Who says florals are just for summer?


I like florals all year round, and in the winter they’re especially sweet and even optimistic, reminding us as they do of balmier days. This Vince dress has such a pretty, almost impressionistic print.

A stretch silk button-down that’d be great under a V-neck sweater.

The print here is so appealingly watercolor-y.

I’d wear this dress with black tights and big clunky boots.

A pretty, filmy top that’d be great layered over a long-sleeved tee or turtleneck.

Such a deeply cheery skirt.

I am crazy for this sweater: the floral pattern is both subdued and statement-y.

A Madewell wrap top that’d be aces with an oversized cardigan.

This band-collar button-down would be so good under a black blazer.

I’d wear this pretty ruched dress with tights and high black booties.


I like how flowy this dress is, and it’s well-priced too.

A sexy kimono top that’s very 70s groupie.

I like the ruffle neck on this subtly sophisticated dress.

And I like the improbable combination of light blue and rust on this dress.


16 rather excellent Fair Isle sweaters


I like Fair Isle sweaters a lot: they’re preppy, obviously, but really graphic too, and they even qualify as an ethnic print in my book. You can also have all sorts of matchy-clashy fun with them, and this one—with its pared-down color palette, would be a good candidate for that.

Here’s a pretty classic one from L.L. Bean that’d be aces with broken-in jeans.

I like how the white really pops against the grey here.

And speaking of poppiness, the orange details really kind of make this one.

Earth tones and brights combine here in an improbable but delightful way.

This one is pleasingly oversized and pretty chic.

A cashmere blend that looks supremely cozy.

I really dig the bright pink on this one.

And I like how this Madewell sweater looks reversed out.

The subdued colors here make this a pretty sophisticated choice, and it’s very well-priced too.

This one is just pretty straightforwardly preppy, if that’s your thing.

A pleasingly minimal choice.

A reversed out turtleneck option that I’d wear with grey skinny trousers.

This deconstructed sweater is an unexpected—but really cool—choice.

Mixing grey and brown here shouldn’t really work, but it totally does somehow.

And finally: I really like how the Fair Isle pattern is just barely visible here.

13 super-cute graphic tees


I recently did a major T-shirt purge—I got a new dresser for my bedroom, and can now fit all of them in one drawer, which is a minor miracle. I feel like I have to be very disciplined about not buying more, but there are some very tempting ones here, and I’m not at all certain I won’t give in and go for one (or two). I usually don’t like faux-vintage band tees, but this Led Zeppelin one is just so classic.

A thermal tee with a Bowie-esque lightning bolt.

This one feels kind of appealingly 70s to me, and I really like the green.

I don’t drink (and if I did, I wouldn’t drink Budweiser) but I love this logo.

A sweetly goofy option.

I like how this looks like an old-school athletic tee.

I think this would look amazing under a black or grey blazer.

Again, I’m making an exception to my no-faux-vintage-band-tees rule, because this is just so iconic.

The embroidered stars here are so nicely graphic.

I like how faded-out the lettering on this one is.

Here’s a kind of sexy option, if a graphic tee can be described as sexy.

This is pleasingly old-school, and I like the longer sleeves.

And finally: a cool embroidered snake.






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