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As most of you know by now, the way I earn money from this blog is with affiliate links—you buy a coat I post from Nordstrom, say, and I receive a commission. The fact of this allows me to see what you all purchased here, and I’m not surprised that over the course of the last year, you were interested in comfortable, well-priced classics. This dress from Ba&sh in an exception—it was not cheap when I posted it. But it’s half off now.

Sadly, these grey J Crew corduroys are sold out in many sizes, which isn’t surprising because they’re so perfect: high-but-not-too-high waist, and a nice, relaxed boyfriend-y fit. Not to fret, though. They’re available in a lot of other good colors.

This puff sleeve metallic top was in my post on parties in a top, back when we all thought we’d be going to parties this season.  I always like a metallic, and I also like that it’s pretty subtle here.

I don’t think I’ve ever done this post and not had this brilliant Emerson Fry Caftan make the list. It’s ultralight and has the best print, and if you keep it out of the dryer it will last ages.

This center-seam crewneck looks like a much pricier one I have from Isabel Marant.

When I posted this long cotton tee, it only came in the white I’m showing you, but now it’s offered in several other good hues.

The Dre jean from Rag & Bone is my current favorite pair, and a whole lot of you went for it too. They come in a ton of washes, and I don’t have this excellent one yet, but want it.

This parka is part of Uniqlo’s collab with Jil Sander, and I think it’s just endlessly chic. It’s marked down right now, too.

I’m glad so many of you took my word for it on the Kosas Air Brow front: I’ve tried a LOT of products to make my ever-thinner brows look thick and healthy, and this is by far the best. It’s lightweight, precise, and comes in way more shades than most beauty brands offer, so you can get the precisely right match.

This corduroy utility jacket is super-spiff, and it currently so on sale that it’s practically free.

This cashmere turtleneck was another winner: nice, thin, and layer-able.

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