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Today we’ve got a post-holiday meditation on middle age, and we’re considering the clothes that fit us as poorly as ex-boyfriends, our collective relationship with celebrity gossip, Frankenstein’d magazine covers, Jenn’s rekindled relationship with Nutrafol, the magic of Hairstory Lift, a riveting segment on socks, plus listener questions and a whole lot more! Do listen in, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Audible, or wherever you get your podcasts. And don’t forget! We have merch now!

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5 Thoughts on This week on Everything is Fine
    Mimi A
    28 Nov 2022

    The love of my life and I were on the way to a turkey dinner for 20 in Sonoma, CA when the What Are Your Thanksgiving Plans post landed, but I loved reading everyone’s stories that were replete with individualism and gratitude. I’m thankful for this community of women, for Kim and Jenn’s wit and wisdom and for the happiness Kim has found. About a year ago I fell madly, truly, deeply and mutually in love with the best man I have ever known. (I was a recent widow, he was a widower and we’d socialized with mutual friends 10years ago before losing touch when our spouses were ill.) The world was a mess this year, I had two bouts of Covid despite being fully vaxxed and boosted etc. but the wonder of finding late in life romance in my 70s was amazing. I wish all GOAC’s good health and joy in the coming year. And I wish Costco hadn’t stopped selling the perfect winter socks, 4 pairs for $14 dollars, because all of mine have worn out and I haven’t found a good substitute.


      29 Nov 2022

      Awww, Mimi A, thanks for telling your story — what a good one it is! I really enjoyed that post as well and this week’s podcast. I’m not on FB but I’m sure I would enjoy reading the discussion of Everything Is Fine there. I’m trying to model good habits around social media and phone use as my kids enter the teen years. They don’t understand blogs and frequently tell me not to read the comments. I explain that this community is different!
      My best sock recommendation is Darn Tough. They are $$ but last me forever. They don’t last for my husband but his giant feet are hard on socks.


    29 Nov 2022

    I think a shirtwaist dress will be chic& elegant &fresh for your May wedding Kimfrance. And it will be fun choosing the shoes &accessories!
    Thanks for mentioning BethOrton a while back. I had completely forgotten about her, remember STOLEN CAR? Such a good song.


    Mary mceacharn
    30 Nov 2022

    Always late to comment … but yes love stolen car by Beth Orton . Kim mentioning it made me listen to her new stuff – then my live music pal/ old college friend invited me to go see her last minute in Somerville MA – can’t say it was a great show ( electronic leaning) but so worthwhile ( my friend reminisced about seeing her decades ago with me and I had but the slightest memory of what she said was a stellar night -ha) – she played stolen car upon request but one band member didn’t know it? Still solid though and so glad I went
    She did a lovely “blood red river”-( yes everyone needs a live music friend)
    Only a dream away… fav -“ it’s not the spotlight”

    Shit- Christine mcvie died… as Kim reflected not quite my wheelhouse – 58yo – but my soundtrack – rumors…….of a time . So clearly


    28 Nov 2022

    As always I enjoyed this week’s podcast. I believe the word y’all were looking for is “weaving” not “looming.” Also, read an article recently saying the three ways to keep your brain healthy is exercise (duh), social stimulation (doesn’t have to be a party, can just be one on one conversation) and learning. Learning can be anything from a language to art classes to learning about gardening etc.etc.––it’s the bringing new information into your brain that’s important which goes along with what Jenn was saying regarding the reading of a poem an essay and a short story––rather a smart thing to do––maybe a good substitute for meditation? Rambling. Sorry.



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