The makeup minis I always keep in my bag


I’ve never been a person who keeps much in the way of cosmetics in my purse. I’ve usually got a tinted lip balm on me, maybe, but that’s about it. But all that changed in July when I was out on tour, and often found that, by evening—after a long afternoon of riding on a bus and killing time at the venue while the kids loaded in and sound checked—my makeup had all slid off my face and I looked like a big marshmallow. To combat this effect, I start with this Ilia mascara, which doesn’t get all crunchy when I apply it over mascara that’s been on my lashes for hours. It also volumizes nicely, and can I also just say that it is SO MUCH easier to use mascara when it’s in a mini version? You can really get at all the angles in a way that you can’t with a regular-sized one.

I’m not a big eyeshadow person, but I do love this one from Laura Mercier: it’s a nice, natural shade, it’s so, so easy to apply, and it stays put even in the August heat. I also like this very slightly shimmery hue, called Strapless, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come in mini size.

Here’s my current favorite tinted lip balm: it’s super-emollient, and the right, berryish-sheer shade for summer. Also—and this is key—I can accurately apply it without requiring a mirror.

This Sephora brand eyeliner pencil is about the length of a golf pencil—so handy—and it’s such a nice, rich brown.

I found my new favorite hair product at the grocery store


I always forget something when I pack for a trip, and this time, it was a Davines product—which I spritz on damp hair to protect and glossify it—that got left behind. I was slightly bereft, as I couldn’t imagine another product doing the job quite as well. But I took a chance on this leave-in conditioner from Whole Foods, and I must say it’s kind of a miracle. It detangles brilliantly, and leaves my hair smooth and virtually frizz-free. And it doesn’t make your hair feel heavy and sticky, the way some leave-in conditioners can.

What’s your favorite discontinued beauty product?


I have a ton of barely-used, abandoned lipsticks that I hang on to for way too long, thinking maybe I’ll come back around to liking some slightly wrong hue I’d previously forsaken. This almost never happens, but it did the other day, when I pulled this Bite Beauty lip color—the shade is called Mulberry—from the reject pile. It’s a rich color that goes on pinker than it looks like it would, and is kind of ideal for summer, as the matte formulation stays put on lips for—literal—hours. Only problem is that Bite Beauty has recently gone out of business—you can clean up on favorite products at Sephora, where they’re all marked way down—and the Mulberry shade is sold out both there and on the company’s website (where there are also big markdowns). I finally found one tube, on Ebay, but with shipping from Canada it’s $60, and I can’t quite abide that. But all of this has made me curious: what’s your favorite beauty product that disappeared, and to what lengths did you go to accrue more of it?



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