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When I saw Flamingo’s bikini wax kit on my friend Andrea’s blog a while back, I was intrigued: prior to Covid, I’ve never in my life even contemplated attempting to wax my own bikini line—precision is not my strong suit, and self-waxing seems to require it—but strange times call for all sorts of firsts. So I put in an order for one (which costs a very reasonable $10), and was not disappointed. The wax strips come in three different shapes—the better to accommodate whatever shape you want your remaining hair to take—and don’t require heating, so the whole process is quite tidy. And—as long as you remember to hold your skin taut—it works really well, though you may have to go over the same spot more than once to remove everything. Next up for me: Flamingo’s face-waxing kit, to get rid of those scary, inch-long chin hairs that seem to sprout overnight.

Five new—to me—beauty products I am liking


I’ve been using Dr Gross’s self-tanning cloths for the body on my legs for a while now and really like them—they’re so much lighter and easier to apply evenly to your skin than lotion. And now I’m also loving these tanning pads for the face for the same reason, and because they impart a natural and gradual glow.

This No Lipstick Lipstick from Perricone M.D. has an SPF of 15, and I like to bring it with me to the beach for a little added protection. The color I like best, Berry, is nice and sheer, like you just ate a cherry popsicle.

For sunscreen on my face I’m using this, which is nicely tinted and therefore a good stand-in for foundation on days that are too hot for foundation.

This body scrub smells awesome and really exfoliates.

I just gave myself a pedicure—something I never do because I’m so bad at painting my nails—using this Marc Jacobs polish, and now my toenails are the richest deep red.


Every product I put on my face, makeup edition


Let’s get one thing straight: this is all of the makeup I wear, but not all of the makeup I wear all the time, especially not now, when the only thing to get dolled up is for Zoom calls. These days I mainly focus on my eyes, but when I’m going all out, I start things off with Dermalogica’s Skinperfect Primer, which minimizes pores and just sort of smoothes things out. It’s also ever-so-subtly tinted, which never hurts.

I’m a new convert to this Tinted Face Oil from Kosas, which is also subtle color-and-coverage-wise, and imparts the prettiest glow.

For blush, I reach for Glossier Cloud Paint, which imparts a bright, clean wash of color. You just have to remember that a tiny little bit of this stuff goes a seriously long way.

When I’m in the mood for highlighter, I go for this stuff, also from Glossier. It’s low-key, which is how I like my highlighter.

I use Ecobrow wax on my nonexistent eyebrows, and it makes a huge difference. Neglect not your brows, ladies!

This Shiseido eyeliner is so easy to apply, which is my number one demand of an eyeliner, and it lasts and lasts.

I’m also a fan of Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eyeshadow because it is so easy to apply, and if you choose your hue carefully, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing eyeshadow.

Benefit Roller Lash curls and lifts lashes, and is step #1 in my mascara regimen.

Step #2 in my mascara regimen usually is Nars Climax, which creates great volume, but I got a sample of this Shiseido mascara a while back and have been using it lately, and the result is nothing short of dramatic.

I like this Kosas lipstick—the hue is called Royal—and it’s both subtler and less deep red than it looks here. It’s more of a berry-ish color when you put it on.



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