This week’s podcast episode is really fun


Ann Powers is NPR’s music critic, and pretty much my favorite music writer, and Tally and I had the best time talking to her about everything from the true role of groupies, Madonna’s weird bathtub rant, the incident with a pop star that she never talks about (but which made her trend on Twitter) and so much more. It’s dishy good fun, but Ann packed a lot of insight into the episode too, so do listen in on  Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

We’ve got a really entertaining new podcast episode for you today


On the newest episode of Everything is Fine, Tally and I welcome comedian Shalewa Sharpe, 47, who decided to try standup for the first time just ten years ago, and last year was named a comic to watch by Vulture. We’re talking about reinvention, and how it’s really never too late, but so much more as well. Shalewa is a scream, so do listen in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

What are you watching?


Hang Ups, which you can find on Hulu, only has only been around for one season, and—as is the case with many British shows—it’s a short one. But the series, which stars the hilarious Stephen Magnan (of Episodes fame) as Richard Pitt, a misanthropic psychotherapist, is just so good and smart and funny. Magnan’s shrink has imploded his practice, for unspecified reasons, and is attempting to rebuild it by offering Zoom sessions to patients (which is so unintentionally of the moment, and a fantastic premise for comedy). I laughed out loud so often while watching this show, and I am not a laugh-out-loud person.

The Great is a serial comic drama loosely based on the life of  Catherine the Great, and when I say loosely based, I mean exceedingly loosely. The first season follows Catherine—who is from an aristocratic family that has lost its money and power—as she marries the hilariously loutish Peter of Russia, who has chosen her precisely because her family poses no threat. There is suspense, there is sex (nothing graphic, though), and there are laughs aplenty. Watch it even if you don’t think historical dramas are your thing.

And speaking of history, we shelled out for Disney Plus a couple of weeks ago so that we could access Hamilton the movie (like a lot of you did too, I’d imagine) and can I just say that I actually enjoyed the movie of the play more than the play in the theater? Part of the reason why is because I loathe going to the theater so much that it’s practically a phobia (in fact, I wonder if such a phobia exists in the DSM-5). But the other part of it is just that I could really catch how genius it all is on second (and third, and fourth) viewing. Now I’ve watched it so much that I feel like a certified HamFan.  In addition to which, I’ve developed a momentous crush on Daveed Diggs. Now it’s your turn—what have you been enjoying?



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