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I was still out on tour when the week this episode was recorded, week so we’ve answered a few listener questions (like for starters how Lucky magazine actually came to be) and, afterwards, Jenn conducts a deeply inspiring interview with author Beth Pickens all about tapping into creativity in the new year — how to start, what to do when you’re stuck, forming new habits, finding realistic flow, and most of all: how to use our creative goals as a balm and not a weapon against ourselves. Listen in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Audible, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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8 Thoughts on This week on Everything is Fine
    16 Jan 2023

    I’m conflicted by the boundaries at work advice. While I fully support the idea of not letting work define you or your self worth, finding community and making friends at the office is one of life’s great joys. I’m still close friends with many people I met at work and I’m so glad I didn’t wall myself off. That nit aside, fun episode.


    17 Jan 2023

    Really enjoyed this episode, even though I am not a creative in any sense of the word!


    11 Jan 2023

    Great episode for creatives & non-creatives! I find Beth’s wisdom & advice to be very helpful. Glad you brought her back.


    11 Jan 2023

    Excellent podcast! Thank you, Jenn, for going it alone! Really enjoyed the listen. Ms. Pickens advice was excellent for anyone wanting to delve into a creative practice. Plus, she seems like a really lovely person.


    14 Jan 2023

    So, I have mixed feelings about passing this along, since this stuff is 60 bucks a yard, but, in snooping around online bc I am thinking I need a new scarf, I saw that there is an Etsy store for Ladycrow which makes Liberty prints in silk satin. (I had never heard of Ladycrow.) It is pretty amazing stuff. Luckily I don’t think I’m a silk person. But if I win the lotto, you just never know. And maybe just for a scarf. But, were I getting married and looking to maybe take things up a notch, I just might have someone make me a robe out of this stuff. … … … But if this sort of thing isn’t helpful, then just ignore me. ; ) Hope all is well.


    14 Jan 2023

    re: eyelashes, eyebrows-
    I had/have less now dry eyes ( did lipiflow, drops, compresses etc) . But also had chalazion
    that needed a steroid shot from specialist etc. eyelids were not particularly itchy. I also kept getting whitish bumps on eyelid that dermatologist would burn off saying there was nothing else to do about it. At some point I found out about Cliradex wipes , read about them. ( it is gross to think of , but dirty brushes, old pallets, makeup left on -who knows..)
    Do not let the reviews of stinging deter you. My eyelashes and eyebrows improved with use as did my dry eyes. And no more white bumps.
    Also I have used on eyebrows , the product recommended here neubrow and that seems to help esp when I use it regularly 🙁
    Also good to note that an eyebrow that is not full on the outside can be a sign of hypothyroidism.
    I too gave up the contact lenses fight… it just becomes more important to see well and the
    readers on my head etc , too much-devolved into nutty and scattered.
    Beth Pickens was a great interview -thanks to both ladies for some good insight.
    I do not mean to be off topic but wanted to get this info out there!


    Suzanne OC
    13 Jan 2023

    Beth is great and as a result of her first appearance bought her book, Make Your Art No Matter What and THINKING of joining her homework club this year. 🙂 Loved hearing from her again. Thanks Jenn and Kim for all the wonderful guests you bring to the show!


    12 Jan 2023

    Wonderful episode filled with practical advice . I have shared it with a few friends and will re-listen myself. Thanks!



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