Brand crush: Jones Road


This is legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown’s new enterprise, and all the products are clean— both in terms of ingredients as well as from an aesthetic perspective: it’s all about a spare, no-makeup makeup look. This stuff is called Miracle Balm, and it’s half skincare and half makeup: apply it as you might highlighter—to cheekbones, eyelids, etc.—or all over your face for a nice wash of color. It’s got just the tiniest amount of shimmer, and contains good-for-your-skin ingredients like Argan Oil and Vitamin C.

I’m also quite enchanted by this mascara, which goes on thick and glossy, without clumps, and looks better than any clean mascara formulation I’ve ever tried.

And this rich brown eyeliner is easy to use and lasts and lasts.

Do you—or would you—use one of these?


I find myself quite intrigued by this little device, which apparently removes peach fuzz from your face, which is something I could really use. I used to own a magnifying mirror, but it got lost in my move last December, and it took me until last week to acquire a replacement. And reader, when I looked in that magnifying mirror, I saw a veritable sea of lengthy, mostly light hairs on my chin, which really bummed me out. How long had I been walking around like this?! I set about plucking them, but your chin can be tricky to pluck, especially the underneath part. So this device would appear to be the answer. It’s just like shaving, though, right? So could it be that maybe it makes hairs grow back thicker, darker, and nastier like some say? I await your word. (Also: yes, I know, it looks like a vibrator.)

What are the beauty products you don’t mind shelling out for?


Over the course of the past week, more than one person has remarked on the fact that my skin looks particularly good, and I was going slightly crazy trying to remember what I did differently so I could replicate it. Then l recalled that I had purchased this True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster, which I’d used for a while in the past. It’s pricey, though, so when it ran out I went for a cheaper version by another brand because I thought, how different can Vitamin C formulations be? A lot different, as it turns out: Vitamin C degrades in water,  so the fact that this comes in powder form means you’re getting the unadulterated good stuff. All I know is if it’s making people compliment me, I’m sold.

OK, your turn: which less-than-cheap products will forever be part of your skincare regimen?




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