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I had a fantastic time in Italy, guys. The yoga was stellar (I even managed to get myself into crow pose—for a few brief seconds), the company was lovely and the countryside was simply to die. The only real drawback was that the weather was stinking hot: I’m talking over 100 degrees the entire time, with no A/C in the villa. So when we weren’t in class, we hung out a lot at the pool, which is where this snap was taken. I’m actually wearing a bikini in this picture—it was too steamy not to—and it was so liberating that I think I will not care about my stomach pooch and trot it out a lot for the rest of the summer. I still have serious vacation brain—I always do after a trip—so please bear with me this week as I get back up to speed. Also: I’m in the mood to do requests, so please do let me know if you’ve got some.

A quick heads up


I’m off on a little vacation, guys, to a yoga retreat in Italy. This is the villa where I’ll be staying—doesn’t it look rather fantastic? I’m leaving today, and there may be a post or two in my absence, so do check in if you feel so inclined. Everything will return to business as usual on Monday the 7th. Meanwhile, I want to hear about your summer vacation—or staycation—plans. What have you got in the works?

Where do you stand on covering up your grey/going natural?


If I thought I could look as good as Linda Rodin, I’d go grey in an instant

This topic came up in the comments last week, so I thought I’d open conversation up to the group at large: I’m curious what your perspective is about going grey, and if it has changed at all. Like, if you were obsessed with dying your hair so that not a speck of grey showed through, and then one day just decided screw it, and went natural. If you went natural, what made you do it? Conversely, if you are like me and run to the salon the second you see roots, why can you not imagine going grey?



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