What’s your biggest beauty indulgence?


I haven’t for one moment regretted the purchase of my Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, which absolutely cuts your drying time in half, if not more, and leaves hair meaningfully smoother and less damaged. It’s a little impractical to shlep it out to Sag Harbor, however, so out there I’ve always just used a succession of cheap blow-dryers, and I can really see and feel the difference that makes, especially because the sea air and humidity already do a real number on my frizzbo hair. It’s kind of a mess. So I caved and bought this Harry Josh blow-dryer for Sag. It isn’t cheap but costs about half as much as the Dyson if you show the slightest interest in it on the Dermstore site, because they’ll send you offers for it at a reduced price (which is how I scored it). And I think it works pretty much just as fast and well as the Dyson. OK, your turn: what’s the one beauty product, tool, or treatment that you will spend ridiculously on?

New favorite mascara alert


When my new friend Tally told me that Lancome’s Monsieur Big Mascara is so good it makes you look like you have lash extensions, I knew I had to order myself some, post-haste. And I must say, Tally spoke the truth: this stuff is rather amazing—it seems that all volumizing and/or lengthening mascaras result in some degree of clumpiness, but with this stuff, you get absolutely none of that—just clean, long, pretty lashes.

I love this stuff


I have horrible undereye circles—my left eye is especially bad, because I sleep on my side—and because I am terrible at applying concealer and don’t much believe in the effectiveness of eye creams, I usually just walk around that way. But I recently heard someone rave about Banana Bright Eye Creme from Ole Henriksen, and I must say, it actually appears to move the needle. The circles don’t disappear, but they are diminished, and so is the puff. It’s made with banana powder, which is apparently a makeup artist secret, and sounds just crazy enough to work. What eye cream do you believe in? Please share in the comments.



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