Short list: the most intriguing beauty products from the Nordstrom sale


Here’s a dirty little secret about most beauty companies: they hate hate hate putting anything on sale, and rarely if ever do it. So for the big Nordstrom sale, instead of marking anything down, many of them create jumbo sized or limited-edition sets of popular products, like this hugely popular Kiehl’s Creme de Corps.

I broke out well into my 40s, and relied on this exfoliant, which really gets in there and cleans, but is gentle enough for sensitive skin like mine.

This mini-candle set is a perfect way to sample a bunch of Diptique’s most popular scents, and I rarely travel without one.

Even though I think the name of this product is corny, Better Than Sex mascara is pretty fantastic, and the eyeliner has the kind of pencil-ish tip I like.

The folks at Sunday Riley got in trouble with the FTC a while back for asking their employees to write positive reviews, which was pretty uncool. But I still think Good Genes is a quality product: the lactic acid gently exfoliates, leaving skin glowy and clean.

These head-to-toe exfoliating sheets are a regular part of my regimen: you apply them after showering, and they leave skin impossibly softer than before.

RMS is a natural brand I’m very fond of, and I especially like their luminizer, which is included in this set. I’m coveting the bronzer and lip balm too.


I adore this lippie


The other day, I was carrying a handbag I hadn’t picked up in a while, and found this tinted lip balm from Sisley, which was like discovering a $20 bill in my jeans pocket, but so much better. Because Sisley products are pricey here, but in Europe—where I purchased it a few years ago—it’s a drugstore brand (well, OK, a fancy European drugstore brand, but still) that costs a good bit less than it goes for in the U.S. The hue is pinker than most of the lip colors I own, but in a lightly berryish way that makes it very wearable, and it really hydrates lips—without going on overly glossy, which I dislike. In short, an ideal summer lip color. I’m going to be annoyed when it runs out, because I’ll have to shell out to replace it. Or maybe I’ll just wait until I’m in Europe again, whenever that may be.

I love this stuff


As I have mentioned in the past, I am not especially good at applying makeup, so I’m always searching for products that make it easy for me. I find powder blush to be so difficult to get right and often fake-looking (at least the way I apply it) and much prefer a cream formulation, like this one from Nars—the shade here is called Scandalous. It’s much more sheer than it looks here, and is quite buildable. Plus, it feels light on my skin, which is awfully nice right about now.



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