Vintage Modern, a well-priced capsule collection from the people who bring you Lee jeans, and I don’t think it could be a whole lot cuter.

These jeans come in a ton of appealing colors, and go for just under $70, which is tough to beat.

A sharp berry-hued double-breasted blazer that has nice, designer-y details, even though it’s from & Other Stories.

The colors on this Herschel backpack are all so damn cheery, and somehow work well together.

A utility jumpsuit with a little bit of definition at the waist, for a more feminine silhouette.

I do love a dark floral, and this top just looks so easy and wearable.

A sharp shirt jacket that reminds me of something the legendary former Vogue sittings editor Tonne Goodman—who basically invented preppy tomboy chic—might wear.

Just a cute single-button blazer in a really good blue.

And speaking of the 70s, this Levi’s jacket resembles the ones worn by the cool, scary older girls who smoked cigarettes before classes in high school. But updated, and without the tobacco stench. This jacket reminds me of those girls too, but on slightly colder days.

White corduroy is just so damn crisp.

A chore jacket with a swingy shape: the cuteness.

And here are some white corduroy pants with a nice, trouser-ish cut.

I don’t know if I’m ready to wear flared pants again just yet after going pretty overboard with them in the early aughts, but perhaps you are, and these are pretty good.

Another Barbour jacket that is almost too cool for words.

Madewell’s popular Transport tote casual in corduroy, but still polished.

This Alex Mill blazer is so professor-chic.



A case for sweatpants—and their cousin, the jogger pant


I’m pretty sure that that the Seinfeld bit in which Jerry lets George know that by wearing sweatpants, “You’re telling the world, `I give up. I can’t compete in normal society'” scarred me, because ever since, I’ve only worn sweats for exercise, or lounging within the confines of my home, alone. But I admire women who can pull off sweatpants as streetwear, and it’s a look I’m seeing more and more. This faux leather pair is calling my name at an increasingly high volume (it’s also pretty cute in the —very 80s new wave—red, and here’s a similar but cheaper black pair).

I’m always a sucker for a pant with a stripe (or three) down the side, and I especially dig it when the color combination is so lively and unexpected.

These are less sweatpants than what are referred to as joggers: usually that means pants in a non-sweatshirty material, but that share some design characteristic with sweatpants—in this case the elasticized ankle.

I’d dress this slinky leopard number way down, with a slouchy white tee or, if it was colder, a big old crewneck.

These say “gym” to me—what with the sportif side zippers—but they also say “street,” because they’ve got a nice sleek cut, and I could see swearing them with a half-tucked button-down and chore jacket.

These have a slightly cargo pants-ish feel, and come in a pretty good khaki too.

The off-kilter patch pockets here lend these a quirky (but not too quirky) touch.

And I like the uneven hem on this otherwise quite streamlined pair.

These are on the slinkier side, and I think you could dress them way up.

Wool trousers from Philip Lim that are practically office-worthy.

This cotton-cashmere blend looks cozy as all get out.

The snap front here makes these come off ever so trouser-ish.

A perfectly clean-lined pair made especially for travel.

These are silk and ever-so Genie-looking, but quite dramatic at the same time.

Feeling zebra prints


I always think of this pattern as kind of a summery thing, but I’m seeing all sorts of pieces with it for fall, and am really liking it. These Nili Lotan army pants are slightly crazy but I want them deeply, and in a way I’m not certain I can articulate.

A nice and slouchy—and also very well-priced—blouse.

One of the snappiest trenches I’ve seen in quite some time.

A delightfully loud pair of sneakers.

This blouse is on the splurgetastic side, but it’s the kind of piece that really makes an outfit.

Such a fun little coat.

This dress is just the right amount of girly, and I like the slightly acid-yellow background.




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