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I have historically been lousy at applying concealer, and mostly avoid doing it altogether, even though the circles under my eyes can be tragic sometimes. But recently I discovered this under eye primer, and I have to say it has changed the game. You smooth it on after your moisturizer  but before makeup, and it de-puffs and color corrects and just generally makes the application of concealer a lot less tricky and more seamless. It’s also super-light, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a cakey extra layer in the heat, which is nice.

I love this stuff


My hairdresser used Davines This is a Medium Hairspray on me a while back after she finished my cut and blowout, and I loved the smell so much that she gave me a tin to bring home. I’m not typically a hairspray-user at all, and haven’t been since my eighth-grade Final Net days, when I would all but shellack my ill-advised Dorothy Hamill bob to keep it from going all mushroom-y in the Houston humidity. This stuff, however, is pretty much weightless, and like I mentioned the smell is divine, and on hot, sticky days when I want to wear my hair down anyway, it definitely helps to keep things from going sideways.

Things I bought, things I want, beauty edition


I used some Sephora rewards points recently to procure a tube of Benefit Roller Lash, and am so dang glad I did, because I don’t think I’ve ever tried a mascara that both seriously lengthened my lashes and clumped not a speck. This stuff really opens your eyes right up, and looks pretty natural too.

In my experience, travel curling irons are mostly crap, and hard to use too. But I’m thinking—based on the resoundingly successful experience I’m having with my Harry Josh blow dryer (I’m pretty sure it’s actually faster than the Dyson) of going for this one.

I’m curious about giving retinol a try, but the idea scares me, because my skin is pretty sensitive. So I’m considering going for Drunk Elephant’s version, just for once a week to start out, because I do love my Drunk Elephant products: they’re so effective but still gentle.

Summertime is frizzbo time for my hair, which is why I’m so intrigued by these hair sheets, which purport to make everything lovely and smooth. I also like the idea that you could pop one of them in your bag for use whenever you regard yourself in the mirror and are none too pleased with what you see your hair doing.

And speaking of hair, I use an awful lot of lot of product in mine, and like the idea of washing away buildup with this exfoliating shampoo.

Because I’ve been spending some time on the beach, which always turns my hair irritatingly brassy, I’m thinking this protective spray might be a good move too.

This tooth whitening pen from Tarte appeals, because it apparently doesn’t torture you the way, say, Crest Whitestrips can.



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