What trend would you like to see go away forever?

Even fancy models look a little nuts in tiny sunglasses

I really don’t even begin to understand the tiny sunglasses trend, but was hard-pressed to explain why, so I turned to my friend Jessica Morgan, one half of the peerless Go Fug Yourself team, to break it down for me. “My basic feeling,” she says, “is that they are dumb. The whole point of sunglasses is to cover a myriad of sins—eye-bags, crows feet, you haven’t plucked your brows, you’re tired, whatever. These tiny sunglasses do none of that! They are breaking the covenant of the sunglasses! What is even the point of sunglasses if they don’t even cover the entire eye area? Also, I am old [ed note: she is not], and so everyone wearing them looks to me like they’re going to a rave in a PG-13 horror movie from 1995, and all they need are tiny butterfly clips in their hair and overly plucked brows. I do not care for them.” OK ladies, your turn.

Have you had or will you ever have fillers, injections, etc?

A ton of you have wanted me to pose this question to the group, and I have to admit I’m pretty curious too, and will own up to having Botox injections years ago when I thought they might help my migraines (sadly, they didn’t). But I’m all for doing whatever feels right in the name of feeling good about yourself and your appearance. Share your thoughts in the comments, which you can access by clicking on this post.

It’s a whole new thing

Welcome to the new site, ladies. It is my sincerest hope that you will find the changes delightful and not at all alarming, and for those of you who read GOACA on your mobile devices, that ought to be a whole lot easier now. We are still working out kinks, so apologies if you had a tough time accessing the site over the past few days, and beg your pardon in advance for any hiccups in the coming days. Also, big old thanks to Hanna, Matt, Sabrina, and everyone else who helped make this happen. Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments, and I hope your day is excellent.

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