A couple of new—to me—products I am liking


Even before Covid I was a compulsive hand-washer, and now I’m like twenty times more ardent about it, which can be quite drying for the skin. So I use this hand wash from C.O. Bigelow, which is lightly—and dreamily—scented, and very, very rich: it contains shea butter and sweet almond protein to keep your skin from getting all flaky and gross. My hands actually feel more moisturized after I wash them, which is a definite first. I like this stuff so much, in fact, that I just ordered the body wash version.

I have epic insomnia—like, nights when I literally get zero hours of sleep, and any advice you have to offer in the comments will be appreciated, but I also very much feel like I’ve tried everything. Some of it even helps, like this aromatherapy balm, which contains not only good old reliable lavender but also ylang ylang and palmaroso too. There’s a little chamomile in it, but that scent doesn’t overpower like it usually does in products of this kind. And if you slow down and really inhale it, deeply, several times and then also exhale deeply, you might feel a bit like you’d taken a klonopin. This stuff doesn’t put me to sleep, but it does take me to that drifting-off-and-drowsy place right at sleep’s gateway. And getting there is half the battle.

This stuff is magic


My hair gets big and fluffy—in a decidedly not-good way—when there’s any humidity in the air at all, and that makes me cranky. So I was excited when I was last at the hairdresser and she whipped out R+ Co’s Moon Landing, and gave me a spritz. This stuff somehow keeps things from getting all frizzbo, I know not how. What’s the magic potion that makes your hair do what you want it to? Please share in the comments.

Department of things I never thought I’d DIY


When I saw Flamingo’s bikini wax kit on my friend Andrea’s blog a while back, I was intrigued: prior to Covid, I’ve never in my life even contemplated attempting to wax my own bikini line—precision is not my strong suit, and self-waxing seems to require it—but strange times call for all sorts of firsts. So I put in an order for one (which costs a very reasonable $10), and was not disappointed. The wax strips come in three different shapes—the better to accommodate whatever shape you want your remaining hair to take—and don’t require heating, so the whole process is quite tidy. And—as long as you remember to hold your skin taut—it works really well, though you may have to go over the same spot more than once to remove everything. Next up for me: Flamingo’s face-waxing kit, to get rid of those scary, inch-long chin hairs that seem to sprout overnight.



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