What are you watching?

Right now I’m deep into the second season of Claws, a TNT dramedy executive-produced by the ever-cool Rashida Jones about the (often criminal) goings-on at a Palmetto, Florida nail salon. It is the perfect kind of trashy-but-still-smart TV that summer demands, and I will be sad when it’s over. Which leads me to my question: what are you watching and loving?

A note from GOACA HQ

Apologies to all of you who’ve had trouble accessing the site over the past couple of weeks—it’s been a bumpier transition post-redesign than might have been ideal, but I’m learning that comes with the territory.  I vastly appreciate all of you hanging in there while we straighten things out. Also, many of you wrote to let me know that you didn’t like Disquis, which was the new commenting system we installed with the redesign. So we’ve switched to another system which I hope you will like better and will find easier to use. Please share your thoughts regarding these issues (or whatever else you’re in the mood to discuss) in the comments. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of me on Sunday, right before I biked 100 blocks to the Museum of the City of New York to see the excellent exhibition of photographs by Stanley Kubrick.

Seen any good movies lately?

I am dying to see Eighth Grade, which a lot of people are saying is one of the best films about adolescence ever made, if not the best. Have you seen it yet and how did it make you feel? What else has you intrigued, and what did you love?

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