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I never located a foundation that was the perfect match for my skin tone until I tried Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint, which goes on ultra-light, costs a pretty reasonable $26, comes in 12 shades—mine is G8—and is perfect for those days when you want a little coverage but don’t want to look all made up, which is most of the time these days, right?

Top 5 of the week: clean beauty products I’m loving


I don’t do beauty posts so often because I don’t like to write about any product I haven’t tried, and I typically don’t vary my skincare and makeup routine so much. But lately I’ve been in the mood to mix things up a bit, and to dabble in a little more clean beauty than I have in the past. According to beauty editors of my acquaintance, the toughest product to make really effective and clean at the same time is mascara, and who knows why. But this Kosas formulation does a truly admirable job of volumizing, and it contains biotin, which is good for lash growth.

I have the toughest time with concealer, so usually I just skip it, but after a recent weeklong bout of insomnia played hell with my under-eye circles, I visited the horribly-named-but-really-quite-excellent Detox Market on Houston Street looking for answers. The very nice woman who helped me said her favorite concealer in the store was this stuff, which goes on super-light and does a great job of brightening things up. I’m usually awful at applying concealer, but it’s almost impossible to screw this up.

I’ve been using marula oil on my face for a while now, and it works well enough, but I’ve been wondering if another oil—one with more than one active ingredient—might be even better. So on my trip to Detox Market, I picked up this oil, which contains marula, but also avocado, hempseed, and grape seed oils, all of which are supposed to be rich, calming, and hydrating. It’s too soon to issue a formal edict on how it works, but I will say it goes on super-light and absorbs quickly.

This lipstick—the shade is called Royal—isn’t new to me, but it is my current favorite hue—berryish, but skewing more pink than brown, and it lasts even under a mask.

Bobbi Brown stopped making the BB cream/foundation I’ve been using for years, and I was bereft over this before I discovered this tinted face oil, which goes on so smooth and is sheer enough that you don’t feel like you’re wearing a face-full of makeup.


Things I bought, things I want, beauty edition


I recently ran out of my favorite eyeliner—the one I use every day, without exception. I don’t recall which brand’s eyeliner it was, though, and the packaging provided no clues, which is pretty bad packaging, I’d say. In any case, on Saturday I took a stroll to the horribly-named-but-very-cool clean beauty emporium Detox Market, on Houston Street, used-up eyeliner in hand, to see if it rang any bells with the staff there. It didn’t, but I was directed to this pencil—I much prefer a pencil to a brush—in a really rich brown, which I’m told is far more flattering for my coloring than black.  And after several days’ use I can say that this stuff does not budge. I even applied eye drops the other day, which is always such a mess, and it stayed put.

I almost never accept free skincare samples when I buy stuff, because I have a pretty set routine when  it comes to that kind of thing, and that’s that. But at Detox Market, the guy who was helping me gave me a small container of this Squalane Facial Oil and I was intrigued, mostly because I’d never heard of this squalane ingredient. Apparently it has great anti-aging properties, and that was enough for me. I’ve been slathering it on my face after cleansing at night, and in the morning I’ve woken with a glow that’s quite unusual for me at that time in the morning.

I’m not going to lie: I’ve been wearing lip color some of the time lately. Just so that maybe I just look a little extra-nice when I catch myself in the mirror, if for no other reason. And lately I’m liking this Hourglass lip tint in Rose, because I’ve been told for ages to switch from darker lip hues to pink-ier ones, and I’m finally listening. This stuff goes on slightly glossy but quickly settles into a deep stain that lasts.

I’ve wanted to try this mascara ever since the experts from the Breaking Beauty podcast appeared on Everything is Fine a few weeks back. It’s supposedly completely smudge-proof, and the price is drugstore-cheap.

Also on the mascara tip: I recently ordered—but have not yet received—this formulation, which I hear creates crazy volume. Expectations are high, and I hope this stuff meets (and even exceeds) them. UPDATE: It’s really good. Lengthens with precious little clumping.

The Breaking Beauty ladies also highly recommended this eye cream and concealer in one, and I very much like the idea of those two steps being compressed into a single entity. It’s also got hyaluronic acid, just as an added extra plus. As soon as I can figure out what shade I am, I’m ordering it.

You know how sometimes you have a product for a while and are never that sold on it, but then it just somehow comes off the bench and becomes the star quarterback of your beauty regimen? That’s how I feel about this Hourglass bronzer. I don’t use it every day, but on those mornings when I feel almost translucently pale, it’s a lifesaver.

Lately I’ve been feeling as though I’ve got a lot of product buildup on my hair that a regular old shampoo just isn’t going to wash out. So—because lately I like stuff from this brand—I’m thinking of giving R&Co’s Crown Scalp Scrub a shot. Not for everyday shampooing, but just every once in a while.



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