I’m getting married soon


In a few short weeks, believe it or not. We left most everything to the last minute, and there is currently much rushing about, all over creation, to tie up seemingly infinite loose ends. And then occasionally, in the midst of all this barely-controlled chaos, the gravity of what we’re about to do will hit me. Getting married is a lot of things—optimistic, joyful, intense—but it’s also heavy. In a good way, but still.  It’s profound—and profoundly sobering—to stand in front of those you’re closest to and latch yourself legally to another person, for life.  Decades ago, I attended a wedding shower during which we guests took part in an “advice circle,” which is just what it sounds like: everyone going around and offering up pearls of wisdom on the topic of marriage. I thought it was the corniest idea ever, but I was wrong: it was actually funny, thought-provoking, and kind of meaningful. So how do you all feel about doing an advice circle for me? I’d love to hear your best, so please do share in the comments.

A bit of exciting Everything is Fine news


Jenn and I are having our first-ever live taping of EIF on April 9 at 4pm, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at a venue called Caveat, and it would be so cool if you were there. It’s Easter Sunday, which I know will be an impediment to some of you attending, but we’re hoping that the taping is scheduled for late enough in the day for others of you to make it. In any case, you’ll be able to livestream the episode if you’re not in the New York area or can’t attend in person. But do try to make it! We’ve got special surprise guests, and the great Amy Rigby is going to sing a song or two, and who knows what else we’ll get up to. Seating is pretty limited, so if you’re at all interested, do not delay.

Who wants another week of requests?


It’s been quite a while since I did one, and it feels like time. Share your queries in the comments.



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