Is it time for another week of requests?


I usually do the week of requests every six months or so, and it’s still a few weeks shy of that. But I thought that given our current circumstances, you might be interested in slightly different things from me, so I’m putting out the call. Please share your queries in the comments.

We’ve got an extra-special podcast episode for you today


Here’s my mom Eve, on a trip she took to India with my brother Todd a couple of years ago. She’s our guest, and the resulting episode is just so inspiring—we talk about life, sex, love, and getting older, and what the trick is to aging with grace and style, which she really has. It’s maybe the frankest conversation we’ve had with a guest so far, and I know I’m biased here, but trust me: this episode is the warm hug you just might need right now. Listen on on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

How’s it going?


What was your weekend like, everyone? Manageable? Mine was perfectly OK, with some very nice moments and a few low ones. I “had brunch” with my old friend Craig who lives in L.A., and made a meatloaf—which wasn’t all that bad. And a couple of excellent grilled cheese sandwiches too.  I find that mornings continue to be the worst part of the day, with things improving as the hours pass. How about you? What are your tough moments, and how do you power through? For me, the trick is to put on music (and maybe dance around the apartment to it) the moment I start to feel bad. Here’s me and my bestie Andrea, maintaining proper social distance (and then some) on a walk we took the other day.



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