So I’m making a Spotify playlist


A few of you have requested a GOACA playlist, so I’m making one for you, and thought I’d give you an opportunity to make requests. I can’t promise that I will honor them—I am picky, picky when it comes to my music. But I do want to hear them, and if enough of you ask for a particular song,  I probably will include it. Right now I’m having a 90s moment (who am I kidding? I am always having a 90s moment) so I’m listening to a lot of Yo La Tengo. Their song “Our Way To Fall” in particular, which is everything a love song should be.

What do you collect?



I don’t collect anything, and never have been a big collector of things—I guess I just don’t have the gene. But I do own more Herman Miller Picnic posters than I can hang—they were created by graphic designer Steve Frykholm during the 70s, and I just love how graphic and poppy they are. The one pictured I got on eBay a while back, and I found this one for one of you lucky people on Etsy. They tend to run anywhere from $250 to $800, though there’s no reason to spend anything near $800 if you keep checking eBay. (And you can find them even cheaper than $250 if they’re slightly damaged, which I never mind: it just lends to the item’s authenticity, right?)

Friend breakups: Discuss


Friend breakups can be as painful and mysterious as romantic breakups, I think—Lord knows enough has been written about them. I’ve had a couple over the decades, and they’re brought their own unique pain, torture, and—in one case—relief. I’m curious how many of you have had a friendship hit the skids, and eager to know how you dealt with it. Did you mourn endlessly, move on quickly, or—as was the case recently with me—come back together after a certain amount of time?



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I was born in Houston, Texas in 1964 and have lived in New York City since 1988. I had a long career in magazines, working at Sassy, Elle, New York, and Spin, and in 2000, I founded Lucky magazine, which I edited for ten years.

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