What’s your favorite new beauty product?


I’m all in favor of makeup that also has skincare properties—like my Kosas Tinted Face Oil, for instance, which I love. Or, more recently, Miracle Balm from Jones Road*, the new natural beauty line from Bobbi Brown. You can use this stuff as a foundation substitute, or on top of foundation, and it imparts the most natural glow (even the darker hues go on very sheer) and makes your skin feel so supple. The texture is indeed a bit like lip balm, and while I have used it all over my face, what I like it best as is a mid-afternoon face brightener: I rub a bit on my cheeks and feel like I just applied a fresh face of makeup and on top of that had a collagen treatment.


Yes, I now realize I already posted about this product, but I was sick as a dog yesterday with some 24-hour stomach bug type thing, and scrambled to create this post for you while I was still groggy. Please like me anyway.

Beauty notes from the road


I’m in Philadelphia this week, keeping my boyfriend Paul company while he works on a project here.* Before we left Brooklyn, I did one of my favorite things to do pre-travel, and went to Sephora to stock up on necessities and peruse the travel-sized-items display at checkout. I love a good mini of any kind, but I’m especially on the lookout for mascaras—I like to try and bring along one or two I haven’t tried before. This time, I went for Bad Girl Bang, by Benefit, because that brand seems to do mascara well (people sure seem to love this stuff) so it seemed worth a shot. And I must say, it is really nicely volumizing, and makes my nonexistent lashes look almost dramatic.

This is from Charlotte Tilbury, and it is a good choice for  when you’re looking for a no-makeup look. It goes on blessedly clump-free, and lifts and curls  really nicely.


*We started out our stay in an AirB&B so bad (accompanied by horrific AirB&B customer service) that even though I try, as a rule, never to say never, I feel confident stating that I will not, for the rest of my days, employ the services of that company again.  (I know many people have nothing but good experiences with them, and to those people I say, I am happy for you, and wish I was like you in that respect.) After a protracted and annoying battle, we were able to get a partial refund, and decamped to a really perfectly pleasant, dog-friendly hotel. 

Things I bought, things I want, beauty edition


I took a stroll over to the Sephora at Atlantic Center the other day to stock up on Drunk Elephant’s B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum, and—because I am only human after all—left with quite a few other items, starting with this hydrating lip balm, which feels rich but not heavy on your lips, and provides a nice wash of color.

On days I’m feeling tired and haggard, I like to brighten up my waterline—that’s your lower eyelid—with a little of this genius product that really lives up to its name: my eyes just pop more when I’ve got this on.

I desperately need to stock up on my Portrait of a Lady Hair & Body Oil, which has been my scent for a while now. I prefer the body oil to actual perfume, because the fumes bug me, and also because I swear the scent lasts longer. And this hydrates beautifully, too.

I received a sample of this Charlotte Tilbury mascara, and I think it might be the most natural and clump-free mascara I’ve ever tried. Not a choice for times when you want to bring the drama (for that I’d still reach for this or this), but perfect for everyday.

Diptique always comes out with some special holiday-themed candles, and this one—which smells delightfully of pine tree—is really pretty too.

And here’s a less pricey way to scent your home, from a favorite brand of mine, Soap & Paper Factory.

This Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar is just so luxe, and actually a great deal considering all you get. I’m super-tempted.



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